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   Chapter 3 A Freaky Noise

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'There.' Waltz said shortly, dumping the seal on the table before the witch. 'One seal. Can we go now?'

The witch gave Waltz a scrutinizing look. A slight sneer played about her lips, and an eyebrow raised, as she leant forwards to study the seal.

Today the witch had adopted another form, as she did nearly every time they met. Today she had long wavy hair, strong blue eyes and tanned skin.

'Good' she said straightening up again. Though she didn't touch the seal. She left it where it was on the table between them. 'You've completed your task.'

'Great' Waltz said sarcastically. 'Can you teleport me back now please?'

She gave him a look of disgust. His brother standing close by sighed wearily with exasperation.

'I will take you where I please' the witch told him. 'When I please……I do not answer your command.'

Waltz gave her a bored expression, scratching the back of his head as the witch cast her magic over both he and his brother.

They were both enveloped in a blinding white light. When at last it faded, they found themselves in a meadow. The grass grew tall and dark, the light in the sky was fading, and the forest in the distance was foreboding.

'Stupid cow!' Waltz shouted, kicking the grass around him to release his anger. 'This is not where I want to be.'

'Calm yourself brother' Sydney told him patiently.

Waltz grabbed handfuls of the tall grass,

ripping it from the ground and throwing it away in fury, stopping only when he was exhausted.

Waltz breathed heavily, shoulders heaving and skin prickled with sweat.

He cursed under his breath, straightening and wiping his brow with the back of his hand.

When he turned around next, he saw his brother was gone.

'Yeah well thanks for nothing Sydney' Waltz glowered to the meadow around him.

He shook his head, gazing about him and turning slowly on the spot, wondering which way he should go.

He saw some lights in the distance.

'A town?' Waltz said, squinting and leaning forwards. 'Is that a town?'

He straightened again, shrugging to himself.

'This way I suppose.'

He tensed suddenly, wheeling around at the sound of a strange howl coming from the woods behind him. He travelled this world often, his journeys taking him near and far.

He knew better than most the strange creatures that shared this land with him.

He turned his back on the sound, scratching at his sweaty palms.

Waltz took his first step forwards, wading through the tall grass of the meadow. He paused before the forest before him, the forest that surrounded the meadow.

There was no other way out, he had to cross the dark woods.

Waltz took a deep breath, willing himself to be strong.

'Well' he mumbled to himself. 'Here goes nothing.'

He stepped forwards, into the darkness.

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