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   Chapter 15 The Following One

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Sumaey and Waltz sat at the bar for a short time together, drinking the strange pink drink. Eventually they left, both thanking the barman who smiled kindly at them.

The pair decided to wander the town, to see what they could find.

'This is a wonderful place' Sumaey sighed contentedly as she leant forwards against the rails at the edge of the town, looking out at the glassy sea over which the town was built on. 'I've never seen waters so calm' she said.

'Yeah' Waltz smirked beside her. 'It's pretty nice isn't it?'

'Have you been here before?' she asked him.

'No' he answered. 'Have you?'

'No' she shook her head.

A moments silence passed between them.

'I wonder what creatures live in these waters' Sumaey said aloud. 'Whatever they are…I bet they are beautiful.'

Waltz smiled.

'Come on' he said moving away, 'there's a bathhouse we passed by earlier. I want to go there.'

In only a short while later, Waltz and Sumaey were lounging back in a large bath set in the ground, the spar they had come to was a warm and welcoming place, the people were friendly, and the air was fresh.

Sumaey breathed a heavy sigh, leaning back with her arms resting on the edge of the bath.

A satisfying distance away on the other side, sitting as far away as possible from her, was Waltz. They shared the same bath now, the water itself was heavy with fluffy pink bubbles, and nothing below the surface could be seen, and each enjoyed their privacy.

'This is wonderful' Sumaey said, feeling the warm and soothing touch of the bubbly water that surrounded her. 'Remind me to indulge myself like this more often' she sighed, sliding deeper into the back and closing her eyes contentedly.

'Sure thing' Waltz waved to her from the other side of the bath. He lifted his hands before his face, staring at them. 'My fingers are shrivelled' he said, lowering his arms back into the water again. Waltz glanced to the side then, tensing slightly. 'What's that?' he said.

'Hm?' Sumaey replied, without turning or even opening her eyes.

'There's someone out there.'

Sumaey opened her eyes, lifting her head towards Waltz and seeing him staring over her shoulder.

She turned, spying a humanoid shadow that fell across the sliding panel doors.

They both watched it for a moment, but it did not move.

Sumaey looked back at Waltz then.

'Turn around' she said to him, 'and close your eyes.'

Waltz complied, staring the opposite direction with his chin resting on his folded arms. He shut his eyes tight, listening as Sumaey moved in the water behind him.

She rose to her feet, climbing out of the bath and grabbing a nearby towel. Wrapping it around herself, she made her way to the door, sliding it open to see what was outside.

The bathhouse was at the very edge of the town, the view from the room they bathed in was that of the ocean, only a step below them.

Sumaey froze at the sight of the figure she saw there. The moon was behind, casting his silhouette forwards upon their door. She saw a familiar figure, with blue skin, horns, shaggy hair and gold rings around his body. It was the same figure she had seen not long before, the one she had saved from the men that threatened to harm him.

'What are you doing here?' she asked the water elemental.

The elemental raised his head slightly, gazing with wide eyes into her face.

Sumaey frowned down at him.

'What do you want?' she asked.

The elemental opened his mouth and spoke.

'I want you.'

Sumaey froze, staring back at him in shock.

'Sumaey?' Came Waltz's voice. 'What's out there?'

The elemental looked down suddenly as Waltz appeared in view just behind Sumaey. Waltz stared at the newcomer in confusion, as the newcomer stared back.

And then the elemental's face contorted in rage at the sight of him, and Waltz baulked.


The elemental let out a cry of fury, tearing forwards towards the bathhouse, towards Waltz, great jets of water formed either side of him as he moved at impossible speed.

But Waltz was long out of the bath, running across the room stark-naked as he made his escape.

'Waltz wait!' Sumaey cried hopelessly after him as he fled. 'Leave him alone!' she barked at the elemental as it crashed through the door and past her, making its way after Waltz, seemingly hungry for his blood.

But the creature completely ignored her, instead continued his desperate pursuit of Waltz, intent on doing to him what could only be deemed as unpleasant, all the while, Waltz ran as fast as he could away, streaking through the bathhouse butt-naked.

'Waltz!' Sumaey called after him.

She cursed under her breath, using her magic to summon her clothes to her, they melted onto her body like water, forming themselves perfectly to her shape.

She dropped the towel, making her way after Waltz, following the path of destruction the water elemental had left behind, and apologising to several figures along the way.

Waltz ran upstairs, then downstairs, then around the entrance hall several times, all the while with the beast tearing after him, snarling and crying out in rage. But Waltz was not tiring.

