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   Chapter 2 Not so Great

The Slayer By Lady Lilium Characters: 14666

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Today his master took the form of a beautiful woman with long white-blonde wavy hair, pale skin that was perfect like porcelain, and shockingly bright blue eyes.

'Waltz' she oozed. 'I have a job for you.'

'Well I doubt you summoned me for my company' Waltz replied. 'Though most women want more than just my company' he added slyly.

'You're childish humour is wasted on me' the witch sneered as Waltz rose to his feet again. 'I would appreciate it if you would desist.'

Waltz glanced at the room around him. The witch's hut was a crowded place, one of many where she worked and lived. Some of her other homes were more lavish, larger, and more expensive.

Here was a fairly modest build in size, situated in a forest so deep; one would die of starvation before finding it.

Inside, it was dark and cluttered and dimly lit, every available space was filled by some ingredient needed for a potion or spell, bottles of strange liquids, items both blessed and cursed, even some caged animals, all of which were completely silent and almost completely still.

Upon a perch was a slender hawk, there was a fat green frog imprisoned in a glass bottle with a round body and a tall narrow neck, several mice sitting upon the shelf seemingly free though they remained where they were, and a small tank on the floor, filled with newts.

Waltz had been summoned to this hut before. He hated it, and he hated all the creepy animals. They weren't natural, and didn't behave how animals should.

The millions of spiders hanging in the rafters didn't help either. Waltz hunched his shoulders, glancing up at the rafters and hoping none of the tiny spiders fell on him.

Spiders. They were the thing he hated most. The way they moved and scuttled…he found them freaky.

'There is something I have lost and wish to be returned to me' the witch continued.

'What is it?' Waltz asked, trying to ignore the fat green frog stuck in the glass bottle.

It was staring at him, staring and staring.

Waltz hunched his shoulders further, gritting his teeth and feeling ever more uncomfortable.

It's like the frog knew what he was thinking!

'Are you listening to me?' the witch asked him, wearing an expression of extreme displeasure.

'I'm sorry?' Waltz stammered.

The witch frowned even harder.

'My seal' she repeated. 'I have lost it' she told him. 'Someone has taken it from me, and I wish to have it back.'

The next thing that Waltz knew, he was standing in the pouring rain late at night, sulking beneath his wide-brimmed hat and long trench coat.

'This sucks' Waltz grumbled to himself. 'This is exactly the opposite to where I want to be.'

He shivered then as a trickle of icy cold water ran down his spine.

'Well' he mumbled, 'I guess I better get going.'

He walked down the busy street with his head bowed and hands in his pockets, moving slowly through the crowd.

It was dark all around him; the gloom was only broken by the gentle orange glow of the lanterns that hung from the buildings flanking either side of him.

Waltz's eyes flickered up to the tower he headed to, before returning to the ground to watch his feet splashing through the puddles as he walked.

'Oh god it's so cold…'

He came to the end of the street, reaching out for the door to the building which was his destination.

He stepped inside, breathing a sigh of relief.

It was warm inside, and Waltz glanced enviously at the merry bands of men sitting around the tables in the warm firelight nearby, laughing heartily and raising the tankards into the air as they leant against one another in their drunkard state.

Oh sweet bliss… Waltz thought as he watched the ale slosh around the tankards and spill upon the table. What I wouldn't give to taste that sweet liquid heaven…

He turned away sharply, glaring at nothing in particular.

'My life sucks!'

He moved away, climbing the spiral staircase concealed in a dark corner of the room, it was practically invisible.

He trudged upwards glumly, thinking about all the awesome things he was going to do once this job was over.

Drinking, he thought. Lots of drinking, women…women with drinks…women who feed me drinks…

He reached the top of the stairs and used his skeleton key (given to him by that ghastly witch) to open the door.

The door swung inwards.

Inside was an office. It was a standard office, with all the features an office should have with the usual books and desk and blah blah blah.

Waltz saw the seal sitting upon the desk right in the middle as if waiting for him, as if it had been placed there for him to find.

He stomped sulkily up to it, snatching it up and glaring at it, as if his current discomfort and annoyance was all its fault.

'Stupid thing' Waltz glowered.

It was long and rectangle in shape, with a round handle at one end and a small depiction carved into the base at the other end.

