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   Chapter 7 No.7

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'Yeah…' Kevin said turning to her as they walked. 'They go all sorts of places and see all sorts of amazing things. My father can speak five languages' he added. 'Isn't that impressive?'

'Oh yes, that's very impressive' Christina grinned at him. 'It's all very nice' she added briskly, beginning to kick her feet playfully, holding her hands behind her back. 'Do you want to come over mine?' she asked him suddenly.

'Not today' he smiled. 'I just want to get home and relax.'

'I could help you relax…' Christina prompted.

'Maybe another time.'

She huffed moodily.

'Fine. I'm leaving. See you later!' she called running away.

She was gone before Kevin had a chance to respond.

He didn't slow in his footsteps, but continued walking, heading the considerable distance back to his new home, having forgotten money for the bus in his rush to get to school that morning, having woken late.

He walked home, enjoying the sunlight, enjoying every step of the way.

Kevin went up in the lift, getting off on the top floor. He was beginning to slowly familiarize himself with the place, though it still felt strange to him.

Kevin stopped before the front door to the apartment and opened the door with his key. He stepped in.

Inside the apartment he found Justin sitting at the table, the table laden with food enough for three people.

'Oh hey' Justin said as Kevin closed the door behind him.


Kevin put his bag down beside the door, walking over towards the kitchen in the open apartment.

'Are you hungry?' Justin asked him. 'Just help yourself.'

'This is a lot of food' Kevin said staring down at the table. 'Is this just for you?'


'This is really nice' Kevin said as he looked down at the food. It was salmon with potatoes and tons of vegetables. 'Who made all this? Did you?'

'Of course not' Justin scoffed, reaching out for his glass, a very expensive, very fancy glass of red wine. 'Mmm' Justin said as he took in the smell of the wine before sipping it. 'So good.' He looked back up at Kevin. 'I have a house-keeper' he explained. 'She comes by daily and does work for me. she cleans the place and she cooks…' Justin looked down at his plate. 'She is very handy to have around.'

'How come I haven't seen her?' Kevin asked.

'She comes usually around midday and leaves before you finish school' Justin replied. 'Sometimes she stays overnight, she lives far away so it's difficult for her to travel sometimes.'

'Oh right.'

'So, have somethi

ng eat.'

Kevin sat at the table awkwardly, feeling a little uncomfortable as Justin watched him. He helped himself to a spare plate sitting in the middle of the table, and some cutlery, and began to dish himself some food.

'It all smells so good.'

'Alicia is an incredible cook' Justin said. 'I am lucky to have her.


'Yeah' Justin said. 'Do you drink?'


Justin offered Kevin a glass.

'I'd better not' Kevin waved away. 'I have school tomorrow.'

'Suit yourself.'

Kevin began to eat quietly, glancing up occasionally towards Justin, merely out of curiosity.

Justin seemed to watch him with the same interest, yet made far less effort to be discrete about it. He just stared.

Kevin was glad to get away from the table after that, retreating to his room and closing the door.

He let out a sigh, turning to face the room. He made his way forwards, beginning to get undressed. He paused for a moment in thought, hand still on his shirt, half over his head.

He took his shirt off, going back out of his room to speak to Justin.

'Do you mind if I use your bath?'

Justin looked up from what he was doing, pausing just for a split second at the sight of Kevin without his shirt.

'It's just through that door' he pointed, continuing to clear the table away.

'Ok thanks.'

The bathroom was beautiful and large and of a modern design. Everything was spotlessly clean, and there was an assortment of soaps on the shelves and fresh clean towels on the rail.

Kevin stood for a moment admiring the room, before turning and sliding the bolt across the door, and continuing to undress.

He slipped into the bath when he had run the water, leaning back and sighing deeply, closing his eyes.

The warm water felt so good.

Kevin, by the time he left the bathroom, found the apartment empty. Justin was nowhere to be seen, and the kitchen had been tidied, and was once again spotless with everything in its place.

It was getting dark outside, and inside the apartment, the lights were dimmed. Kevin moved quietly through the apartment, looking up towards the head of the stairs where Justin's bedroom was.

Perhaps he is asleep Kevin thought briefly, pausing in the middle of the apartment to stare up the stairs to the balcony above. I really am lucky to have found this place Kevin thought. It still feels too good to be true…

He returned to his own room, and went to bed, texting a few of his friends on his mobile before falling asleep.

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