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   Chapter 19 So That’s Why my hair is Pink

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The tavern was not that far.

Waltz and Sumaey walked mostly in silence down the dirt road, seeing occasionally a figure or two passing them by in the other direction, every time their attention would linger on the strange band that traversed the road.

The supposedly normal looking man and woman, followed by what looked like a water elemental, beside which walked a white stag with horns like branches and a metallic scorpion-spider-lantern thing.

One of the figures that passed them was an old man, sighing and shaking his head as he rode his old shaggy pony in the opposite direction.

'Kids these days…' he sighed. 'I just don't understand them…'

Waltz glanced back at him as they went, before looking ahead again.

'Ah' he said with satisfaction as they rounded a bend in the road. 'There is the tavern. See? It wasn't that far.'

It was a modest building in size, made with a roof of red tiles, tons of flowers everywhere (around the door and below the windows and overflowing in the little flower beds that were scattered everywhere) and there were horses belonging to the guests lined up near the entrance, standing there patiently.

Waltz's pace slowed as they made their way towards the front door, he sighed longingly as he stared at the many horses all tied up and waiting for their masters to return. He remembered how he had lost his beloved Squishy, whom he had owned for far too short a time.

'It's not fair…' Waltz lamented in a quiet voice, before moving off and following after the others that had entered the tavern already.

It was an extremely pleasant and happy environment inside. It was crowded, full of all sorts of people of all ages, all cultures, all backgrounds. There were families with young children eating together, drunk soldiers (even thought it was the middle of the day) gypsies singing merry tunes together in their family bands, exotic men and woman of dark and beautiful skin, people with funny hats, even creatures that were only part-human.

As Waltz followed after his guild, he saw at the edge of the room, sitting upon a table, an earth elemental. She was striking, with bright green skin, glowing eyes and a curvy body that was mostly naked.

Her eyes lingered on Spirit as they moved by, but he kept his eyes to the ground, seeming not to notice her.

Behind this strange earth elemental, were two other figures, both gypsies, both winged, one man and one woman. The woman wore a deep red dress, with wine coloured hair and blood-red wings like that of a butterfly. The man beside her also had butterfly wings, like the woman, but his where pointed at the ends while hers were curved. Every inch of his wings were as brightly coloured as his clothes, with thick black edges. He was striking to look at, they both were.

The billboard they sought was at the back of the large room. The guild had to pass the bar as they made their way towards it. Upon the bar sitting beside a candle burning inside an empty bottle, was a cat and a baby dragon, sitting side by side and watching the environment around them.

Sumaey approached the board. The other guild members lingered, forming a half-circle behind her.

'Right' Sumaey began, 'let's see what he have here.'

Their eyes scanned the board. There were many things placed here, not just jobs, but things for sale, messages to people, love letters, announcements of births, death, marriages and divorces. Announcements of important events and celebrations and anything else you could possibly imagine. The notices on the billboard would often change from day to day.

Sumaey and Waltz read some of notices:

Scarecrow wanted

A volunteer is wanted to work as a scarecrow in a field near my house (weekends only)

No previous experience is needed as full training will be given

Must be able to stand up for several hours without a break and have no fear of birds


For capture of strange masked figure

Figure is always dressed all in black, with black gloves and a raised hood (black)

Wears a crows mask with a long beak and large eyes


Evil genius seeking minions to sacrifice their lives in world domination attempt

Slave labour needed

Freedom after 10 pm

Free food included


Sales assistant who won't quit after 2 months, can take a joke and won't cry everyday on the floor

Doctor wanted for a new health clinic opening in the area. No experience needed.

Must have own tools

Free to good home

Beautiful six month old kitten, adorable, playful and very affectionate


Husband with a good job but doesn't like cats (says he goes or cat goes)

Possibly stole someone's cat when I was drunk last night

Black and white, thought he was a stray but noticed his collar this morning. Name is Twinkles, though he does not answer to it. Please take him back as he keeps trying to sleep on my face.

