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   Chapter 8 The Doubters begin to Doubt

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'What?' Waltz shrugged helplessly as they glared at him.

'Where the hell have you been?' Tristan demanded of him. 'Fancy leaving us on a quest.'

'Again' Barry sighed.

'Hey' Waltz snapped, becoming defensive now as he pulled an entire tree branch from his hair. 'We finished the quest remember?'

'No thanks to you' Barry mumbled into his tankard.

Leroy raised his head slightly to Waltz, but said nothing.

'Where have you been?' Trevor asked him, noting his injuries. 'Have you been fighting?'

'No I've been practicing ballet. Of course I've been fighting you halfwit! You think I got these injuries falling down the stairs?!'

His latest excursion had made him particularly ratty at this time.

Trevor turned away silently, drinking from his tankard with an expression that said he didn't care anyway.

'What were you fighting exactly?' Kenneth asked, who was also sitting at the table.

Waltz glanced back at the blind man; the child who guided him was sitting by his side.

'A ghoul' Waltz remarked. 'I was fighting a ghoul.'

'Why?' Kenneth asked.

'Because I thought it would be a laugh' Waltz replied in a deadpan voice.

'Did you get it?'

'Would I be here to speak to you now if I didn't?'

'Fair point' Kenneth said. From then on he was silent.

'I don't like it' Leroy said, speaking up at last. 'It is most suspicious. Most suspicious indeed.'

'Go suck a duck.'

'You need to have someone look at those injuries before they get infected' Tom spoke up. 'Will you allow me?'

Waltz gave him a stoic expression, gritting his teeth as he stared back at him.

'Alright' he said at last. 'If you're careful. It's still very tender.'

Tom rose from his seat, moving over towards Waltz and leading him away. The other guild members watched them go.

Leroy sighed, resting his chin on his palm.

'What am I going to do with him?'

'I don't think there's much you can do' Kyle said next to him. 'He is the way he is. And he will never change.'

Waltz sat on a grassy knoll outside in the sun. He had taken his shirt off, and Tom sitting behind him, began to carefully clean away the blood with a soft cloth, using a bowl of pure clean, warm water to do so.

Waltz flinched as he felt the damp cloth touch his body.

'You should really have had this looked at earlier.'

'Yeah well' Waltz grumbled back sulkily, 'I didn't really notice I was bleeding all over my body.'

Tom frowned with displeasure then, continuing to wipe gently at the wounds.

Several minutes passed in silence, until there came a sudden shrieking call from across the grounds.

'WALTZ!' a female figure in pink waved at him, standing at a distance. 'THERE YOU AAAAAAAARE!'

'Uh oh' Waltz mumbled as she began charging towards him.

'Oh' Tom sighed lazily behind him; lowering the red cloth in his hands and watching casually as the pink figure made her way towards them like a speeding rocket.

'H-hold on a minute' Waltz stammered in a feeble effort to protect himself from her attack.

But she barely heard him as she barrelled into him, knocking him over.

'Waltz!' she said again leaning over him. 'I'm so glad to see you! Where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages!'

'Oh' Waltz said casually, trying not to grimace in pain as she pressed on his wounds, leaning over him as she pinned him to the ground, trapping him on his back. 'Just here and there.'

'You're bleeding!' she cried.

'You mean you only just noticed?' Waltz said under his breath as she stood off him.

'My poor baby' she exclaimed. 'What happened?'

'Twas a ghoul' Tom said to her, lifting the bloodied rag and waving to her.

'Oh' she said as if she had only just noticed him. 'Hello Tom. A ghoul you say?!'

'Yeah' Tom replied lazily.

She put her hands on her hips then, frowning furiously down at Waltz as he gathered himself and pushed himself gingerly to his feet.

'You've been going off on your own doing dangerous stuff again, haven't you?' she scolded.

Waltz glanced back at her; giving her what he hoped was his sweetest and most innocent gaze.

But that look had worn away her sympathy strings a long time ago.

'How many times do I have to tell you' she went on, 'how many times?'

Waltz's eyes grew wider and considerably more watery; his lower lip began to tremble.

She only frowned at him harder.

Her name was Candy Cake, and she was a fairy. She was a young and pretty woman with a kawai face and adorable glossy lipstick. She wore a short pink skirt, just like the rest of her clothes, a pink frilly top, pink tights and little pink shoes. Her hair was short and curly and pink, as were her eyes. She had a tiny little pink wand, with a little heart on the end, and clips in her hair which were pink and heart-shaped too. Oh, and her fairy wings were pink and sparkly.

