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   Chapter 2 No.2

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The lift slowed to a stop and the doors played a short and pleasant tune as they opened again, and an automated female voice called the floor they were on.

There was only one short corridor here, with only a few doors, their surfaces a shining red with silver handles.

Kevin followed Justin as he went one of the doors at the end of the corridor, bringing out a single key and unlocking the door.

He stepped in, and Kevin for the first time got to see the place he would be staying.

'Woah…' he gasped, unable to help himself. 'This place is incredible!'

At was a large open space, everything designed with a modern style, everything matching. Downstairs was just a simple large open room, a kitchen on one side, wide sofas in the middle, and stairs leading up to a balcony above, where there were only two doors that Kevin could see. The windows were large, letting the light spill into the room, and there were a few potted plants here and there, their leaves lush and green. Everything was clean and tidy, and as Kevin glanced about him at the bookshelves beside him, he saw not a speck of dust anywhere.

Kevin turned his attention onto Justin then, who stood in the centre of it all, hand on his hip and frowning at Kevin in annoyance.

'Are you just going to stand there? Shut the door' he said, and Kevin quickly obliged.

'So, um…how much did you say rent was again?' Kevin asked tentatively.

'As stated on the contract. Single payment every month, no catches, no strings attached. Just follow the rules.'

'Hold on a sec' Kevin stopped him as Justin made to move away. 'That's incredibly cheap for a place this size…wait…I've got a proper room, haven't I? I mean I'm not staying in a cupboard or anything?'

Justin moved away, heading to a door nearby and opening it.

'This is your room' Justin said, indicating.

Kevin shuffled forward tentatively but was surprised to see it was not a cupboard sized room, but was just as the rest of the apartment. It was massive, empty, but massive, with a modern and tasteful design, and clean. The room smelt new and unused, and there were fresh sheets on the bed. The double bed by the back wall and a few cupboards were all that were in there, and the room was dark, the floor to ceiling windows covered by thick curtains now.

'This is my room?'

'I just need a bit of extra cash to help things along' Justin said. 'That's all.'

Kevin gave a stoic glance to Justin then.

'Are you going to murder me or something? If I have a look under the bed will there be the remains of the last tenant?'

'You wat

ch too much horror' Justin said, letting the door swing open. 'I'm going to make some food' he said moving away.

Kevin watched him go, before turning back to the room.

He stepped inside. The first thing he did was to draw the curtains, letting the sunlight flood into the room.

He checked the drawers which were empty, checking under the bed, before sitting on the bed itself and bouncing up and down. It was comfortable, and the sheets were soft.

Kevin paused then, looking back through the open bedroom door and into the main room of the apartment, where Justin was bustling about the kitchen.

Kevin listened to the sounds of things being moved in the kitchen, remaining where he was for a moment before rising and moving back across the room and towards the door.

He stood on the threshold with his hand upon the frame, seeing Justin properly for the first time.

He couldn't help but let out a small gasp.

Justin had lowered his hood, his collar turned down and the sunglasses upon the kitchen counter. His features could be seen clearly now.

He had bright blonde hair, artificially dyed, and was short and wavy on the top and long and wavy on the bottom, the long strands resting upon his shoulders. He was incredibly handsome, his features flawless and eyes shining bright.

He was a mature figure, with a serious expression, and skin like porcelain.

Kevin continued to stare with his mouth open slightly and eyes unblinking.

Kevin suddenly thought then, that if Justin smiled, he would be far more….


Justin stopped suddenly; looking up with a frown of annoyance as he realised Kevin was staring at him.


'Oh! Nothing!' Kevin fumbled in reply, turning away hastily, but glancing back moments later.

'You can eat whatever food is in this house' Justin was saying, taking plates out of the cupboard and dishing up the food, 'just tell me when something runs out. Ok?'

'Sure' Kevin mumbled

He approached the table cautiously, seeing what Justin had cooked up. It was stir fry, quick and easy to make.

'So, you're a good cook then?' Kevin tested.

'No' Justin replied flatly. 'But I can make this.' He walked away then suddenly without warning, heading towards the front door.

'Where are you going?' Kevin asked.

'I've got to go out, I've got things to do.'

'What about the food?'

'I'll eat it when I get back' Justin replied briskly, before snapping the door shut and vanishing.

Kevin stood there in the ringing silence, feeling a little lost, in the massive apartment.

'So, what's he like?'

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