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   Chapter 5 No.5

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Justin continued to stare into the fridge as Kevin carried one of the boxes to his room, then came back for the other.

He glanced back towards Justin just as he was closing the door, shutting himself in his room.

He let out a sigh, standing there for a few moments and simply taking in the room around him.

It was large and very bright; the floor to ceiling windows let all the light flood in.

Kevin moved over to window, staring down at the area before the building, the large open space with a fountain in the centre.

It was so pretty here, so peaceful.

Kevin reached for the string, pulling the curtains shut and throwing the room into darkness.

He moved over towards the bed, falling back against it and letting out a deep sigh.

Today had been tiring, though he hadn't done that much, he felt suddenly drained, as he realised that for the first time in his life, he was living alone.

Well…. almost…kind of….

Kevin pushed himself up onto his elbows then, staring at the closed door of his room. On the other side Justin was probably still in the kitchen, cooking or doing whatever he was doing.

I wonder what it will be like living with him Kevin thought to himself. I wonder…

His mobile went off in his pocket then, and Kevin took his shoes off quickly, shuffling up the bed before taking his mobile out.

It was a text from Christiana

Heya baby! Howya doing?

Kevin text back with a frown upon his face

Dammit woman I just got here, give me some peace

The reply came quickly

Nope! ^^

Kevin smiled to himself and messaged back.

So what are you up to now??

They messaged each other back and forth for a while, and as Kevin lay back on the bed he began to feel tired.

I'm tired, I'm going to sleep now. see you in school tomorrow

Kevin ignored the reply as he dropped the mobile by his side, closing his eyes and yawning widely.

He groaned, resting his head back against the headboard and becoming still.

He was asleep in minutes.

Chapter Two

That's Him

Kevin opened his eyes. He was lying on his side now, his mind felt foggy, and his eyes heavy.

He groaned, hand going to his head as he rubbed his eyes, he had the feeling he had been sleeping deeply for a long time.

Kevin sat up, turning his mobile on.

He had a heart attack when he saw what time it was, leaping out of bed and rummaging through his boxes for fresh clothes.

In the kitchen, Justin was making breakfast by the time Kevin rushe

d out of his room.

'Morning' Justin said as Kevin dashed past him. 'Shouldn't you be in school by-?'

'Can't talk sorry!' Kevin called back as he ran to the door. 'I'm late talk later!'

The door slammed as he rushed out, and Justin stared after him.

He looked back to his plate, continuing to eat his eggs and toast delicately.

Kevin jogged out of the building and through the town, heading towards the bus stop.

He stood at the bus stop panting. Kevin glanced at his watch, before looking up and down the street.

He turned and ran down the street, realising the bus he was supposed to have been on was gone. The next would not come for ages.

Kevin made his way through the streets at a jog, heading to his school.

He arrived only just in time, with only a minute or two before his first class. He let out a sigh of relief, taking his first step forwards into the school, heart pounding in his chest and skin flecked with sweat from his excursion.

He paused then, seeing a short distance away, a young girl sitting on a bench beneath a tree with her head in her hands. She was crying.

Kevin stood frozen where he was, staring at her, hesitant for a moment.

He looked ahead again towards the main building, where his class was to take place, before looking back at the girl. She looked to be about his age.

Kevin stepped off the path, moving over towards her.

The girl looked up with red eyes as Kevin approached; tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Kevin stopped before her, smiling warmly.

They began to talk.

Kevin arrived to class late.

He was told off by the teacher who lectured him about his attendance. Kevin had never really been good at school, a lot of the time he didn't even turn up at all, he barely listened in class and he had flunked most of his exams. His heart just wasn't in it, or at least that's what he had told people when questioned.

His parents had told him numerous times that school and exams were important, but after a time, they have given up telling him.

He didn't know what he wanted from life, once upon a time he had everything planned out. But things were not meant to be.

Kevin returned to class, and the rest of that day went normal as it normally did, in a very repetitive and normal way.

Christina passed him briefly between classes as he made his way.

'Oh, hey Kevin.'

'Hey' he said with a smile, slowing to a stop.

'How are you?'

'I can't really talk…' Kevin replied.

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