'Waltz will you stop running around?!' Sumaey screamed at him, huffing and puffing as she slowed to a stop, holding the stitch in her side.

'Are you kidding?!' Waltz's voice trailed through the air as he darted (still completely in the nude) down the corridor and into the sauna.

Sumaey watched him go, hearing several voices of shock and dismay coming from inside the sauna, then the sound of several things being broken, then the cry of a man slipping and falling over, and then Waltz appeared again (still neked) with the blue-skinned creature still following closely after him. Neither showed any signs of slowing or giving up the chase any time soon.

Sumaey gave a heavy groan, sighing into her hand and closing her eyes as a group of young girls screamed in horror nearby. She wished it would all go away.

'Why do I have to share the company of such an idiot?' she lamented.

And then she tensed suddenly, hearing a strange noise.

Sumaey looked up, seeing the most peculiar thing indeed. A mighty arm suddenly appeared, reaching through a glowing portal that hovered in the air high above them.

Sumaey stared upwards with the confused expression one might expect of seeing such a thing.

She spoke very slowly.

'What the actually f***?'

Waltz ran passed her again, seemingly oblivious to the arm's presence, until it reached out to grab him.


The arm held Waltz firmly by the wrist, hauling up into the air and receding into the portal, but not before the creature was able to grab him, jumping up and catching Waltz's dangling leg before it was lifted out if his reach. Thinking quickly Sumaey bolted forwards, grabbing the elemental's long tail and being lifting up into the air with the other two.

The three of them were pulled into the portal above them by the giant arm, and everything around them changed.

The next thing each of them knew, was that they were in a small room. For about half a second they were each able to admire the painted ceiling beside them, right before they landed unceremoniously on the hard wooden floor below.

'Ow' Waltz whimpered pathetically, arm waiving about as he struggled to right himself.

'Ew!' Sumaey sneered as his hand landed on her arm. 'Don't touch me! You're still naked!'

Waltz glanced down at himself; suddenly realising she was perfectly correct about this fact. And then he tensed, suddenly noticing the elemental sitting right beside him.


The elemental was coming back to himself, having been disorientated by his unexpected excursion; he was slowly coming to terms with where he was. He glanced up at Waltz, who was right next to him, and his lip curled in a snarl, his eyes narrowing and his claws rose as he was about to attack.

But then a sudden light hit the elemental, and his body relaxed. He sat back, lowering his arms and bowed his head.

Waltz stared at the creature for a moment in shock, wondering what had happened, until he saw a figure standing at the edge of the room.

'Who are you?'

The figure, a young man who looked wise beyond his years, stepped forward.

'I had to pull you out of there' he said, 'it was getting embarrassing to watch.'


The figure opened another portal beside him with ease, reaching into it. When he pulled his hand back out, he held in his grasp Waltz's clothes, his sword, and what few other possessions he had.

'There' the stranger said tossing them to his feet. 'Get dressed.'

He turned his back swiftly as Waltz rose, getting dressed back into his old clothes as Sumaey, like the stranger, turned her back to him hastily, staring intently at the wall. The elemental did not look away however. The elemental could not take his eyes away from Waltz's face. He seemed calm, but if you were to look closely at him, you would clearly see anger in his eyes, hate even, loathing.

Waltz patted himself down, sighing contentedly once fully dressed again. He noticed the creature's gaze.

'It's rude to stare.'

The elemental did not look away.

'So who are you then?' Sumaey voice, daring to glance around and relaxing once she saw out of the corner of her eye that Waltz, once again, wore clothes.

'I am the man who resides in this home' the stranger replied. 'This is the home of the wizard.'

'We got here?' Waltz cried triumphantly. 'We found the door, and you're the wizard!'

'No' the man answered shortly. 'You did not find the door, and I am not the wizard.'

'But you said…'

'Yes?' The man replied. 'I said what?'

'I am the man who resides in this home and this is the home of the wizard' Waltz recited the strangers words. 'You do not own this home' he clarified, 'and you are not the wizard.'

The stranger smiled. 'Correct.'

'What should we call you?' Sumaey asked, folding her arms.


'Bob?' Waltz raised an eyebrow. 'Is that really your name?'

'No' the man who was not called Bob replied. 'You do not need to know my real name for reasons you do not need to know. Mysterious magical stuff…so on and so forth.'

'So' Sumaey said to him, '…Bob…why are we here? You brought us here didn't you? But for what purpose?'

