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   Chapter 214 No.214

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5349

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'By believing' Lilith answered simply. 'Believe in Ena…and her spirit will guide us.'

Lilith stopped walking then, tilting her head back to the dark sky above, seeing the heavy grey clouds overhead blocking the sun, barely visible as a haze through the smoky blanket.

Since the moment that Ena had been murdered, the ash had not stopped falling. Now it was thick on the ground as they walked, almost ankle-deep.

It had not stopped falling, continuing to fall gently like snow throughout the utter darkness of the night, and well into the day.

It never stopped, never showed any signs of stopping.

'This world will be destroyed' Lilith spoke absently, almost as if to herself. 'Everyone who believed in Ena…had faith in her…this entire army and more…' she paused then. 'They will be saved, they will live again…in another place…in another time…'

There came a shout then from the front of the mass as they walked, calls of alarm.

As Lilith looked ahead, she saw another army approaching, the army that had belonged to the queen Grace, who had not been seen in days. The army that had opposed them, being guided by Nina and Gerald, dead now, command now taken over by one of the Generals that had served beneath them, it seemed they still sought to put a stop to Ena's cause, to kill the remaining angels, and stop them reaching the mountain.

'They still believe we are the cause of the sickness' Lilith hissed, seeing the mounted soldier at the head of the army that faced them.

He drew his sword, signalling the men behind them to sound the horns, calling them to war.

'They plan to fight us now' Lilith gasped in realisation as the force began to approach them.

People began to panic as the women and children were ushered away, and all able bodied men called to arms, ready to fight.

Jaspin collapsed on all fours, being violently sick and throwing up a strange black substance that looked like sludge or oil.

'Make it stop!' he groaned in pain clutching at his stomach. 'Please……!'

The soldier beside him could only stare down helplessly at him as Jaspin lay there on the ground, his wings, one black and one white, draped on the ground, folded either side of him.

'Get him out of here' another man barked, as several moved forwards, grabbing Jaspin around the arms and hauling him away.

'Ready men!' one of the Generals called. 'Reform the line! Sound the charge! ATTAAACK!'

Lilith paused only once to look back as the two armies without fear or hesitation charged towards each other.

Even from where she stood she could hear Jaspin's cries in the distance, travelled by the strong winds around them. She could hear h

e was in great pain.

She turned and walked away, huddling together with the women and children around her.

They travelled as far away as they could as the two armies fought behind them.

That was when the cold began.

Lilith let out a breath that appeared as a fog before her.

The woman and children had come to rest, and as she sat, Lilith saw again the world around her changing.

Even the rocks and earth beneath the ash was changing, as a strange dark substance infected everything. Even the rocks began to darken in colour and crumble like millions of years had passed in mere minutes, and the people around her began to become ever more afraid as they drew close together for warmth. The children cried, and the women were utterly silent.

And Lilith, as she sat there with eyes out of focus, listened to the sounds around her, of children crying near her, and far away and sounds of men fighting and dying, but nearer than that, Jaspin...

Lilith bowed her head, hugging her knees with eyes full of sorrow.

His sickness was growing ever worse, and as a few of the younger men tended to him, they found that he could not stand, and refused all food and water offered to him.

He had not eaten nor drunk a single thing since he was first captured, what felt like a lifetime ago.

Jaspin… Lilith thought unhappily to herself as she heard his moans of pain, his cries of anger as he lashed out in confusion at those nearest him, I hope you die soon…just to spare your suffering…you do not deserve this…you are good…

Lilith buried her face in her arms, holding her knees to her and closing her eyes.

She waited.

The battle raged on, and many people died.

As darkness began to close in around them, the two armies withdrew, unable to see each other and distinguish friend from foe, they retreated.

That night, was the coldest Lilith had ever experienced. She huddled in the icy chill, which despite her best efforts crept into her flesh, ebbing its way into her body, right to the core of her bones.

'This is horrible' a child beside her sobbed as they huddled together, shivering violently. '….I'm so cold…'

The next morning, when the world lightened enough to be able to see, the extent of the battle that had raged the entire day before was revealed.

Lilith approached one of the fallen men, seeing that he was still alive. She knelt beside him, wearing an expression of concern.

'Please…' the man begged of her, '….save me…'

'Hurry' a man called out to her as he passed, throwing her a white apron as he went by. 'We have to do everything we can to help these people! Anyone and everyone…we have to save them!'

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