Pink was her favourite colour. She liked pink very much.

Pink Pink Pink

'If you don't stop giving me that ridiculous face' Candy Cake spoke dangerously, 'I will wedge both your feet up your own backside, smother you in honey and leave you outside a bear's den tied very tightly to the nearest tree.'

Waltz instantly stopped what he was doing.

'There' Candy Cake gleamed, straightening up and beaming. 'That's better.'

'What are you doing here?' Tom asked her.

'I came because I have some terrible news' Candy Cake said dramatically, turning to speak to Waltz now. 'There is a darkness spreading to the north. It is rumoured to be caused by a witch in the area.'

Waltz listened to her words intently. As she went on, his heart began to sink, and his eyes began to glaze over.

'Waltz? WALTZ! Are you listening?'

'A witch did you say?' he mumbled to her in return.

'Yes' Candy Cake said triumphantly, having finally gotten through to him. 'She is a powerful magical witch. Don't you see? This is your chance to prove yourself! You've wanted to challenge yourself haven't you? You've always told me you wanted to make it big. Isn't this your opportunity?'

'Forget it.'


'I don't like witches' Waltz answered flatly. 'They're bad luck.'

'I never figured you to be the superstitious type' she replied, poking the end of his nose.

'You figured wrong.'

'Well' Tom declared loudly, slapping his knees and rising to his feet, 'I'd better be going. I can hear my phone ringing.'

'Don't be silly' Waltz turned to him with a frown as Tom wandered off. 'We haven't invented mobiles yet.'

Tom went away.

'Good' Candy Cake said hugging Waltz's arm then. 'We can have some time alone now.'

'Time for what?' Waltz asked her a little nervously.

'You think I came all this way just to tell you about some witch?' Candy Cake scowled at him.

'You mean you didn't just come here to see me?' he asked.

'Well…she giggled. 'That too.'


She grinned at him playfully.

'Come on' she spoke softly to him. 'Walk with me.'

She allowed Waltz to put his shirt back on, the wounds over his body had been cleaned and the worse ones sown up. When he straightened again, she linked arms with him, leading him away and down a narrow path that led to the back of the inn, where lay there a beautiful garden.

The winding path was made of stone, and either side of them as they walked deeper into the garden, were thick and lush bushes of bright pink, within which grew vibrant blue flowers.

Candy Cake let go of Waltz's arm, leaning into one of the bushes and bringing the flowers to her lips, breathing deeply their sweet scent.

'Hmmm' she hummed, opening her eyes and smiling.

And then she saw something in the bush between the leaves. She reached for it. Waltz craned his neck, trying to catch a glimpse what it was, but Candy Cake was not showing.

It was in fact a cocoon she had found. She cupped it in her hands, bringing it to her lips and breathing over it softly.

She stepped back then, raising her head and opening her hands. The instant she did this, a flutter of wings sprung from between her fingers.

In a matter of seconds, the cocoon had transformed into a beautiful butterfly, pink and sparkly. It left a trail of dust hovering in the air as it went.

Waltz stepped closer to her, side by side they watched the thing fly away.

'You shouldn't do that' Waltz told her flatly. 'You'll waste your magic.'

'It's not a waste if it's beautiful' Candy Cake replied.

Waltz sighed, glancing away and placing a hand upon his hip. He tense suddenly then as Candy Cake moved closer to him, taking both his hands in hers and kissing him softly.

She stepped back, smiling widely at him.

'So?' Waltz said expectantly to her. 'Why have you come all this way?'

She smiled again, laughing to herself, before becoming serious.

She stepped back.

'Your father wants you to come home.'

Waltz's expression instantly darkened.

'Oh come on' Candy Cake cooed at him. 'Don't be like that.'

His expression did not change.

'Aren't you going to ask why he wants you to come home?'

'I think I have a pretty good guess as to why' Waltz replied.

'It's time you took up your responsibility' Candy Cake prompted.

'But there are others before me' Waltz argued. 'My uncles, my father himself…but not me.'

'But your grandfather wants you' Candy Cake argued, 'the others…' she hesitated, hunching her shoulders and glancing to the floor, 'they are too old' she said. 'You are young and fit. Why do you choose this life when you could live a far more comfortable and stable life?'

'I didn't choose this life' Waltz replied. 'This life chose me.'

