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   Chapter 6 Victory Hurrah!

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Waltz sailed through the air rather gracelessly, hanging onto the griffin's neck for dear life.

'….please don't die please don't die please don't die…' he chanted to himself.

It was true that he was able to transform into a flying beast, but this power was only granted to him when the witch needed him for her petty tasks or dirty work. If Waltz was to fall now, he would surely explode on impact on the first sharp rock he hit, or land on a flat surface as a very messy and very bloody pancake. Not a pleasant thought.

Waltz made a very unmanly noise, gritting his teeth and pulling at the griffin's feathers as he desperately fought to hold on. The griffin hissed angrily at having its feathers so harshly yanked out. It turned and tried to peck at him, Waltz dodging its strikes by mere particles.

The griffin hissed again, getting ever more irate that she was failing to strike him. But Waltz had all the agility and grace of a slippery frog.

The griffin began to descend.

Waltz dared to look below him, still clawing onto the griffin's neck as he tried his best to hang on, thinking frantically in his mind.

I don't want to be a pancake!

The griffin touched solid ground, and as Waltz gazed about him, he saw with alarm that they were standing on a nest, with three pink eggs.

'A griffin's nest!' Waltz said. 'And griffin eggs. Ow!'

The griffin began to peck him again, stabbing him in the head with her sharp beak.

'Flock off!' Waltz cried, shooing it away like it was a particularly annoying insect.

Instead of obeying, the griffin began to nibble the end of Waltz's scarf; slowly the scarf went into the griffin's mouth, like a hamster eating a piece of grass, or a paper shredder eating paper.

Waltz began to choke as the scarf tightened around his neck, his head ascending into the griffin's gaping mouth.


Waltz cleared his eyes feverishly as the griffin began to dribble on him.

'Ew gross.'

The griffin coughed then, spitting up a human skull that bounced off Waltz's head and landed on the floor beside him as he fell over.

Waltz looked down at it, eyes growing wide as he grinned fearfully.


He leapt to his feet again, trying to shuffle away from the griffin and nearly falling out of the nest.

Waltz teetered on the edge before gaining balance again. He glanced down at the drop behind him, which must have been like a thousand feet or something.

'Oh bugger…' Waltz uttered.

He straightened up again, looking at the area behind the griffin, seeing a distinct lack of the ground he expected.

It was not a cliff edge he found himself on, but a great pinnacle growing up from the earth, the top perfectly flat and level, perfect for a female griffin of this size to lay three perfect pink eggs.

'Oh' Waltz sighed, shoulders sagging. 'Crud.'

The griffin pecked at him again. Waltz yelped in protest like a puppy being kicked.

'Ow! Stop that!'

The griffin squawked at him.

'Don't answer me back!'

It squawked again.

'Oh great' Waltz sighed, placing his hands upon his hips as the griffin began to preen itself. 'This is just perfect...what am I going to do now?'

He turned his back to the griffin as she curled up, tucking her beak beneath her wing and going to sleep, having lost all interest in him.

'Now' Waltz said surveying the sheer drop before him. 'Time for me to get down from here.'

He glanced behind him at the griffin that appeared to be fast asleep already, before looking ahead again.

'Right' he said crouching down and climbing backwards over the edge of the drop. 'Here we go.'

Waltz began his slow and arduous descent down the rocky pinnacle. Thankfully, there were many little nooks and crannies in the rock, and he was fairly easily able to find a foothold to help him climb down.

'Just don't slip' he chuckled to himself nervously as his nails began to bleed from scratching the hard rock. 'Easy' he sighed. 'Piece of cake. Nothing to it.'


He glanced up then at the sound of his name being called, seeing a band of men running along a narrow ledge against the mountain side near him, led by one in particular.

'Leroy!' Waltz called back. 'Oh thank god!'

'Where is it?!'

'Up there!' Waltz called pointing to the sky above him, and to the top of the pinnacle he had climbed down from. 'Kill it its evil!'

'Oh don't you worry' Leroy mumbled back. 'We'll kill it.'

He tilted his head back, up towards the pinnacle, seeing at the top a long tail hanging from the edge of the nest.

'Gotcha' he mumbled.

The griffin as if sensing that it had just been spotted, stirred suddenly, rising and turning towards the men on the narrow path below.

'Ready men!' Leroy called, casting an arm out behind him, clutching his weapons tightly in both hands. He narrowed his eyes, whispering to himself. 'We'll bring this beast down.'

The griffin roared at them, casting its mighty wings out wide and leaping off the pinnacle and falling straight towards them.

'READY!' Leroy hollered.

The men all tensed down the line, holding their weapons to them, preparing for whatever the griffin would give them.

It swept towards them, reaching out to them as it went by, hurtling downwards.

Its swift descent caused a sudden strong gust of wind that threw the party off balance. Leroy lost balance, tipping forwards he fell to the side over the cliff-edge, his expression that of only slight surprise, reaching out as he fell. Trevor grabbed his wrist just in the nick of time, leaning forwards over the drop, his other hand grasping a root that jutted out of the rock behind them. Leroy blinked several times, staring at Trevor and seemingly not phased at all by his near brush with death. He smirked, Trevor grinning a

t him as he pulled him back to his feet.