Free human sized hamster wheel – shredded newspaper included

A real life ghost trapped in a box

Uses for pet ghost:

Scare your kids if they misbehave

Spy on your neighbours

Scare your friends

Make things float through the air

Scare yourself when you forget you have a pet ghost

Listen to spooky noises throughout the night

Learn about the afterlife

Love your ghost

Lost pants

May be in a tree somewhere, or stuck on someone's roof just waiting to be found

Goat for sale

Has psychic abilities

Loves to watch you sleep

Has eyes that pierce the very soul

(loves to lick things and go 'ragdoll')

(eerie theme music included)










'No decent jobs out there right now' Sumaey grumbled, straightening again and flicking her hair back.

'Oh well' Waltz said, scratching the back of his head. 'I guess the only thing left to do is to blow the last of the money we have.'

'If you say so' Sumaey replied distractedly.

'Wanna get a drink?' Waltz offered.

Sumaey thought. 'Yeah' she said. 'Go on then.'

A large portion of Waltz's memory was lost shortly after that.

The next thing he knew was that it was morning, and he woke one the floor surrounded by several different and beautiful women (none of which were Sumaey by the way)

'What the crud?' Waltz groaned, sitting up gingerly, hand going to his aching head.

He suddenly noticed the women around him, scattered about the room in various states of undress.

'What happened last night…' he murmured, '…how did I get here?'

The other women around him were fast asleep, their chests rising and falling gently.

There was only one other figure in the room besides from Waltz who was awake, and she was waiting for him.

'Good morning' the woman said flatly, turning to face him in her seat by the window. 'You're awake at last.'

A young and pretty woman sat in the chair before him, with a kawai face and adorable glossy lipstick. She wore a short pink skirt, a pink frilly top, pink tights and little pink shoes. Her hair was short and curly and pink, as were her eyes.

'Candy Cake?!' Waltz gasped.

She rose to her feet, stomping forwards and towering over him.

She was quite mad (to say the least) and looked like she wanted to murder him.

'What is the meaning of this?'

Waltz hesitated. 'This isn't how it looks!' he panicked.

'It isn't?' Candy Cake sneered down at him. 'Then

how is it really?'

Waltz's brain throbbed.

'I don't remember.'

For a moment he could have sworn that he saw her eyes turn red, or was it just his own imagination playing tricks on him?

'I thought you loved me' she hissed, balling her fists in rage.

Waltz saw a blinding flash of white light, he felt an excruciating pain in his head (the headache didn't help much) and then she was gone.

Waltz blinked in confusion, wondering what had just happened.

One of the women nearest him stirred, groaning as she sat up. She smiled at him. 'Morning.' And then she furrowed her brow at him, as if suddenly noticing something out of the ordinary.

'What?' Waltz said defensively. 'What is it?'

At that precise moment, the door to the room opened and Sumaey strode in.

'There you are' she said, 'you're awake.'

'Where have you been?' he asked her.

She gave him a funny look, the same look the woman lying beside him was still giving him.

'I've been out on a job' Sumaey told him, raising a coin purse that jingled merrily. 'Spirit and Loxus and I.'

'Not Graham?'

'No. He was too busy eating grass.'

'Why didn't I come along?' Waltz asked.

Sumaey paused.

'You were off your face' she told him. 'You said you wanted to stay here and play twister.'


'You don't remember?' she raised an eyebrow, then sniggered at him.

'No' Waltz huffed indignantly back, feeling that she was making fun of him.

Sumaey bent down, lifting a white sheet that was covered in large and brightly coloured dots.

'You looked like you were having a lot of fun' she told him.

'Why am I only wearing my underwear?' Waltz asked, as several of the other women around them began to sit up.

Sumaey considered him.

'It was hot last night' she told him flatly

Waltz raised his head at her, shielding his eyes from the bright light from outside.

'Why do you keep giving me that face?'

Sumaey paused, as if wondering whether or not to tell him.

'Did you know that your hair is pink?'


'Yeah…' Sumaey replied carelessly.

Waltz leapt up, storming over to the mirror.

'AAAAHHHHHH!' He screamed at the sight of himself. 'What have you done Candy Cake?!'

Behind him Sumaey was examining her nails lazily.

'Who is Candy Cake?' she asked.

'A young woman who is obsessed with me' he answered shortly. 'She's a fairy. She has just visited me, right before you arrived.' He paused. 'She was very angry with me.'

Sumaey took in the room her, and the women who were picking themselves off the floor, one by one slowly waking up.

'How could this happen?' Waltz wailed as if it was the end of the world.