Candy Cake sighed wearily, rolling her eyes.

'The irony' she said speaking to the clouds, 'is that because of this life you lead you have become the best choice, you have gained vast knowledge of the world and its people. But because of this life you lead, you do not want the position.'

'So where do you stand in all of this?' Waltz asked raising an eyebrow and crossing his arms.

'I will be your loving wife' Candy Cake gleamed hugging his arm then, 'and we can do what we do together.'

Waltz stared at her, giving her a level expression as she smiled up at him. In his mind he thought.

Do you really love me, or do you love the man you want me to be?

'I should get back to the inn.'

'But why?' Candy Cake whined.

'Because I want a drink' Waltz answered flatly.

'Ok. I'll come!'

Waltz tried to suppress his groan.

'I want to meet the other members of your guild.'

'But you've already met them' Waltz countered. 'You know them all very well.'

'Yes but this' she said wagging a finger at him. 'There is another reason I came all this way.' She hugged herself, beaming happily at him. 'I have a job for you, for all of you. I would be grateful if you would help me.'

'You want us to kill a monster?'

'Quests aren't all about killing bad monsters' Candy Cake huffed at him. 'No. I want you to catch a beast for me. It would fetch a high price, and I already have a buyer lined up.' She winked. 'A friend of mine, she's wanted this creature for a while now.'

'Dare I ask what it is?' Waltz began tentatively.

'Oh don't worry' Candy Cake waved at him. 'It's nothing bad, but you need my help to get it. I'm the only person in miles around that has the power to open a portal to the world in which they live.'

'And?' Waltz raised an eyebrow.

Candy Cake leant forward on her knees, giving him a mischievous look. 'It's a sleipnir' she said.

'A what?'

'In Norse mythology it's an eight legged horse.'

'Oh.' His expression turned sly then. 'Cool' he said.

In no time at all, they were back at the inn, sitting at a table with all the other members of the guild, except for Kenneth, who wasn't really a proper member anyway. Not since he became blinded. He was off somewhere doing something else.

'So' Candy Cake began in a sing-song voice.

Leroy gave Waltz an anguished glance, clearing wondering where this was going, before looking back at Candy Cake.

'Here is my plan.'

Candy Cake then launched into a very prolonged and very detailed explanation of the mission they were about to embark on. The explanation was unnecessarily prolonged and detailed, but the gist of it went something like this-

'We travel to this very specific point on the map, its miles away and hard to find, but I can get us all there by magic because I'm awesome. You guys sit around for several days and do nothing while I track down a unicorn. They are magical and often travel to different dimensions. I won't explain how I know this. I just do.

I will lure this unicorn to me by washing myself in a virgin's tears, then I will trick the unicorn somehow into leading us to a portal and allowing us to cross through. From there, we will somehow find a sleipnir, bring it back and sell it for a butt-load of money, half of which goes all to me for doing most of the work.'

After only reluctantly agreeing to this, Leroy and the rest of the guild found themselves in the other dimension. The unicorn, realising it had been tricked into allowing so many men into its dimension (none of which were a virgin, least of all Candy Cake) immediately ran away.

'No!' Candy Cake squawked. 'Come back!'

'Do we need the unicorn?' Leroy instantly questioned.


'Good. Then let it run away.'

Candy Cake turned back to him, looking a little disappointed.

'Come on' Leroy told her. 'We've got work to do.'

Candy Cake straightened up then, facing ahead of her. Around her, the guild did the same, surveying the world they now stood in.

It was a fabulous world.

In the distance there were great rocky canyons made of a pale pink mineral, and the tall grass at their feet was purple and the sky above was pure white like fresh snow.

It was a strange world, and everything about it was different.

'The air feels different' Leroy spoke up, raising his head. 'Not cleaner, or more polluted than in our own world…just…different.'

'Yeah' Tom added in a mumble. 'I feel it too.'

'It's not just the air that's different here' Candy Cake beamed, 'it's the gravity.'

She bowed low then in a dramatic flurry, as if performing in a theatre.

'Do as I do' she said, before jumping as high as she could, and reaching over ten feet in the air.

'What is this?' Leroy said in wonder, watching as she fell gently back down to earth.

'It's the gravity' Candy Cake managed to say landing softly on the grass, before jumping up again. 'It's different to what it is at home!' she called down to them. 'Here it's more fun!'