'The place you just visited was supposed to test you' Bob replied. 'Only those worthy would find the door to the wizard's home and be allowed to enter. Those worthy would pass hidden challenges to reveal whether or that person was good, kind, and pure of heart so on and so forth. Sumaey passed her test when she chose to stand up for the creature' he indicated the elemental before them. 'She chose to put herself in harm's way by standing up to those men to protect another who was in need. She showed her caring nature. But you both needed to pass to be able to enter through the hidden door' Bob continued, turning to Waltz then. 'I had not managed to organise a test for you' he said to Waltz, 'you were mysteriously called away and mysteriously returned. You messed up the plans that I did have for you, and then this creature attacked you, so I decided to bring you here.'

'But why?' Waltz asked. 'If I didn't pass your good person test, why did you trust me to bring me here?'

Bob sighed, showing his palms. 'Boredom I suppose' he admitted. 'I don't get many visitors, and I thought you might amuse me…but mostly I was getting tired of watching you' he glowered at Waltz. 'The young ladies of the bathhouse didn't like the way you acted.'

'Me?' Waltz squawked defensively. 'I wasn't the one who attacked an unarmed person.' He looked down at the water elemental, glaring at him and feeling a sudden injustice had been done upon him. 'Why did you attack me?'

'He was jealous' Bob replied.

'Jealous?' Waltz echoed.

'He's formed strong emotions for Sumaey' Bob explained. 'Not something I intended to happen, but one could reasonably argue that he loves her, because of the kindness she had shown him.'

Sumaey raised an eyebrow at this, glancing down at the elemental, who had bowed his head, turning away from Waltz, before looking up again and meeting her eye.

'You gave me a name' he whispered to her. 'I have never had a name before.'

'Spirit' Sumaey breathed. 'That is your name now?'

He bowed to her, still knelt before her; he had not risen when he had fallen through the portal.

'Kindness' he spoke to her. 'I love you.'

She stared down at him in shock.

'Love is a gradual process that happens over time' she said. 'You cannot love me.'

'In any case' Waltz spoke up, addressed the man who was not called Bob. 'You said you were not the wizard. If you are not him, then where is he?'

Bob tilted his head, regarding Waltz closely.

'He is far away.'

'Why the unhelpful and cryptic answers?' Waltz scowled. 'You could just as easily have said I don't know.'

Not Bob smirked in amusement.

'Fine' he relented. 'I don't know where he is.'

'So who are you then?' Sumaey asked him.

'I am his apprentice' Bob turned to her. 'I am to remain here and look after his home while my master is gone. What he is doing is very important, perhaps even dangerous. I will learn all of this when he returns, if he returns. What he is doing is very important, perhaps even dangerous' he repeated again. 'I have been waiting for his return for a long time, and will wait for a lot longer still.'

Waltz stared at Bob grimly, arms folded. 'You seem to know a lot about us' he said to him. 'Why is that?'

'You've peaked my interest' Bob admitted. 'There is much for me to do here, in my master's home' he said, 'but from time to time, I have some moments to myself.' He paused, turning to a wide and shallow silver bowl that sat upon the table nearby.

Bob approached it.

'I see many things' Bob told the others vaguely, 'many interesting things.'

Unable to hold back his curiosity, Waltz shuffled forwards, standing beside Bob and gazing down into the bowl.

'I don't see anything' he said.

'I know' Bob smiled to himself. 'I didn't either…in the beginning.'

Waltz sighed disappointedly to himself, turning away.

'So I guess you used these means to spy on us.'

'Not spy' Bob spoke carefully. 'The pool shows anything that may even be of slight consequence to my master…or even myself. At first, you meant nothing to me, and then I realised you were looking for my master.' He paused again. 'My master won't be back for a while' he said, 'I'm not really allowed to bring anyone here' he said, 'especially those who do not pass the test.'

'So why did you bring us here?' Sumaey asked him. 'I imagine you want something from us, perhaps in return for what we want…to meet your master?'

Bob smiled apologetically.

'I'm sorry' he said. 'I cannot allow you to meet my master, because I don't know where he is or when he will be back. And apart from which…' he shrugged his shoulders, '…I don't know if he would even want to meet you.'

A silence passed.

'He thinks highly of himself then' Waltz spoke up.

'I'm sorry' Bob said again, speaking to Waltz now. 'Wizards are very proud people.'

'So why did you bring us here then?' Waltz huffed, scratching his chin tiredly.

Bob bit his lip, dipping his head slightly, before lifting it again to speak.

'I have nothing to offer you in return' he admitted, 'but if you do this for me, I will put in a good word for you to my master.'