'Gods will you keep your voice down?' one of the women complained grasping her head as she sat on the floor beside him. 'It's too early in the morning for this.'

Waltz turned to her, staring at her intently.

A brief memory flashed in his mind. A memory of himself dancing with a large group of people, the music lively, he was dancing with maracas and wearing a funny hat.

Waltz blinked slowly, running his hands down his face tiredly.

He looked at the room again. The various women were getting dressed all around him.

'Nice hair' one of them smirked.

'What happened to me?' Waltz asked her in a pleading voice. 'Did I really do those things?'

The woman nearest him (a red head) gave him a funny face. 'You mean dance aggressively with no respect for other people's personal space? Yes….'

'And you thought' one of the other women said (a blonde) 'that you should express your most personal and emotional feeling through the medium of dance.'

'And when that didn't work' another women said (a slightly darker blonde) 'you decided to shout your deepest, darkest secrets as loud as you can for the whole world to hear.'

'Then you fell asleep on the bar' another woman (black hair) added. '……nice hair by the way…'

'Why are there only women here?' Waltz asked dubiously, unsure if he even wanted to hear the answer.

Sumaey pursed her lips at him when he said this.

'The men didn't want to play twister' she replied. 'They said that it was lame.'


'Come on' Sumaey told him exasperatedly as the women slowly filed out the room. 'We're supposed to me making our way to the bureau remember?'

'Are you kidding?!' Sumaey squawked at her. 'I can't be seen like this!'

'I think it looks quite nice' she sniggered.

'Are you kidding me?!' he howled. 'I look like a fruit loop!'

Sumaey sighed, turning away and staring out of the window.

'The others are waiting for us' she said, seeing Spirit sitting in the garden beside Loxus, who was motionless, and Graham who was lying on his side, like a cat stretched out in the sun. 'It's going to take us a long time to get there on foot.'

But Waltz was not listening.

'What am I going to do?' he worried turning to her. 'Do you have any hair products?'

'No' she said, giving him an expression as if he had just vomited a slug. 'Do you really think I have a hair salon hidden under my skirt?'

Waltz straightened up, staring at her flatly.

'….what skirt?' he said.

They argued for a bit after that and Sumaey stormed off in a mood while Waltz tried to fix his hair.

Several days passed, in which Waltz did everything in his power, and everything he could think of (including using magic) to turn his hair back to the way it had been before – white-blonde.

But nothing worked.

In the end Sumaey resorted to knocking him out with wine she had laced with a very heavy drug, then proceeded to tie him with large portions of rope to Graham's back, to a cheap saddle she had bought, and jogging the rest of the way to the bureau to make up for time. She didn't want to miss Emma after all, if the girl did decide to join their guild, and several days had already passed thanks to Waltz. Now they were short on time.

When she finally reached the bureau, she was exhausted.

'We made it…' she huffed.

'Made it?' Spirit asked beside her, breathing heavily.

She wiped her brow with the back of her hand, straightening up again.

'Emma said she would meet us here at this time' she told the water elemental. 'If she has decided to join us, then this is where she will be……waiting for us right now.'

Spirit turned silently away.

'She might be inside' Sumaey thought aloud. 'I have never been to this place before.'

Suddenly there was a groan behind her.

Waltz was beginning to stir.

'Well look who's finally awake' Sumaey said dryly to him. 'Just you enjoy your nap?'

Waltz licked his dry mouth, swallowing with difficulty.

'Where are we?' he asked in a husky voice, gingerly untying himself. And then his eyes widened as he looked up. 'The bureau!' he said. 'We're here!'

'And Emma might also be here too' Sumaey told him.

The strange group looked up at the tall white building before them, even Loxus with his blank eyes seemed to be looking.

It was an impossibly tall building, made of pure white stone, with massive columns that held up its vast size, and many narrow rectangular windows. The stairway that ascended to the bureau that was elevated above the rest of the buildings around, was as wide as the entire front of the building itself. The steps were designed in such a way as to make it easy for horses to walk up and down, with a considerable distance before the next step, and only a slight increase per step.

It was an adventure merely reaching the front doors, people bustled all around, on the steps and in the streets amongst the smaller buildings below. It was a busy environment, but not an unpleasant one.

The bureau.

It was a truly magnificent building.

'Come on' Sumaey mumbled quietly, stepping forwards. 'Let's go inside.'

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