She landed differently now, doing so in such a way as to stop her ascending towards the sky again. She had to grab a handful of the tall purple grass as she did this, but it was a strong grass that grew here, i

ts roots were deep.

'Go on' Candy Cake ushered them. 'Try it.'

Leroy instantly crossed his arms, frowning in displeasure at her.

'We are not here to play' he scowled. 'We are here on serious buis-'

He didn't get to finish his sentence however, as he was shoved over the edge of the cliff by Waltz. Partly for fun, partly to shut him up, and partly because he knew the fall wouldn't hurt him.


All around Waltz the other members of the guild were already jumping up and down like popcorn, having the time of their lives. It was very hilly here, with high bits and low bits and slopey bits and not so slopey bits and flat bits and bumpy bits and….

'Weeeeeee!' one of them said. 'This is fun!'

Candy Cake landed next to Waltz, taking him by the hand and leaping up into the air with him. They ascended together, before falling back down to earth and jumping up again.

'It's like playing in the clouds!' Candy Cake cried happily.

'If there were any' Waltz grinned at her.

Today was a cloudless day. The clouds (which were normally a blue so dark they looked black) were hibernating at this time. They would be out again when winter was over.

Clouds in this world were very different to the clouds that most of us know. The clouds here had the texture of cotton candy, but tasted more like marshmallow.

'See!' Candy Cake called to the others. 'Isn't it wonderful here?'

A very short distance away was Leroy, looking a little irritated, though he couldn't stop himself from bouncing, and looked a lot ridiculous going up and down constantly.

Candy Cake unfurled her fairy wings then, bringing them out of hiding (her wings were pink and sparkly by the way – duh) here she fluttered for a moment; hovering in the air and watching the others have their fun.

'Candy?!' Leroy hollered to her. 'How do I stop bouncing?'

'Oh you'll learn on your own' Candy Cake gleamed, turning to face him and placing her hands upon her hips. 'It's a little hard for me to explain though.'

Leroy ascended in the air again, almost coming to her eye-level.

'Try' he said, before falling back down to earth.

'Hold the grass' Candy Cake told him with much amusement. 'It will keep you down.'

Leroy did this, and in no time, he was firmly on the ground again.

He straightened up with a frown. His usual expression.

'We need to find this sleipnir' he told her firmly.

'Right' Candy Cake nodded, as around her the other members of the guild all bounced up and down as if on a giant trampoline.

Candy Cake fluttered her wings, rising quickly higher in the air. She looked first one way, then the other, squinting and shielding her eyes from the bright sky.

She gasped then, seeing something off in the distance.

'What is it?' Leroy asked slightly alarmed. 'What do you see?!'

'I see the horses!' Candy Cake squeaked excitedly. 'They are there! A great heard of them!'

Leroy's frown lessened slightly, happy that they were back on task, and slightly closer to completing their quest.

'Are they far?' he asked tentatively.

'Distance doesn't apply here' Candy Cake said back to him. 'Things that seem far are close, and things that seem close are far. You don't know how long it will take to reach it until you get there.'

'That's helpful' Leroy grumbled.

'Everyone!' Candy Cake called dramatically, pointing in the correct direction. 'That way!' 'Great' Leroy said flatly. 'How do we get there?'

'Isn't it obvious silly?' Candy Cake winked cheekily at him. 'We bounce our way there.'

'Of course we do' Leroy replied, giving Candy Cake a wide and sarcastic smile. 'You lead the way.'

'Everyone!' Candy Cake cried spinning dramatically in the air. 'Follow me!'

She quickly darted off in one direction, leaving behind all the others, who struggled to keep up with her.

'Slow down!' one of them protested as they bounced like a giant flea in great arcs through the air. 'We'll lose you.'

Candy Cake didn't slow; she only glanced back with a mischievous grin, using her magic to make her whole profile glow in a bright light, clear on even the brightest day.

(It was pink obviously, being her favourite colour. Pink pink pink.)

Candy Cake did a spin in the air, moving slowly as if underwater, she barrel-rolled to the side, forward rolled, cart-wheeled. She was having a lot of fun along the way, hovering high above the others as they followed, guiding them like a star.

In no time at all, they reached the heard.

Candy Cake descended, touching the ground lightly, as around her the guild members began to slow, stopping and forming a line as they observed the open land before them.

'I present to you' Candy Cake said reaching her arms out and beaming, 'the heard.'

Waltz raised an eyebrow, grinning at this.