'Cut to the chase' Waltz said impatiently.

Bob frowned at this.

'My brother has gone missing' he said after a time. 'I want you to find him.'

Sumaey and Waltz were both silent, sharing a glance with one another. Clearly each expected more explanation.

'Why don't you find him yourself?' Sumaey asked casually, as the newly named Spirit remained sitting on the ground before her, running his fingers through his thick hair distractedly.

'I cannot' Bob told them. 'I am unable to leave this place.'

'Why?' Sumaey narrowed her eyes.

'There are many peculiarities within this house' Bob said tilting his head back. 'I cannot leave, there is too much for me to do here.'

'Then how do you know he's missing?' Waltz asked.

'I write to him often' Bob said to Waltz. 'He has not replied for a long time.'

'So?' Waltz shrugged. 'Maybe he's busy.'

'It's been years' Bob moaned, unable to keep the grief from his voice. 'I am deeply worried for his safety, but I cannot leave this place.' He bit his lip hard to force himself to maintain control. 'We used to write to each other all the time…but not now…'

'Your master has been gone for a long time then?' Sumaey spoke flatly.

'Yes' Bob mumbled.

'So where was your brother last?' Waltz asked.

'Like myself' Bob explained, 'he serves a strong master, not a wizard however, he is not quiet that powerful. The man is a sorcerer, my brother is a lesser sorcerer, an apprentice like myself.'

'I see.'

'I have not heard from him for a very long time' Bob said. 'My brother is very dear to me, and I am greatly concerned for him. I ask this only as a favour, though I have little to offer in return. I know you are adventurers, and that you want to form a guild of your own' he said to Waltz. 'Perhaps this is a good place to start.'

'I don't know' Waltz frowned a little unconvinced. 'It sounds like a lot of hassle.'

'I'll give you a horse' Bob offered.

Waltz froze.

'Alright' he relented. 'Where do we begin?'

Bob smiled.

'There is a house far from here, built upon a cliff edge and overlooking the sea. You will recognise it immediately by the blue tower build against one corner. It is a beautiful house.' He paused. 'I want you to go to this place and ask the sorcerer that resides there about my brother.'

Waltz waited, expecting further explanation.

'Is that it?'

'That's it' Bob nodded.

'Sounds like there's going to be a catch' Waltz mused.

'There is no catch' Bob reasoned.

'There must be a catch.'

'No catch' Bob repeated.

'Are you sure?'

Bob's expression was flat. '…Yes…' he said. 'There is no catch…at least not from my end…'

'I don't know' Waltz frowned doubtfully, tilting his head at the man. 'Sounds like there's going to be a catch.'

'You get a horse' Bob reminded.

'Oh' Waltz said having seemingly forgotten about this. 'Ok. We'll do it.'

Beside him, Sumaey gave a weary sigh, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration.

'What are we waiting for then?' she demanded. 'Let's go!'

In no time at all, Waltz and Sumaey were waiting outside the wizard's house, while not Bob went around the back to fetch the horse he had promised them.

When he brought it around, Waltz squealed like a school girl, jumping up and down and clapping his hands excitedly, while Sumaey beside him stood motionless, wearing an expression of exaggerated boredom, as if she were simply waiting for a train to arrive.

Bob slowed to a stop, the horse he led beside him followed suit. It was a beautiful animal, the sort of horse Waltz had only seen owned by the more successful guilds, or those who were far wealthier than he. It was lean but muscular, its body perfectly proportioned, with long legs and a strong head. The stallion was bronze in colour, with a dark mane and tail that was perfect and glossy, just like the rest of its coat.

'Awww waw!' Waltz declared at the sight of it, as beside him Sumaey's interest was suddenly caught by a passing butterfly. 'It's beautiful!'

Bob nodded approvingly.

'It's yours' he said, handing the reins over to him. 'But remember' Bob went on, as Waltz moved eagerly towards the animal, 'if you do not keep your end of the deal, trust me you will regret it.'

'I know I know' Waltz said hastily, running his hand down the horse's neck. 'You are watching us in your special silver bowl.'

Bob nodded again. 'It will be a long while before my master comes back I think, and I cannot leave until then. But remember, if you betray me, I will find you…eventually, and quite easily too.'

'Yes I know' Waltz said again, 'there's no need to threaten us.'

'It's not a threat' Bob smile, giving Waltz another nod, 'just a friendly reminder.'


Bob raised his head. 'I've packed some food and clothes for you both' he indicated the bags the horse carried now. 'Go and find my brother, and bring me good news.'

