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   Chapter 4 No.4

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Kevin opened his eyes, smiling widely to himself, his expression that of serenity.

'Come on' he said, straightening and rising to his feet as he took a quick swig from his water bottle. 'Let's get going.'

They walked the rest of the way at a leisurely pace, Christina and Kevin talking from time to time, their conversation flowed back and forth smoothly as it always did.

As they drew closer to the apartment block, Christina began to 'oooh' and 'aaahhh'.

'This is a really nice part of town' she said gazing about her wide eyed, 'oooohh look at that fountain! So pretty!'

Kevin ignored her as they walked through the front doors to the building.

'Awww waw look at this place.'

They stopped before the lift.

'The music they're playing is really nice hu?' she gleamed.

The lift doors opened.

'This is a tiny lift isn't it?'

The lift went up.

'Ooohhh this lift goes up fast…my tummy feels all funny.'

The lift pinged then, coming to a gentle stop.

'Aaahhh' Christina sighed, making a funny shape with her mouth. 'Oooohhh' she said as they stepped out into the corridor on the highest flood. 'This place sure is pretty.'

'Is there anything that doesn't impress you?' Kevin asked her flatly at that point.

'Your hair looks really nice today' she said to him out of the blue, grinning and looking beautiful.

'Where did that come from…?'

They continued to walk.

'Ok, it's this one' Kevin said stopping by one of the doors.

'Ooohhh' Christiana said as Kevin struggled with his key, holding the box he carried now with one arm.

Kevin unlocked the door, letting it swing open.

Christina let out a gasp, bolting forwards into the room uninvited and gazing wide-eyed all around.

'Holy crap this place is huge! It's like a mansion!'

She turned to Kevin then.

'You live here?'

'Well yeah I got a key…'

'I didn't say you could invite anyone over.'

Kevin and Christina glanced around then, looking up to the figure of Justin who had appeared on the balcony above them.

Upon sight of him, Christina's eyes widened further, and she let out another gasp.

'Is that Justin Miles?! Thee Justin Miles?' she gasped yet again. 'Holy shit dude. Kevin…. you never told me you were staying with a superstar!'

'Oh' Kevin replied innocently. 'Did I not mention it?' he asked, knowing that he hadn't.

'No you didn't' Christina replied sternly.

'I don't

want you inviting people over' Justin said to Kevin in a firm voice.

'It's not like that' Kevin smiled a little nervously. 'Christina was just helping me bring my stuff over' he said, putting his own box down and taking the one Christina carried from her. 'Isn't that right Christina?'

'What?' she fumbled, as he put the box he took from her on the floor beside their feet.

'She was just leaving now…weren't you Christina?'

'Hu? Hold on a sec…'

'Wait' Justin spoke up, coming down the stairs. 'She must tell no one I live here' he spoke to Kevin, 'your contract depends on it.'

'Oh, don't worry' Kevin said, continuing to usher Christina to the door, 'she is trustworthy.'

'She better be' Justin replied flatly.

Kevin stopped on the threshold of the front door, smiling at Christina who looked dejected. 'So sorry' he smiled apologetically, 'must obey the rules you know…'

'Yeah I know…' she grumbled.

'Promise you will keep this a secret' Kevin whispered to her, putting a finger to his lips and winking at her.



She straightened slightly then.

'I swear on my heart and soul I will tell no one.' She relaxed again, smiling to him. 'I wouldn't do that to you.'

'I know you wouldn't' he smiled in return. 'I'll talk to you later ok?'

She let out a disappointed sigh, stepping back away from the door.


'Do you want money for a bus or something?' Kevin offered her.

'Nah I'm good thanks' she waved away at him, back to her merry self again. 'It's a nice day and all.' She moved away. 'I do want to talk to you later though' she said.

'No problem.'

'Bye then Kevin' she gleamed, before turning and striding away down the corridor, back towards the lifts.

She glanced at him with a teasing smile, just one last time as she walked away, before Kevin closed the door.

He sighed heavily, turning back to Justin who had appeared behind him.

'I do mean what I say' Justin told him. 'I don't want people knowing I'm here.'

'Don't worry' Kevin spoke confidently. 'She's one of my best friends…I trust her with my life. She won't tell anyone about you.'

Justin bowed his head, turning and walking away towards the kitchen, seemingly satisfied.

'Do you want something to eat?' Justin asked, opening the fridge and staring into it.

'No thanks' Kevin replied. 'I got a sandwich. I think I'm just going to hang out in my room.'

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