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   Chapter 12 A New Beginning

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Several days passed in which Waltz and Sumaey spent their time relaxing. They slept indoors and were served breakfast using what little money Waltz had been given by the witch. It was quite an adventure getting to know one another and spending so much time together. Waltz on the first night made the mistake of booking a single room with a double bed. When Sumaey saw this, she turned and gave him a disapproving glare.

'What?' Waltz had shrugged. 'A single room is cheaper.'

He slept on the cold hard floor that night while Sumaey lounged out on the double bed happily, stretching out in all directions in a very cat-like manner.

The next morning they stood side by side in the tiny bathroom before the mirror. Sumaey brushed her teeth while Waltz beside her gargled some mouthwash.

She finished brushing her teeth, then washed her face and hands and brushed her hair.

She turned to Waltz with a glare. He was still gargling.

With his head still tilted back he glanced at her happily, the edges of his lips curled in a sly grin.

She stared at him with a level expression.

Her hand reached out and she pinched his nose.

Waltz began to panic, flailing around and spitting mouthwash everywhere.

At breakfast the pair sat at the dining area. Waltz waved at the waitress who sailed over to their table quickly, drawn by his smile.

'Good morning' Waltz said politely to her. 'May we please have some porridge?'

'No dear' Sumaey interrupted loudly. 'You owe me for leaving me out in the woods alone remember?' she turned to the waitress. 'Two full breakfasts please.'

The waitress bowed and left hastily.

Waltz turned to Sumaey, opening his mouth he was about to protest at the cost of the order just placed, when he saw Sumaey's expression.

He quickly closed his mouth, choosing wisely to stay silent.

When the breakfasts had been brought to them, Waltz shared a wink with the waitress before she placed their food on the table.

'Awww' Waltz said staring down at his plate. 'Hey Sumaey, look at these baby sausages, look how small they are.'

She raised her head.

'I've seen smaller.'

The waitress stifled a giggle as she moved away, though she made it all too obvious.

Waltz stared at Sumaey flatly, totally unimpressed.

'Oh come on' Sumaey smirked, turning her attention back down to her food. 'You laid that out for me; all I did was nod it into the net.'

When the money had run out, Waltz and Sumaey left the town. They sat on the edge of the forest nearby, gazing out onto the open plains and the town a distance away they had just come from.

Sumaey lay on her front facing Waltz, while Waltz leant back against a tree with his arms folded behind his head, one foot propped up against a knee and waving to a silent tune in his head.

Sumaey watched him for the longest time, waiting for him to do something. Eventually she decided to speak.

'We've run out of money.'

'Hm?' Waltz opened his eyes to glance at her, before sighing deeply and closing them again. 'Yeah, I know.'

'You're supposed to be forming your own guild. Shouldn't you be looking for members?'

'It's not that easy' Waltz answered.

'Why not?'

Waltz opened his eyes.

'It's very hard to start up a new guild' Waltz said. 'You have to form a reputation in order for people to be interested in joining you.'

'How do you do that?'

'By completing quests.'

Sumaey frowned in thought. 'But……how do you complete quests without a guild' she asked him. 'You told me to be officially recognised there need to be at least six members of a guild, only then can you take on contracts.'

'Yeah' Waltz mumbled, closing his eyes. 'You could get into a lot of trouble with the bureau for working illegally.'

Sumaey fell silent for a moment.

'Then how are you able to form a reputation to get people to want to join you if you are not allowed to take on contracts…when you have to tak

e on contracts to form a good reputation to get people to want to join your guild in the first place….'

Waltz opened his eyes again, glancing to her with a smile of amusement.

'Therein lies the problem.'

Sumaey huffed moodily, arms folded before her, chin resting on the leafy ground.

'That's stupid. How did your old guild leader form his guild?'

'He knew people' Waltz answered without pause. 'He was able to form his own guild without completing quests. It's difficult, you need to be someone of some degree of importance or recognition to begin with, or bribe people with money, you know….I offer you money and if you join my club we can all make more money together and have marvellous adventures along the way…and that sort of thing.' He sighed contentedly. 'Luck and timing also plays a big part of it.'

'So what's your plan then?'

'I will bide my time until an opportunity presents itself.'

Sumaey groaned wearily, rolling over to lie on her back and staring up through the branches to the blue sky above.

'So what are we going to do for money?'

Waltz paused.

'I guess I wait until the witch summons me again, and then I'll use whatever money she decides to give me to survive.'

'And if she doesn't summon you for ages?' Sumaey asked.

'I guess I could learn to play the violin and play while you dance in the streets for coins.'

Sumaey scoffed, turning away sharply.

'Forget it.' She fell silent for a moment, before glancing back at him. 'What's the longest time it's been for the witch to summon you?'

Waltz frowned in thought.

'A year' he said at last.

'Great' Sumaey moaned. 'If I'm lucky I'll starve to death…or die of exposure......or boredom……'

'Shhh' Waltz breathed deeply. 'Don't talk, just enjoy the peace.'

Sumaey blinked slowly, listening to the gentle breeze and the sound of the birds singing in the trees around them.

She sighed deeply, trying to ignore the rumbling in her stomach, and closed her eyes.

Sumaey lay there in the warmth of the sun for several minutes, her mind beginning to drift.

She felt a strange sensation after a time, a burning sensation that scorched every inch of her skin, seeping into her flesh and reaching every organ.

She opened her eyes.

Sumaey sat up then, turning to look at Waltz.

'I've just had a sudden thought' she said to him. 'What in this world is stronger than a witch?'

Waltz was listening to her intently as she spoke; Sumaey knew this by the way his brow furrowed slightly. She could almost hear the wheels and cogs in his head turning.

When he didn't answer, she spoke for him. 'A wizard.'

A few seconds later, Waltz opened his eyes.

'They exist in this world don't they?' Sumaey continued. 'I'm sure they do.'

Waltz sat up suddenly, unfolded his arms as he stared with eyes unfocused at the landscape before him.

'Perhaps' Sumaey voiced tentatively, speaking aloud, 'perhaps there is someone out there who could help you.'

'Sure' Waltz said, speaking at last, '…for a price.'

He sighed, bowing his head.

Sumaey's expression dampened.

'I'm afraid to try' Waltz admitted, '…because of what happened last time. She has taken everything from me.'

Sumaey raised her head slightly.

'So what do you have left to lose? Why not fight her again?'

'Because…' Waltz whispered, narrowing his eyes, '…she has threatened to harm my brother next.'

A silence passed between them, a silence in which even the wind seemed to still and the birds fell quiet.

'So you haven't lost everything.'

Waltz turned back to her.

'In any case' Sumaey went on, 'we have to find a job soon. If I have to sleep in a tree one more time…I will think of something very horrible and unsavoury to do to you to make you regret it.'

'Fine' Waltz grumbled looking away. 'Hey! I've just had a marvellous idea!' he declared. 'Why don't we find a wizard?'

Sumaey groaned into a hand.

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