'We'll do what we can' Waltz replied.

Bob took a step away, turning he strode back into the house without another world or a backwards glance, snapping the door shut behind him.

'Well' Sumaey sighed once he had gone. 'I guess we're on our own now.'

Waltz didn't hesitate to clamber on the unfamiliar horse, doing so as quickly as he could. The stallion stood very still as he patiently waited for his rider to stop flailing his limbs around.

'My lady?' Waltz offered, reaching a hand out to Sumaey.

She smacked it aside irritated, leaping onto the horse behind him in one smooth action. She clearly didn't need or want his help.

'Now go' she told him. 'Bob told you were this blue tower is yes?'

'Yes' Waltz nodded eagerly. 'It's that way!' he pointed.

Sumaey grasped him suddenly, arms around his middle as he kicked the stallion hard, sending it into a gallop. He whooped and hollered in delight, the strong wind stinging his eyes and whipping his hair back.

Even Sumaey who held him tightly from behind couldn't suppress a smile from her lips.

It was a wonderful feeling to ride fast across the lands on a beast so fine.

For hours they ran through the wilderness, weaving through the trees and wading through the tall grasses, splashing through the rivers and streams and running far, the horse never tiring.

(It was obviously a magic horse)

When at last they stopped, they had travelled a great distance from the wizard's house, and were in a new place entirely.

'This is the greatest gift I've ever been given' Waltz declared proudly, admiring the beast as it lowered its head to graze, its glossy dark tail flicking back and forth.

'It is great' Sumaey agreed, 'I won't deny that.'

'And it ours' Waltz nodded with satisfaction. 'All ours.'

'We should get some rest' Sumaey told him, moving to lie down on the forest floor and grabbing a blanket from the saddle bag as she went, pulling it over her. 'If we keep going at the pace we are, we should get there by tomorrow afternoon.'

'Great' Waltz sighed happily, patting the horse affectionately, just one last time before he went to sleep. 'I'll see you in the morning' he whispered to the beast kindly, before moving away and lying down near Sumaey.

She tilted her head back up at him.

'What are you going to call him?' she asked.

Waltz pondered for a few moments.


'Squishy?' Sumaey repeated sceptically.

'Yeah' Waltz sighed with content, closing his eyes. 'It's perfect.'


Sumaey turned away, lying on her side with her back to him.

Waltz glanced at the newly dubbed Squishy, one last time, before allowing himself to drift off to sleep.

That night, he had a wonderful dream. In his dream he was riding Squishy across a wide beach, running in slow motion through the waves, with the wind blowing back his hair, the stallion's mane tossing back, all in slow motion. Waltz felt wonderful.

When he woke, he knew instantly that it was morning; he could tell from the pale sky above that it was still early, and the slight chill that hung in the air. He blinked the tiredness from his eyes several times, turning his head to the side to face Squishy.

He froze in horror when he saw that he was gone.

Waltz sat bolt upright, crying out in dismay. Beside him Sumaey woke with a start, gasping in fright as Waltz leapt to his feet.

'What the hell?!' she snarled, angry at being so abruptly woken. 'Waltz…what's wrong with….?'

'It's Squishy! He's gone!'

Sumaey glanced around, seeing that indeed the newly named Squishy, was in fact gone.

'Oh' she groaned.

'How could this happen? I tied him up properly…how…?' and then he turned, crying out in alarm at the figure that stood nearby.

His scream trailed off into a quiet groan, until he stopped making noise altogether.

'It's you!' he said, glaring angrily at the figure.

'My name is Spirit' the water elemental replied coolly.

'What are you doing here?' Waltz demanded angrily. 'Where is my horse?'

Spirit stared at him for several seconds before answering. 'He ran away when he saw me.'


'He was afraid of me' Spirit explained. 'He pulled on his rope so tightly that it broke loose, and he ran away.'

'What?' Waltz squawked again.

'Are you deaf or stupid?' Spirit asked flatly.

Waltz stuttered, fumbling on his words in shock.

'Where is my horse?' he said again.

Spirit didn't answer, instead continued to stare flatly at him.

'Ran away?' Waltz uttered. 'How long ago was this?'

Spirit bowed his head slightly, deep in thought. 'Several hours.'

'What?' Waltz squawked for the third time.

'You've been watching us this entire time?' Sumaey asked him curiously, rising to her feet. 'Why are you here?'

Spirit turned to her, his expression softening. But he said nothing.

'I'm going to look for Squishy' Waltz said, voice wavering as he worried.

