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   Chapter 20 The Slayer

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Waltz slid off Graham's back as they went along, giving the white stag a curious glance, finding it odd that he had carried him without fuss. Ever since Emma had done something to him, he had been just as difficult as before, though now he was far more willing to carry whatever they needed.

'I hope she's there' he lamented.

'What?!' Sumaey snapped back at him. 'Speak up!'

'Nothing' Waltz said a bit louder.

She glowered at him before facing ahead again, marching onwards.

They entered the massive doors of the bureau, which were always kept open, always, be it night or day.

They strode across the massive halls, catching a glimpse of only a small part of the bureau as they passed through, the various offices and officials dressed in their gold and brown robes, in the centre of which was the depiction of a diamond with a crescent moon inside. The symbol was so old, even the bureau had forgotten what it meant, though they continued to wear it all the same. It was tradition after all.

As they made their way to the correct room, after consulting a large diagram of a map (the layout of the building and where to go for what) they saw the most interesting collection of beings a person could have seen anywhere.

Creature that were so bizarre that they had no name, other creatures that were very common (like centaurs and angels and friendly dragons, goblins and even a werewolf who was for some reason trapped in its animal form, even though it was midday) the was also a colossi that was so large that it filled the entire room (don't ask how it got there) and seemed to be made of both earth, living matter, and stone (and was completely friendly). There were also people of every possible background you could imagine, from beggars in rags to powerful lords with immeasurable magic in their fingertips.

'Here we are' Sumaey said coming to a stop.

They had reached a section of corridor, at the end of which was a great desk of dark wood, behind there sat a bored looking man. Behind him was a larger room that opened out into what looked like other smaller offices.

'Are you ready?' Sumaey asked, glancing back at Waltz.

Waltz took a deep breath, balling his fists.

'No' he said, before taking a step forwards towards the desk.

They approached the desk slowly, Waltz and Sumaey walking side by side. Behind them Spirit, Graham and Loxus followed, Loxus's metallic feet clicking lightly on the smooth stone as they made their way forwards.

The bored looking man behind the desk glanced up as he heard this sound.

'Oh' he said, sounding genuinely interested for about half a second as he spotted the bizarre metallic contraption coming his way, before he lost interest and looked back down again.

Waltz and Sumaey stopped before the desk as the man continued to scrawl his illegible writing on the paper before him.

Waltz waited for a moment, before clearing his throat, doing so in what he hoped was a polite manner.

The bored looking man paused, placing his pen down on the desk. He folded his hands and looked up at them.


'We wanted to register a new guild' Waltz said to him, standing with his hands behind his back.

The official blinked slowly, glancing at each of the figures before him in turn.

'You're one short' he told them.

'We were supposed to meet another here' Waltz told him nervously. 'A girl called Emma…she has long white hair?'

'She's not here' the official droned.


'I said' the official told Waltz patiently, 'that no one has turned up in the waiting room today. No one, and no girl with white hair.'

Sumaey turned away, shaking her head. 'I guess she decided not to come after all.'

'We were supposed to meet her here' Waltz told the man desperately. 'She was supposed to complete our guild so that we may register.'

'Well she's not here' the man told them, 'so you cannot register.'

'Hey!' called a voice from the room behind the man. 'Are you nearly finished yet? The rest of us are going now!'

'Be there in a minute' the man called back.

'What's going on?' Waltz asked.

The official glanced at him.

'We're going on holiday' he replied, 'myself and everyone else in this office.'

'But that means…' Waltz began slowly.

'Yes…' the official groaned beginning to pack up his things from the desk, 'a new guild will not be able to be registered until we get back.'

'How long will you be gone for?' Sumaey asked.

'Three years.'

'Three years?!' Waltz squeaked. 'That's a long holiday!'

The official gave him an impatient look.

'We work very hard' he droned. 'We don't have a single day off for whole years, when we do have a holiday; we have a very long one. Come back in three years.'

'But we want to register our guild now' Waltz demanded. 'I can't wait for three years!'

'Then do you have another member?' the man sighed, growing impatient.

'Hey!' the man's friend called from the other side of the room. 'We've got to go!'

'Coming!' the man called back, turning away from his desk.

'Hold on a minute' Waltz cried desperately.

'You're one member short' the man snapped irritably. 'I cannot help you.'

