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'Alright' Kevin said at last, 'alright.'

Justin turned to him, a strange look in his eye.

'I know what happened before was my fault, so I am the one who can make it right.'

Justin continued to stare at him, he did not move.

'I um…' Kevin began, hunching his shoulders. 'You can have me' he said, forcing the words from his mouth. 'You can…make love to me.'

'I don't' make love' Justin answered shortly. 'Love implies tenderness, affection. I don't care for relationships, nor do I have time for them.'

He approached Kevin then, causing him to tense up then.

'I only care about raw hard sex' he spoke in a seductive voice.

Kevin swallowed the lump in his throat, feeling suddenly out of his depths.

'Its true that you owe me after what you did' Justin said to him, 'but are you willing to give me what I want? Are you willing to give me the only thing that will make it better?'

'Ah…' Kevin breathed glancing away. 'Yes.'

'Alicia warned you about me' Justin spoke in a level voice, 'didn't he?'

'…Y-yes' Kevin said.

'I'm big' Justin spoke seriously, 'and rough. He could handle me, I doubt you can.'

Kevin began to flush then, feeling a little lost, unsure of what to say.

'If the offer stands' Justin said, reaching out to caress his face tenderly, 'I'd really like to fuck you tonight.'

Kevin's heart beat hard in his chest, so much it began to hurt.

'Come with me' Justin said backing away then, turning and walking up the stairs. 'I want to show you something.'

Kevin breathed a heavy sigh as Justin walked away, bowing his head before glancing up towards Justin again.

He followed him up the stairs.

Justin led him to his bedroom, a large room with a king-size bed. It was dark outside now, the light in the town beyond dim in the cloudy night.

Kevin lingered in the doorway as Justin moved over to a chest of drawers.

He opened the top draw, and Kevin's heart froze in his chest as he saw, one by one, the things that Justin pulled out, placing each one after the other, upon the top.

Whips, ropes, ball-gags, a human-muzzle, handcuffs.

Kevin's heart dropped in his chest.

'We won't use any of these yet' Justin said. 'For now, we'll just do it straight.'

He turned back to Kevin, who lifted his eyes, meeting Justin's

'Are you frightened?' Justin asked him.

'No' Kevin answered quietly.

'You look it.'

Kevin averted his eyes.

'You want to make it up to me' Justin said to him, approaching him. 'You want to let me come inside you, like you let….' He trailed off.

'I didn't mean for that to happen' Kevin whispered, trying to control his nerves. 'But I….'

'Did you like it?' Justin asked him. 'Did you like being penetrated. Did it feel good?'

'Um…' Kevin answered, his voice breaking. 'Yes' he said at last. 'It felt…. good…strange…at first……I've never…. I….'

'So you liked it?' Justin asked.

'…. Yes.'

'Doing it with me will be very different' Justin said seriously. 'I like it…. hard. I like to….' He balled his fists, 'fuck so hard…...' he turned his heavy eyes back onto Kevin. 'I want to do it with you' he said. 'You have to consent to it, you have to say yes. But once you agree, you cannot back down. If you say yes, I will do what I want with you until I am finished. Do you understand?'

Kevin blinked uncertainly up at him.

'You said that I can have you' Justin told him. 'Know that I like it rough.' He paused. 'I need to know its consensual. I need you to say yes.'

Kevin hunched his shoulders, glancing towards the chest of drawers, where there lay the ropes and others things that Justin had put there.

He glanced towards Justin who stood before him, waiting patiently for his answer.

Kevin drew a deep breath, swallowing the lump in his throat.

'Yes' he spoke, in a loud and clear voice.

Justin bowed his head, blinking slowly.

Chapter One

The Contract

The café was fairly quiet around them. Kevin bowed his head, looking down at the contract before him, eyes moving back and forth as he skimmed the words.

The man across the table from him watched silently, leaning forwards on his elbows with his fingers woven together.

Kevin glanced up at the man sitting at the table opposite him, doing so only briefly, so his attention didn't linger, so he didn't draw attention.

Kevin found the guy kind of shady, the way he sat there with his collar turned up, his hood raised, and the dark sunglasses which covered his eyes.

Justin Miles was a famous model and actor, everyone knew his name. But there had been an incident that had been covered up, and no one knew the details for sure, though there were a lot of rumours. The actor had fallen on hard times and had lost a great deal of money. He had gone silent after that and had not accepted any

work for a long time. He had done everything he could to try to make the problems go away, his agent had advised him to lay low, that was several months ago.

