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   Chapter 4 A Good Day

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Waltz found his guild nearly a week later.

By the time he emerged from the wilderness, he was a mess. His white-blonde hair, which was once white blonde, was now a filthy sort of greyish-brownish colour. His skin, cheeks and arms and hands were smeared with mud, as where his clothes which were covered in grass stains and mud, thick mud which caked him from the knees down.

He emerged from the nearby woods, pulling twigs out of his hair as he approached the inn his guild had been staying in for the last few weeks.

It was a nice day at the moment, and there were several members of his guild scattered about outside the inn which was built in an open space, the town it belonged to was a stones throw away.

Leroy, the leader of the guild he was a part of, was sitting upon a bench reading a book in the sun.

He turned towards Waltz as he heard him approach, wearing a flat expression.

'Where have you been?' Leroy grumbled.

'Don't start' Waltz ordered him as he trudged forwards.

He stood beside the table which Leroy sat at, scratching furiously at his head, pulling from his shaggy hair a live mouse and tossing it aside, before falling forwards on his face and collapsing on the tabletop.


Waltz turned to Leroy, groaning dramatically and dribbling on the table.

'I'm getting fed up with this' Leroy scowled at him. 'Where do you keep going?'

'None of your business' Waltz moaned, the puddle of dribble around his mouth vastly growing.

'Ew' Leroy said, pulling his book away as the puddle of dribble seeped across the table and towards him. 'Stop that.'

'Is that Waltz?' called one of the other guild members. 'Hey guys! Waltz is back.'

Several of the guild members that were outside moved over to him, surrounding the table.

'Are you alright Waltz?' Tristan said leaning over him. 'You look terrible.'

Waltz rolled onto his back. A small squeak suddenly came from his person. A mouse suddenly appeared, climbing from beneath his shirt and scurrying away.

'Where did you go?' Kyle asked him.

'None of your business' Waltz moaned again.

'Oh' Barry said, covering his mouth with a hand. 'You smell terrible. Have you been wading through a bog?'

'Yeah' Waltz whimpered pathetically, lip quivering and eyes brimming with tears. 'Through woods and rivers and caves and swamps and sands and mountains and lakes and….'

'You should go and have a bath' Barry told him, as Waltz continued to list all the places he had gone through. 'A wash would make you feel better. Much better.' He paused, listening to Waltz as he continued to ramble on about all the horrible places he had been. 'There are women at the inn who are waiting for you' he added.

Waltz's eyes suddenly widened and he quickly closed his mouth.

He leapt up then, running at full speed to his room.

A moment later he re-emerged from the inn, looking like a newly polished coin. His hair which was short on the top and long at the bottom was now clean, and now returned to its original colour, white-blonde as it was supposed to be. His skin was bright pink where he had rubbed it raw, so hard to get the dirt off, and he now wore fresh new clothes.

'I'm back baby!' he declared loudly, and the guild members that were outside began to clap loudly for him.

'It's good to see you again' the guild member named Rude smiled to him.

'Back to his old self' Richard said, raising the tankard to his lips and drinking.

'Watch out ladies!' Waltz said balling his fist. 'Here I come!'

The very next morning, Leroy raised the bucket above his head, throwing it as hard as he could at Waltz.

Waltz woke with a start as the wooden bucket bounced off his head. The women either side of him woke as he jerked awake, sitting up and rubbing their eye wearily.

'What time is it?' the red head mumbled.

'Is it midday yet?' the blond ask


'Hey man!' Waltz shouted at Leroy. 'What the hell?!'

'We've got a job to do' Leroy told him, ignoring the women as they gave him admiring glances. 'We're leaving now.'

'What job?' Waltz asked him, rising from the bed and beginning to dress quickly.

'I've taken a job from the notice board' Leroy told him, showing him the piece of paper. 'There is a griffon causing trouble for a village nearby. We're going to get rid of it.'

'How much is the pay?'

'Not amazing, but decent enough' Leroy answered, rolling the paper up and returning it to his inner pocket. 'We need the money this job offers. Hurry up and get ready. The rest of us are waiting downstairs.'

He left the room swiftly.

Waltz cursed under his breath. 'I just got here' he complained. 'Why do I have to leave now?'

'Must you go?' the women asked him, stroking his chest seductively. 'We like you. We want you to stay. Wont you stay?'

'Sorry ladies' Waltz told them, putting his boots on. 'I've got a village to save……it's not easy being a hero you know.'

He strode from the room, his hair sweeping after him as he went; the women gazed at him with adoring as he left the room.

'Dammit I thought you said this village was nearby' Waltz moaned, kicking back his aching feet as they sat around the fire. It was evening.

'It is nearby' Leroy scowled at him.

'We've been walking for hours!'

'Riding a horse doesn't count as walking'


'Do you have to be so annoying?' Barry asked him.

'Hey Leroy' Waltz suddenly said to him. 'I've been thinking……you should write a book.'


'I think it would be good for you' Waltz said, beaming up to the darkening sky. 'An outlet you might say.'

'An outlet for what?' Leroy grumbled.

'It could be called…Backdoor Party…'


'The Unexpected Entrance…'

'Oh.' Leroy's expression instantly flattened.

'Pillow Tears…' Waltz continued. 'A naval story called Servicing the Rear Admiral…about a bloke with a tattoo on his arse called admiral…'

'Alright' Leroy told him. 'That's enough…'

'It Felt Right…uncomfortable love…'

'Shut up!'

'A Sore Story….'

'I said shut up!' Leroy snapped at him.

'The Star of Uranus…' Waltz continued, completely ignoring him, '…about an astrology teacher who's forty years old…who falls in love with an eight year old, who didn't want it, but ended up loving it…but it was actually Stockholm syndrome.'


'Sword Play….'


'The religious one….The Holy Bone……where the eight years old choir boy is taken in for confession by a priest…very yaoi…'


'Forbidden Ring…a true love story…'

'Waltz…' Leroy groaned, becoming increasingly more irate.

'Bad to the Bone!' Waltz continued. 'About an eight year old ghost that is molested by a thousand year old necromancer.'


'Watch my Tail….a story about gay werewolves.'

Leroy struck him suddenly over the head with a wooden bucket, the nearest thing at hand.

'Ow!' Waltz protested. 'What the hell?!!!'

'You deserved it' Leroy said throwing the bucket away and standing over him. 'I swear I wish I could clone you and lock you in a room with yourself…honestly….'

He sat back down.

The rest of that night passed peacefully, and the eleven guild members slept within the shelter of the trees.

The next morning they woke early.

The sun had not touched the horizon yet, but its light was still flooding the sky.

Waltz looked about him as the other members slowly rose.

They stood in the woods gazing about.

The fairies had come out this morning to greet them. Waltz held his hands out together, as one of them landed softly on his open palms.

He smiled down at the little creature that glowed green, its delicate glass-like wings shining brightly.

'A good omen' Waltz smiled. 'I feel today is going to be a good day.'

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