He shoved it in his pocket.

'Job done.'

He turned towards the door and stepped towards it. Suddenly and without warning the door slammed shut.

Waltz faltered, blinking in surprise as he stared at the door.

'Hu…that's strange…'

He walked up to it, grabbing the doorknob. He drew back sharply, hissing under his breath.

Waltz turned his hand over, and saw his palm was already beginning to bluster.

He had been burned.

'What the hell?'

The doorknob was red hot.

Waltz cursed under his breath, glaring at the closed exit before him.

'Magic' he hissed.

He waited for a moment, as if he expected something else to happen, like a trap of some sorts being sprung. Perhaps he would fall through the floor into a filthy dungeon below. Or a heavy boulder would fall on his head, and snuff his life out forever.

But nothing happened, and so he turned to the only other exit in the room.

The window.

He opened it and leant out, feeling instantly the chill and rain whip his face

Great he thought glumly, before climbing out. Just my luck.

In no time at all, he was soaking wet, and couldn't feel his fingers as he climbed higher, fumbling for the cracks in the stone as he struggled to get a foothold.

How did it come to this?! He thought desperately to himself, as he clambered to the top of the tower, reaching the balcony and haling himself over.

He breathed a sigh of relief once he was back on solid ground again.

'There' he said rubbing his hands together. 'Easy.'

He tensed then, seeing a silhouette clinging to the shadows beneath the roof of the tower that continued above them.

'Hey!' Waltz called out. 'Who are you?'

The figure turned, tipping his hat back so that Waltz could see his face.


The figure named Sydney smiled. 'Hello brother. Fancy seeing you here.'

Waltz glowered. 'I was here first.'

'I thought we were working together' Sydney replied, stepping closer to him and hunching his shoulders against the rain. 'Isn't that what brothers do?'

'So the witch sent you on this pointless task too?' Waltz asked. 'I got the seal by the way' he said revealing it.

'It doesn't look like much' Sydney replied gazing down at the long rectangle shape, with its round handle and carved base.

'Appearances can be deceiving' Waltz answered. 'It's probably magical or something.'

They both shrugged at tha


'What're you doing here anyway?' Waltz asked Sydney.

'Chasing the bad guy.'

'Where is he?' Waltz asked him.

It was then at that precise moment, that the door to the balcony opened, and a figure looking positively livid with rage, stormed through.

'Oh hey' Sydney said, turning towards the figure and smiling. 'There you are.'

'If I remember correctly' the figure spat at Sydney, 'it was I who was chasing you!'

'Then why did you run away?'

'I was getting prepared' he retorted. 'Unlike the two of you, I cannot transform without my potion. Which I have now. Haha! Be prepared!'

He made a big demonstration in producing it from his person and drinking it, doing so in a dramatic fashion, doing so as quickly as possible as if he thought the brothers might try to stop him, which they didn't.

They simply watched him, both wearing the same bored expressions as they waited for the potion to take effect.

'And that's not all!' the man said triumphantly, as if he had already won the battle. 'Look what I have here' he said producing the seal that Waltz had, not a moment ago, had in his pocket.

'How did you do that?!' Waltz exclaimed.

'Aha!' the man said knowingly. 'Magic!'

'Oh please' both of the brothers scoffed.

'Magic?' Waltz said. 'That is the lamest excuse in the book. You may as well say that God did it.'

'Oh' the man said suddenly, 'it's about to happen. I hope you're ready!'

Sydney placed his hands upon his hips, shaking his head wearily.

'Here we go again….'

The man (whose name was Bart by the way) dropped the vial, his body hunched over as he hugged himself.

He began to transform then, right before their very eyes.

His skin turned to scales and wings grew from his back.

In no moment at all, he had transformed into a wyvern. A slender beast with scales that gleamed a bright sapphire blue, with large wings, a narrow head, an unnaturally long forked tongue, and a great orange crest that rang along his back.

'Yes yes' Sydney nodded dully. 'Very impressive.'

'Now' the wyvern (named Bart) hissed at them. 'Try to kill me, or else I will kill both of you and take the seal forever.'

'It's actually not your seal' Waltz kindly pointed out.

The wyvern (named Bart) did not answer. He crouched his body low, throwing his mighty blue wings into the sky and taking off.