Before them, was a large mass of horse-like creatures, but of the kind none of them had seen before (except Candy Cake that is).

There was a pure white horse with a rainbow mane and tail, there was one with giant and very delicate-looking butterfly wings, another with a horn upon its head shaped like a mighty axe, a skeletal one with a ghostly mane and tail, one whose body seemed to be made up entirely of star-constellations, with a mane and tail that looked to be nothing more than gas sparkling in the air, one that looked entirely made of ice with red eyes, another with a mane and tail of pure fire, one that was on its top half, entirely covered in white feathers like a swan, on its bottom half it looked as if it were made of crystal, another with a horn like a sword and a tail like a whip, another that looked as if were missing its skin, with a body of pure muscle and a head like a skull with long teeth and white glowing eyes, another with no eyes at all, with a long slippery tongue hanging out, mighty wings on its back that looked more like rags than anything else, and a pair of smaller wings on its hind legs…

You get the point. There were tons of horse-like creatures, all of unusual and bizarre and some just plain frightening in design. But they all seemed harmless. Most didn't seem to care about the beings that had suddenly appeared in their world, a few were curious, but all kept their distance.

'Right' Leroy sighed crossing his arms. 'Where do we begin?'

'I'll go look for a sleipnir' Candy Cake told them. 'You look keep a look out.'

'A look out for what?' Leroy asked her.

'Anything' Candy Cake beamed sweetly back. 'Everything.'

A split second later she vanished into thin air, leaving behind only pink fairy-dust.

'Do you think this world is dangerous?' Tom asked Leroy beside him nervously.

Leroy glanced back.


Tom looked away. 'I guess there's nothing left to do but wait' he sighed.

Nearby, Waltz was already lying on his back on the soft grass with his hands behind his head, a foot propped on a knee as he hummed a tune merrily away to himself, eyes closed in contentment.

'Have you been here before then?' Kenneth asked Waltz.

Waltz paused his humming, opening his eyes and smiling.

'I have' he replied, '…a very long time ago.'

'Is there anything here that could hurt us?'

'Hmm' Waltz thought aloud. 'Are you a little scared of sea-horses?'


'Good' Waltz sighed, closing his eyes again. 'Then you should be fine…'

They stayed here for quite some time, though it wasn't long before Leroy began to get fed up.

'Where is she?' he scowled.

'Don't worry' Waltz replied lazily. 'I'm sure she will be back soon.' He paused then. 'Or maybe she won't be' he added in voice of false alarm. 'Maybe she has abandoned us and we are stuck here forever!'

Leroy took his shoe off and lobbed it at Waltz's head. It bounced off the back of his skull and landed lightly on the purple grass.

It wasn't long after that, that Candy Cake returned.

'Hey' she smiled happily down at the guild below her as she hovered in the air above them.

Leroy rose to his feet.

'I hope you found something' he told her shortly.

Candy Cake's eyes glinted mischievously.

'I sure did' she replied. 'But I need your help to get it.'

'Why?' Leroy asked suspiciously as the other members of the guild around him rose to their feet.

'Because' Candy Cake answered happily, 'sleipnir…they love people. It would be far easier to approach with all of us. If anything, it would be thrilled to be taken from this world.'

Leroy frowned up at her.

The guild walked through the heard of strange horse-like creatures, guided by Candy Cake hovering above. The beasts all around them all parted to make room for them as they went by. The other member of the guild all seemed relaxed, only Leroy was on edge, deeply suspicious as he drifted forwards. He never once let his guard down.

They walked for a short while; Candy Cake led them away from the main heard and to a quiet location.

There was a pretty white tree growing beside a small lake. Drinking from the water on the edge of the lake was the beast they were looking for, it turned to face them as they approached.

'Everyone' Candy Cake declared, 'I present to you…a sleipnir.'

The guild regarded it.

It was entirely grey in colour. An eight legged horse, entirely unremarkable in every other way.

'There are' Leroy began, 'far more impressive creatures in the heard we've just passed through.'

'True' Candy Cake said descending in the air and coming to stand beside the sleipnir. 'But many of those other creatures are hostile in temperament, and besides' she added. 'This one is friendly, and special, because it's the fastest and most tireless horse in existence.' She grinned happily at them, patting one of its eight legs. 'It can run faster than a greyhound, and can do so for many hours.' She grinned wider, seeing the awe now in their faces. 'You could reach the other end of the world in just a few days.'