And now here he is Kevin thought to himself. I never imagined the ad for the tenant wanted would be from this guy, he really must be struggling…I wonder what his place looks like. I bet it's in shambles. Oh well…can't be that bad surely. He paused for a moment in thought. I wonder what the rumours were………I never did find out…

'You believe who I really am don't you?' the man called Justin asked him.

'Oh' Kevin fumbled, 'I…yeah…I do.'

Kevin saw Justin frown then, the edge of his lip turned down slightly, and his brow furrowed.

'I have to keep a low profile a lot of the time' Justin said, 'I just want a normal life you know?'

'Uh…yeah…' Kevin said.

'And don't tell anyone who I really am, you got that?'


'So, are you going to sign the contract or what?'

'Uh yeah' Kevin said, 'I'm just reading the last bit.'

'And stop saying uh yeah, it's annoying.'

Kevin glanced up uncertainly at the man.

He's kind of intimidating.

'You understand the rules?' Justin asked him.

'Yeah I understand the rules' Kevin smiled awkwardly in response. 'I only get one chance.'

'That's right' Justin replied. 'No pets, no parties, no noise after eleven. Piss me off and you get kicked out without any second chances.'

Man, this guy's intense Kevin thought glumly. But…I need a place to stay……

'Ok' Kevin replied, 'seems fair.' Hardly he added silently in his head. 'I just sign here right?'

'Just hurry up' Justin groaned.

Kevin signed his signature along the dotted line, and as soon as he had, Justin whipped the paper out from under him.

'Good' Justin said, folding the contract up quickly and rising to his feet. 'So, are you ready to see the place?'

'Yes of course' Kevin forced a smile, trying to act casual.

They left the café, Kevin walking a step behind Justin as he walked quickly. They stopped at the lights, waiting for the man to turn green.

'So where's your stuff?' Justin asked, standing there with his hands in his pockets.

'It's…' Kevin replied, 'at home. It won't take me long to move, I don't own a lot…just a few books and clothes.'

Justin slowly turned to face him then, wearing a frown upon his face.

Kevin smiled innocently back at him.

What kind of a guy wears sunglasses in winter? It's not even sunny, man what douche.

'So why are you moving out?' Justin asked him. 'You don't have any problems, do you? Any emotional family issues? I'd hate to have to deal with that crap…'

Kevin stared at him, seeing his own face staring back from the reflection of Justin's sunglasses. He caught himself then, realising Justin would be expecting a reply.

'Oh no it's nothing like that' Kevin spoke hastily with a smile. 'I'm adopted you see, both my parents died when I was a baby so I don't remember anything about them. My adopted parents have been good to me my whole life…I don't want to be a burden on them anymore, so I'm moving out…that's all' he finished awkwardly.

'Hm' Justin replied shortly. 'How old are you?'


'I'm twenty-nine' Justin replied turning away.

Kevin let out a silent sigh, looking back at his feet.

A few seconds passed and Justin stepped forward. The man had turned green, and they crossed the road.

'So, do you live near here?'

Justin glanced back at him, in a look that wasn't exactly friendly.

'Are you trying to get to know me?' Justin asked.

'No? I was just wondering how far we have to walk.'

Justin looked ahead again.

'It's just a few minutes' he replied, 'not far now…'

A short while later they reached a tall block of flats in a beautiful part of the town. It was fairly quiet here, and the docks nearby were serene, the waters clean. Everything was peaceful. The space they came to was spacious, little flowerbeds alongside the path spilled delicate purple flowers. The sea was not far away, and the smell of the fresh salty breeze was in the air.

I guess he does still have some money left, this is a pricy part of town Kevin thought as he glanced about. I guess it's a good sign, his flat must be pretty nice too.

They entered the foyer of the building, going past the reception desk and heading to the lifts.

'I suppose your place is on the top floor' Kevin commented, entering the lift after Justin.

'As a matter of fact, it is' Justin replied curtly, pressing the button for the top floor, the doors closing and trapping them in the tiny space together.

Kevin tilted his head as the lift went up quickly, painfully aware of their close proximity in the small lift.

You think a building with this many apartments would have a larger lift Kevin thought bitterly.

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