'Come on then' Sydney huffed, nudging Waltz beside him who had begun to doze off, sleeping where he stood.

'Wah!' Waltz said suddenly, snapping back to reality. 'Oh.' He ran his fingers through his shaggy white-blonde hair. 'Alright….' He sighed wearily. 'The sooner we get this over with…'

Sydney threw his head back then, a suddenly white glow enveloping him, a strong breeze swirling around him causing his hair to lift.

He transformed into a great beast with a body a dirty blue colour, and what looked like large fins for hands that he held parallel to the horizon, using these magical tools to lift himself higher in the air, and shooting after Bart (the wyvern) with jaws gaping.

Waltz's body began to glow, and his profile changed quickly, whipping around as he took on a snake-like form, but giant in size. His skin was black and shabby looking, he had a large mouth at his head and many teeth.

He shot upwards through the air, moving rapidly after his brother as they together pursued Bart.

They caught up to him in no time.

Bart wheeled around to fight when he realised he could not escape them, sinking his long teeth into Sydney's soft flesh.

Waltz was upon him in an instant, grabbing Bart, biting down hard and tossing him through the air, away from his brother. Sydney's wound bled profusely, but he acted as if he didn't even notice as he moved closer to Bart again.

Bart, who had been thrown against the roof of the nearest building, suddenly righted himself. Turning to both of them and roaring, mouth wide open. From the back of his throat came a glowing beam of light which enveloped both Sydney and Waltz as they tore towards him through the sky. Waltz slowed in the air, his snake-like body cringing and writhing as it hung above the town.

But that particular spell Bart had used had no effect against Sydney, and in no time at all Sydney was upon him, slowing in the air just before he reached Bart and tilting his head back so that his body faced him. Sydney's large fins then closed around Bart, who began to howl furiously.

He threw Bart up in the air suddenly, having weakened him, Bart could do nothing but flail around as he gained height.

Waltz having righted himself took opportunity in this moment, soaring through the air, his body snaking back and forth as he went. His jaws dislocated and opened wide, much like a natural snake's would do, and he swallowed Bart whole.

Bart's muffled wails could be heard inside him as he slid down Waltz's throat.

Waltz descended in the air, twisting his body around and around until his belly touched the roof of the building below him.

Nearby, Sydney had transformed back into his human self, running along the rooftops towards his brother.


Waltz remained facing away from Sydney with his head hung. A few seconds later his body began to glow, as he transformed back to his regular self.

Waltz suddenly turned to him, retching and making a scene.

'Bleeeeaaaaahhhh!' he declared rubbing his throat. 'Gross.'

'I can't believe you ate him' Sydney said flatly with an eyebrow raised.

'At least I got the seal' Waltz said with a smug grin. His expression turned serious then. 'Oh god…here it comes…'

He doubled over then, retching and covering his mouth with both hands.

He was suddenly violently sick into both his hands, straightening then when it was over.

'Ha!' he said triumphantly, lifting up the seal he had thrown up. 'Success!'

The seal (and both of his hands) were covered in gore. Blood and flesh all liquid and disgusting…with bits of something white which at a glance might have been bone…it might have been teeth.

'Uh…' Sydney spoke reluctantly. 'You can hold onto that until we get back.

Waltz slipped the seal into his pocket, rubbing his hands on his trousers then straightening, grinning widely at his brother.

'How about a drink before we go back?' he suggested.

'Oh I don't think so' came an all too familiar voice.

Waltz suppressed a groan as he turned then to an owl that had suddenly perched on his shoulder. A little owl, that spoke in the same way as the witch he was bound to did.

But he knew it was not the witch. She could change form, but could only change into a human form. She used many different animals she kept to speak through and to use to spy on people, but she could not become the animal.

'You're to return to me immediately' the witch told him, speaking through the little owl. 'Give the seal back to me…but not before you clean it first.'

Waltz watched the little owl with a flat expression as it took off again, flying away.

'Well you heard her' Sydney said turning his back on him and marching in the opposite direction. 'Let's go.'

'Awww this sucks' Waltz complained. 'She always spoils all the fun…'

He sighed heavily; shoulders slumped, before plodding on after his brother, running after him across the rooftops through the rain.

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