'Are there any more of these creatures?' Leroy asked suddenly, his interest piqued.

'Sadly not' Candy Cake answered.

'Then how do they breed?'

Candy Cake turned to him. 'This is not a species' she told him. 'All of the creatures you see here are mutations.

'So if you were to breed this with a regular horse…' Leroy began.

'The offspring would be a regular horse' Candy Cake finished, 'a normal old boring horse, just like so many other normal old boring horses. No' she shook her head, touching the sleipnir's neck gently. 'This one is special.'

The creature turned, nuzzling into her as she spoke. It seemed to be as friendly as she said it was.

'I've been keeping an eye out for one of these for many years' Candy Cake went on. 'I already have a buyer lined up. She will be so excited I've finally found one!'

'Why can't we take one of the other horses?' Leroy asked, turning back to the heard behind them.

'No' Candy Cake spoke sharply. 'We only take one, or else we will disrupt the balance. This world is very delicate.'

'Oh' Leroy groaned. 'Conveniently vague reasons.'

'Let's go!' Candy Cake giggled, acting as if she hadn't heard him. 'It's time to return home!'

It was somewhat of a disappointment to be taken so abruptly from this other place, the guild had quickly grown fond of it, but sure enough in a flash of light they found themselves on familiar ground once more.

'Home…' Waltz sighed gazing at the world around them, 'it's where the heart is…'

In no time at all they found the buyer Candy Cake was talking about. In a large town they found a manor with large grounds.

'This is the place?' Leroy asked with a raised eyebrow.

'Sure is' Candy Cake grinned folding her arms.

They entered its grounds.

Candy Cake went away to find the master of the house, while Leroy and the rest of the guild wandered about in the gardens outside.

'Wow' Earnest said in awe as he gazed around. 'Imagine owning such wealth.'

'Yeah' Trevor huffed beside him. 'Must be nice.'

It wasn't long after that when the 'buyer' came trotting out from the house excitedly.

The guild who had been guarding the sleipnir up until that point, all stared down curiously at the child that hurried towards them.

'Is this it?' the child said excitedly. 'Is this what you were telling me about?'

Candy Cake appeared at her side, placing her hands upon the girl's shoulders and whispering into her ear.

'It sure is.'

She was young, looking to be only about twelve in age. She was beautifully dressed in rich clothing, with white-blonde hair and blue eyes.

'It's wonderful!' the girl declared.

'Is this the buyer you've been talking about?' Leroy asked doubtfully as Candy Cake lifted the girl and placed her gently upon the sleipnir's back.

'She is' Candy Cake beamed. 'Her name is Lunar.'

Her father appeared behind them, her mother following shortly after.

'We thank you for your trouble' the father said, speaking to Candy Cake as if the guild were invisible. 'I'm sure you must have gone through a lot of effort to do this.'

'Oh' Candy Cake waved away. 'It was nothing.'

'Modesty' the father smiled kindly, as the mother went over the pat the sleipnir her daughter sat upon. 'And' the father said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a very large bag of coins, 'here is your reward.'

'Why thank you very much' Candy Cake said taking it from him and hiding it away.

'Come on dear' the mother said to Lunar. 'Let's take it to the stables.'

While the small family moved away, Leroy spoke to Candy Cake.

'Where's our share of the reward?'

'Oh you don't get any.'


Candy Cake turned to him slyly, holding her hands behind her back.

'You didn't do anything.'

'Then why bring us along?' Leroy glowered angrily now.

'I needed a large group of people' Candy Cake said. 'That is why the sleipnir was so easy to bring here. It loves people, that is why it's the best choice for Lunar. Plus I trusted Waltz.' She winked at him.

'But you said half the reward' Leroy sneered.

Candy Cake waved to him, grinning happily. 'I lied.' She turned to Waltz. 'I'll see you later.' She kissed him briefly on the lips, before stepping back and giggling, disappearing in a cloud of pink smoke.

The other guild members all glared at him.

'What?' Waltz shrugged.

'Did you know she would do that?' Richard asked him.

'Of course not' Waltz said defensively. 'How could I?'

But none of them believed him.

They skulked past him moodily.

'Nice one Waltz' they grumbled.

He shrugged helplessly at them as they drifted by.

They walked on foot all the way back to the inn in which they currently resided, and each went about their own business.

They rested for a few days, until their funds began to get low, then they began searching for more work, and embarked on another quest.

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