'That was a close one.'

Leroy nodded once, before his expression turned serious again.

Suddenly there came a mighty scream from below them, and glancing down the party could see the griffin clawing its way up the mountain side to reach them, howling as it went, its massive claws leaving huge cuts in the rock.

'Kill it!' Waltz shouted, still hanging onto the edge of the pinnacle. 'It's evil!'

'Shut it Waltz!' Leroy barked.

'What are we going to do?' Barry asked calmly as the griffin drew ever closer.

'We need to get it on the ground' Leroy said.

'I have just the thing' Tristan smiled, raising the spear he carried, at the end of which was a long chain. He cast his arm downwards, holding the spear back and aiming. 'Look out below' he said, before throwing the weapon with perfect precision downwards.

The griffin screeched as the spear became embedded in its shoulder.

'Nice shot.'

'Thanks Leroy.'

'Everyone attack!' Leroy hollered. 'Chain it and pin it to the ground!'

The griffin roared as it was impaled again and again by the chained spears. It continued to desperately claw its way upwards, feverishly swiping at the men on the narrow ledge in an effort to get at them, but in its haste lost its balance and its grip, falling heavily to the earth below.

'This is our chance!' Leroy called. 'Get is while it's down!'

Waltz continued to cautiously make his way down the pinnacle as the other members of the guild attacked the griffin. It tried to fight back, but outnumbered and injured and now held to the ground by chains it stood little chance. Waltz felt the rock of the pinnacle he held now shudder beneath his grasp. He looked down, seeing the griffin directly below him crash into the rock as it stumbled back, surrounded by the rest of the guild. It swiped at one of the closer men, roaring in fury as it beat its wings helplessly.

'WALTZ!' Leroy called up at him. 'KILL IT!'

'You got it' Waltz smirked, drawing his sword quickly from its sheath and causing it to sing.

He brought the sword to his lips, kissing the blade before leaping off the rock, falling down directly onto the griffin's back and driving the blade deep between its shoulders.

'Why did the chicken cross the road?!' Waltz asked as he twisted the weapon, causing the griffin to lurch forwards, throwing up a great stream of blood. 'To be impaled…' he jerked the weapon back, 'by my sword!'

Waltz straightened as the beast fell beneath him, collapsing on all fours. He stood on its back tall and proud with the tip of the sword pointed in the air.

'WWWHOOOOOOOO!' He called triumphantly. 'That was clucking fantastic!'

Several members of the guild on the ground around him sighed in exasperation; several more were face palming, rolling their eyes and groaning in anguish.

'That was so lame' Tom mumbled.

'You're lame!' Waltz retorted.

Leroy straightened, dusting himself down and relaxing his sword arm.

'Good work everyone' he said. 'We wouldn't have been able to do it if not for team effort.'

Waltz gave his sword a quick wipe, before sheathing it and leaping off the unfortunately dead griffin.

'What's up there?' Leroy asked him and Waltz strolled by. 'Is there a nest?'

'What?' Waltz fumbled glancing back. 'Oh…yes…'

'Is there anything up there?' Leroy asked casually.

'Um…eggs' Waltz replied. 'Three of them.'

'They could be worth a lot of money' Leroy continued.

'Yeah' Waltz agreed. 'They probably….oh I see you want me to go get them.'

'Well since you offered' Leroy smirked, stepping back and folding his arms in amusement. 'You're the best climber out of all of us. So come on' he shooed Waltz away. 'Get going.'

Waltz's body slumped in disappointment. He looked back up to the top of the pinnacle with a groan, turning reluctantly and making his way back, grumbling and muttering under his breath as he went.

The other guild members watched as Waltz made his treacherous way back up the sheer wall of the pinnacle, cursing angrily as he began his arduous ascent once again to the very top where the nest sat, its three pretty pink eggs waiting for him.

'Take your time!' Leroy called up to him from the ground. 'We'll wait here!'

'Yeah yeah' Waltz muttered under his breath, grabbing onto another rock and haling himself up. 'Don't you worry…I've got all the time in the world.'

Hours passed, and darkness began to fall. The members of the guild who remained on the ground built a camp and were now huddled around the fire, warm and happy as they cooked sausages, marshmallow, fish, potatoes and just about anything they could find and everything they carried with them in their bags.

'Mmmm' Barry said as he chewed on a piece of toast. 'Delicious.'

Several more hours passed, before Waltz finally made an appearance.

Some of the members of the guild had gone to sleep, but most were still awake.

Waltz reached the bottom of the pinnacle, climbing delicately down its sheer cliff and coming to stand safely on top of the griffin that remained where it had fallen, hopping off its back and touching solid and flat ground once more. He turned to face the others, lowering carefully onto the ground the three precious eggs he had worked so hard to retrieve. He had carried them in his scarf, which he had tied in the shape of a sack and used to bring them down.

Leroy reached for one of them, lifting it before him. In the firelight it seemed to glow slightly, its shell lightly dappled as its pink surface shone.

'Good Waltz' Leroy said to him. 'Very good.'

Waltz slumped on the floor right where he stood, shuffling up to the fire to warm his hands.

'I think' he began slowly staring into the dancing flames, 'I have earned some pie.'

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