'Just give me thirty seconds' Waltz urged him. 'Please?'

The official gritted his teeth.

'Make it a quick thirty seconds' the official said, 'in case you hadn't noticed, I'm a little short on time right now.'

Waltz turned on his heel and ran away, Sumaey and Spirit watched him go, wondering where he was going and what he was up to.

Waltz ran out into the corridor, skidding to a stop. He glanced first one way, then another. On one side of the corridor, he saw a man sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall. He looked to be a beggar or vagrant. Beside him was a cat, or what appeared at first glance to be a cat, though far creepier looking.

It had large ears and large eyes, a tail that was split in two and skin that looked like rotting flesh.

(please refer to cover)

'Excuse me can I borrow this?' Waltz said to the man, grabbing the cat without waiting for a response.

The man didn't react, he didn't even seem to have heard.

Waltz hurried back to the desk with the cat under his arm.

'There' he said dumping it on the desk before the man.

'Aww a little cat' Sumaey cooed.

'What is that?' the official said raising an eyebrow.

'Its…Emma….' Waltz began. 'I found her.'

'I thought you said she was a girl with white hair' the man said flatly.

'Oh yeah! She is' Waltz reassured him. 'She has magic powers…she can turn into…that…' he said, staring down with barely concealed disgust at the cat (he hated cats). 'She is actually a princess…who…escaped her home…and she had magic powers' he said again, '…and…um…she gets shy, that's why she likes to turn into a cat. But this is really Emma. Yes it is' he nodded enthusiastically.

The official sighed wearily.

'Hey!' his friend called again. 'Last chance!'

'One minute' the man called tiredly. He looked back at the group before him, lifting his pen again. 'Alright what are your names?' he sighed.

Waltz's expression lit up like a child's on Christmas, he glanced towards Sumaey, he looked so happy he could cry.

'I'm Waltz' he said, as the official pulled out a form from one of the draws and began to fill it in.



Loxus wagged his tail, unable to speak as he didn't have a mouth (it would be rather an inconvenience to most people).

'This is Loxus' Suma

ey offered, 'and Graham' she indicated the white stag.

The official's eyes lingered for a moment on the stag.

'A method of transport does not really count as a member of a guild' he said, as Graham used the end of his horn to scratch his rear end.

'We don't use him for transport' Sumaey argued. 'He just carries our stuff. He used to be human until he was naughty, then a sorcerer turned him into this.'

'Hmm-hmph.' He hastily jotted this down. 'And the cats name?'

'Freak' Waltz answered hastily.

The official did not pause in jotting this down.

'And who is the leader of this new guild?'

'I am' Waltz sang loudly.

'And as leader, what is your title?'

Waltz hesitated. He honestly hadn't given it much thought. Every leader to a guild had a title, a second name by which they went by. Leroy's (his old guild master) had been The Clockwork Man, though he had never asked why. Leroy had rarely used this name.

'My title?' he muttered.

'Yes. Your title. What do you want it to be?'

Waltz thought for a moment.

'The Slayer' he spoke, in a quiet and dramatic voice.

'That is the lamest name I've ever heard!' Sumaey said instantly, sneering and rolling her eyes.

'It's perfect!' Waltz breathed excitedly, beginning to tremble with happiness.

The strange cat sat down on the desk as the official made some final flourishing moves with his pen on the paper, pulling a stamp from his drawer and pressing it against the paper, before folding it up neatly and handing it to Waltz.

'Congratulations' the man droned, '…Slayer…you are now officially the leader of your new guild.'

Waltz leapt up into the air, unable to conceal his excitement as he punched a fist into the air.

'Finally!' he cried out as Sumaey beside him took the paper from the official and stared at it, reading through it idly. 'Finally!' Waltz said again as the official gathered the last of his things and left the desk.

'My very own guild…' Waltz sighed happily, hugging his hands over his heart with his eyes shimmering. '…This is the happiest day of my life…'

He grabbed Sumaey and Spirit either side of him, hugging them tightly to him.

Waltz cried out happily, as Spirit grimaced at being touched, and Sumaey looked as if she were about to hit him 'Look out world!' He declared. 'Here we come!'

Extra story

'I want to see the world' she admitted, 'and all the wonderful creatures in it. I want to test the limits of my powers, and see how strong a creature I am able to control with it, for even my father does not know.'

