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Lilith hurriedly tied the apron around her waist and around the back of her neck, tying her hair back and out of the way.

Where is Jaspin? She thought briefly to herself as she began to take the man's armour off, seeing his wounds more clearly now. She fetched what water she could find, that carried in great barrels by the convey, and used that to clean the wounds, as all the water in all the lakes and rivers had become infected, turning into filthy black liquid that clung to the skin when touched.

Lilith tried her best to save the man, but like so many around them, he was too far gone, and despite her best efforts, passed away shortly after. Even the seemingly healthy ones began to die, quickly falling and dying without warning.

'It must be the sickness' one of the Generals leading the army said. 'Quick. We have to get to the mountain, leave the dead and dying behind. We have the reach the heart of the volcano. We have to!'

'How is the black and white angel?' another man asked the General, and Lilith who was nearby glanced over to them, listening intently.

'He's alive' the General replied, '…for now…'

'For now?' the other man echoed.

'He hasn't eaten nor drunk anything in days…constantly complains of pain…all the time…he is confused…and lashes out at those who try to help him.' The General paused. 'His eyes won't stop glowing, he says he cannot withdraw his wings…I believe…I believe…' the General drew a slow breath. 'I believe he will die today.'

Lilith turned to face the men, feeling hollow in her heart.

She looked away again, walking onwards silently with the others, all the while, the ash continued to fall around them, becoming an ever thicker layer upon the ground, upon the dying earth.

It was getting harder to walk, with each footstep, was a greater effort.

The army walked towards, heading for the great hole in the side of the mountain that Jaspin had created, heading towards its heart, all the while, the people around them began to grow sicker, and many were dying quickly.

They were being left where they were falling.

There was nothing that could be done for them.

It was several hours later, continuing their tedious march towards the mountain, when birds began to fall from the sky. Animals were running out of the woods and burrows around them, appearing to be in great pain as they panicked, clawing at their own bodies and making the most horrific cries, before collapsing, becoming still and falling utterly silent.

When the marching army came to a small town just before the hole in the side of the mountain, they saw that the very rocks and bricks of the buildings were simply disintegrating right before their eyes. It was utterly deserted, the people had all fled, and the animals that had been left behind, farm animals mainly, were dying.

Lilith glanced towards a horse trapped

in a small paddock, dried blood could be seen around its mouth eyes and around its ears, and it was emaciated, missing huge patches of fur is it looked on silently. She looked to the sky again, where the sun still was only just barely visible as a hazy ball, fighting to be seen through the clouds, which were only growing thicker.

They rested here for only a short while, before moving onwards, making their last part of their journey to the heart of the mountain.

Chapter Fifty Six

The Mountain

Inside the heart of the mountain, it was silent. Unlike the rest of the world beyond, there was no wind here, and unlike the world they had seen so far, the land inside the volcano, was different.

The sky above was dark, but on the ground, the trees which grew with no leaves, glowed a brilliant white, their bark shining in the darkness, lighting up the ground at their feet, and the entire area inside the volcano. And the ash, which fell upon the rest of the world, did not fall here.

It was truly a strange place.

The army however, did not have much chance to examine their surroundings, there came a call from the front of the mass, not long after they arrived, alerting the others to the danger.

The people all looked around, towards the other army that was approaching them from the other side, the army they had fought the day before. The men were called to arms.

Lilith huddled at the back with the woman, children, and the others that were already dying from the sickness. She clung back and watched, as the two armies faced off.

But suddenly there came a sound, a signal from a horn, one that was loud and clear, one they had not heard before.

The men on opposing sides glanced around, seeing a third army marching towards them, calling out in alarm. This was the army that belonged to the king of this land, the one that had been fighting with Nina and Grace's army. They had found them at last.

At the back of the army, Jaspin rose from the stretcher that had been used to carry him, reaching his wings up towards the sky. He saw the king of this third army, the king of this kingdom, Cedric was his name.

Even through his one good eye, Jaspin saw him clearly, snarling in furry as he beat his wings, ready to take off.

'You are not worthy as my opponent' Jaspin hissed, before beating his wings, flying over the heads of the army he had travelled with, and straight towards the king that stood before him.

He attacked before anyone else could act, heading straight for the king and summoning to him his magic, feeling stronger now, feeling Ena's magic coursing through his veins. He was able to fight off the arrows sent his way, the arrows that were aimed for his wings. He blew them back, with a strong gust of wind, nothing stopping him, nothing getting in his way as he headed straight for the king of this kingdom.

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