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He cut him, slashing his side deep as he flew past, and spilling his guts onto the earth. The rage and hate instantly emanated from the people the king led as he collapsed, and Jaspin flew away, landing only a short distance from the head of the army, standing now in the centre of the three armies, facing each other.

'And here…' he breathed, his eyes still glowing a pale green, '…is where all this will end…'

Lilith climbed against the slope at the edge of the mountain to see the battle ensue, as below her, the woman and children and the sick, huddled together in the white forest, looking out and hearing the fighting commence.

Lilith watched from a distance, as Jaspin fought alone, cutting down whole waves of people in one sweep.

He fought for a long time, but it was clear even at a distance, that he was beginning to tire.

Lilith watched the bloodshed, watched the black and white angel from a distance, her reaction, completely impassive.

Jaspin fell to a knee as the bolt from a crossbow embedded itself in his side, deep in his flesh.

He moaned in pain, eyes wide as tears ran down from his cheeks, this he could not control.

He collapsed on his other knee as another shaft lodged itself in his shoulder, and another in his ribs.

'I can't go on!' he sobbed, calling out to the sky above, resting back against his heels. 'I can't….'

'Poor Jaspin…'

He heard this voice close by him, and as he raised his head, he saw Ena standing before him, as clear as day. Behind here, were the other angels, Reuben, Aski, and Gael, all smiling down at him, looking healthy and happy.

'You've been through so much' Ena said to him, stepping forwards, her long green hair trailing after her as she reached for him, caressing his cheek. 'But I promise it will all be over soon….hold on….' She breathed, '…just a little longer…'

The illusion was broken then as one of the soldiers stepped forwards, stabbing Jaspin with his sword right the way through his body, moving very close to him to do so.

Jaspin grabbed onto the man, grasping him by the shoulder tightly as he grimaced in the pain and agony, blood between his teeth.

The soldier gripped his sword tightly, jerking it back sharply and moving away.

Jaspin fell on his front, and the other soldiers descended on him, stabbing him over and over again, his blood soaking into the earth be

neath him.

Chapter Fifty Seven

The End

Jaspin lay on his front, eyes distant, as his life ebbed away.

There was no one else around him. They had perished, the dead and dying, that was all that was left in this world, and Jaspin was one of the only ones, the last ones.

He saw the world before him, lying utterly still.

A petal, the white petal of a lily, brushed past him then, tickling his cheek.

Jaspin felt it, his eyes widened slowly. He saw a figure approaching him then, kneeling before him, at first he thought it was Ena, which her green skin and pale skin, but then as the figure spoke, it did so with the voice of Lilith.


He blinked slowly, trying to clear his sight from the blood.

He glanced very slowly up to Lilith, seeing her kneeling beside him.

She spoke again, and these were her final words.

'Everything dies…'

She reached out to touch him then, resting a hand upon his back, they were alone together her now, in this lonely world, in this strange and isolated place.

The two last remaining angels to exist.

There was a flash then from a distance, and Lilith looked up, raising her head.

She saw the comet falling down to earth, heading in a straight line, hurtling toward them.

Death from above.

Everything was destroyed, as the entire planet, ceased to exist.


The rain in the city fell lightly. A figure stood alone in an alleyway in a quieter part of the streets. The sky above her was bright, the buildings around her tall, and the concrete at her feet wet.

Dark crows perched on the telephone lines overhead, and on the other side of the chain link fence beyond the skate park, traffic was light on the roads as cars drove back and forth slowly.

It was windy in the city now, Lilith stood with her head bowed in the rain-soaked alley, the breeze whipping back her short brown hair. She hugged herself tighter, feeling the leather of her jacket beneath her fingers as her skirt swayed around her waist.

She took a step forwards, walking slowly at first then moving briskly, her footfalls splashing in the puddles at her feet.

She picked up her pace, breaking into a run as she tore forwards, seeking.

She sought to find the other angels again, and the earth maiden, in this new world she had found herself in.

'It isn't over' Lilith gasped. 'It isn't over….'

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