'Then why don't you?'

Emma raised her head, meeting Waltz's gaze.

'Responsibility' she answered.

'I have to go' Emma said, hearing her father call faintly from the guest house. 'My father is waiting for me.'

Emma turned and moved swiftly off, entering the guest house to see her father. It was in one of the quieter rooms upstairs that she found him.

'Emma' her father sighed happily, a smile spreading across his face. 'There you are. Who were those people you were talking to?'

Emma glanced out of the window at the strange band of five, moving away from the guest house as they headed to a nearby tavern to look for a job.

'They are just travellers' she answered.

'They look like guild members to me.'

She looked back at him.

'What did you want to see me for father?'

He reached towards her with a metallic hand, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear before stepping back.

'A friend of mine has been acting rather strangely' he began. 'He's become very secretive…he won't talk to me. I want you to go in my stead to see what is going on. I'm very worried about him.'

The fox that had accompanied Emma, curled up on the floor in the corner, tail over its nose, and began to sleep.

'Me?' Emma asked with confusion. 'But why?'

'He has a daughter a few years younger than you' her father said, '…named Lillian.'

'Lillian?' Emma echoed, lifting her head as the name was familiar to her. 'I know who she is.'

'Yes' her father nodded, moving away from her to stand by the window, his heavy footsteps from his false feet sounded loud on the floor, even through his boots. 'I fear she may be in danger. Her father…my friend…is not himself. I do not know what has happened to him.'

Emma fell silent, mulling this over in her head.

'Will you go for me?' her father asked her. 'Will you go to see if they are all alright? My friend and his family?'

'Yes' Emma replied. 'I will.'

It was a dark and stormy night when Emma reached the house of her father's friend, the rain lashed her as she went, and lightning forked through the sky.

She had used her father's horse to travel, and as she reached the grand manor that was the home, she felt a cold premonition settling over her.

She tied the horse up outside in the barn near the stables, running for the home and entering the front door without knocking.

Finally when she was out of the rain, soaking wet and chilled to the bone, she called out.

'Is anyone there?!'

It was at that moment the lightning flashed, and Emma saw a figure standing on the top of the tall flight of stairs.

The figure spoke.

'It was an accident…' he stammered. 'I didn't mean to do it……I d-didn't know what I was doing…'

And then Emma looked down, noticing the figure lying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

She ran forwards.


The child was cold to the touch, and utterly still.

'What have you done….?' Emma whispered, staring down in shock.

And then she gasped, realising with horror that the girl was still alive.

'….Emma…..' she sobbed, voice weak and trembling, '….is that you….?'

'Hang on' Emma told her urgently, 'everything is going to be alright.'

She glanced up at the father, standing atop the stairs.

'Don't just stand there!' she called up to him. 'Help her! Do something!'

But he did move, transfixed where he was he stared down at the girls in shock.

At the base of the stairs, peering around the corner was a cat, a sphynx; with large eyes and ears, and naked fleshy pink skin.

Hidden in the shadows, it watched the scene unfold.

'What are you doing?!' Emma screamed. 'Help her!'

Outside, the lightning cracked through the sky.

End of The Slayer Book One : )

After-Story Note

'Boy that scene was a little dark to end the story like that' Waltz noted.

'Whatever makes her happy I suppose' Sumaey replied flatly, folding her arms.

'We hope you enjoyed this book' Waltz said beaming, 'it was written in a different style to the other books Lady Lilium has done so far. We hope it wasn't too silly for you, and sorry if it's a little short. It was originally intended to be a bit longer, but things didn't turn out that way. Lady Lilium will not do fillers….unlike Bleach.'

'Waltz are you going to stand there and yak all day?' Sumaey asked moodily. 'We've got a game of volleyball to play.'

Behind her Spirit, Loxus and Graham had already started, the strange cat-thing sat at the edge of the court, watching in silence.

'I'm coming now' Waltz said. He smiled. 'This story is just the story to the story before the story began' he said, lifting a second ball in his hands to begin a new game, as Graham had popped the first ball on his sharp horns. 'We hope to see you in volume 2, Felix Let Loose, the second book in the Slayer series.' He threw the ball over the net, where Sumaey was waiting for it.

'Happy days!'


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