He rushed off into the wilderness, quickly vanishing from sight. Sumaey turned to Spirit, giving him a flat expression. He stared back, revealing nothing in his emotions, but Sumaey could see that his body was relaxed and that he was calm.

'You followed us this whole way?' she asked him. 'I thought you belonged to that man who looks after the wizard's house.'

'No' Spirit replied. 'I am free.'

'Are you still angry?'

Spirit paused. 'The man calmed me.'

'Why did you follow us?'

'I wanted to be with you' he answered.

'You still say you love me?' Sumaey droned.

'Yes' Spirit breathed, '…I do…'

Sumaey sat down again and hugged her knees, leaning forwards and regarding him as her brown hair fell forwards over her shoulders.

'What do you know about love?' she asked him.

'My mother…' Spirit answered solemnly, '…loved me very much.'

Waltz spent that entire day searching for his beloved horse, but it could not be found. He walked far and wide, calling out the stallion's name. But as darkness began to fall once again, he realised his hope was lost, and he returned to the place Sumaey waited for him, the place they had slept the previous night, feeling thoroughly miserably.

When he reached the place, he was shocked to see the blue-skinned elemental still standing there.

'What are you still doing here?' Waltz demanded.

The creature did not answer. Waltz began to grow angry.

'Why are you following us?' Waltz snarled, 'why don't you just go away?'

'I cannot' Spirit mumbled sombrely. 'I have nothing to go to.'

Waltz hesitated.

'Why don't you go back to where you came from?'

'I was unwelcome there' Spirit answered. 'People tried to kill me.'

Waltz paused.

'What about your family?'

Spirit paused.

'My mother is the only family I have ever known.'

'Then why don't you go find her?' Waltz asked.

'I cannot' Spirit murmured.

'Why not?'

Spirit narrowed his eyes. 'Because' he answered coldly, 'she was killed…by hunters like you….'

Waltz stared back unblinking, feeling an uncomfortable sensation in the pit of his stomach.

'Is that why you tried to attack me earlier?' he asked. 'Because you knew I was a hunter?'


'Then why?'

Spirit glanced back to Sumaey, who leant against a nearby tree with her arms folded, watching the two silently.

'I was jealous' Spirit answered at last. 'She is so kind, and was kind to me….' he paused. 'You do not deserve her…' he said at last. 'You do not deserve her. You are selfish.'

'What do you know about me?' Waltz challenged.

'I know your kind' Spirit glowered, 'I've seen it many times before. You kill because you find it exciting, and now…you have dragged her into your barbaric lifestyle.'

Waltz gritted his teeth angrily. 'Why don't you…' he began slowly, 'just go away and leave us alone?'

'I am not going anywhere' Spirit answered flatly. 'Sumaey has been kind to me…and I have nothing else left for me in this world…because of people like you' he hissed. 'Where she goes…' he said, '…I go.'

Waltz narrowed his eyes.

'Well' Sumaey voiced at last, pushing herself off the tree and straightening up as she unfolded her arms, 'this is a predicament. Hey Waltz, didn't you want to form your own guild?'

'No!' he said loudly.

'Don't be stupid' she glowered. 'You wanted to form your own guild; I refuse to believe you've so swiftly changed your mind. If Spirit won't go away, then we should accept him into our guild. After all…he has nowhere else to go. Like myself…like you…'

Waltz grimaced, unconvinced.

'Yeah but…he tried to attack me.'

Sumaey considered this, deciding that Waltz in fact had a good point.

'Spirit' she said to him. 'You will be accepted into our small guild, and allowed to travel with us…on the condition that you do not harm Waltz.'

'No' he said.


'He is my enemy' Spirit replied.

'Alright' Sumaey spoke slowly, 'how about this? If you promise not to harm Waltz, and actually abide by this promise, then you will be in my favour.'

Spirit blinked slowly.

'Fine' he said at last. He glanced towards Waltz, then looked quickly away from him again, as if the sight of him made him angry. 'I will not hurt Waltz, as long as I am given a place to stay.'

'You can stay here' Sumaey told him, much to Waltz's dismay. 'As long as you are kind to both of us, you will be welcomed by both of us. Won't he Waltz?' she added harshly.

Waltz's protests were cut short by her glare, and he stared at Sumaey in annoyance.

'Fine' Waltz submitted at last. 'Of course he is welcome' he spoke through gritted teeth.

Sumaey smiled.

'We are not doing too badly then' she said giving him a wink and placing her hands upon her hips. 'Our guild has grown to three members now.'

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