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   Chapter 213 No.213

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'What happens now?' one of the soldiers asked her as she approached.

Lilith gritted her teeth, fighting back her tears.

I cannot cry…I have to be strong.

She spoke clearly, addressing the people before her with her head held high.

'We travel to the heart of the mountain' she declared, 'that…is where everything will be resolved…'

It wasn't long after that, that the cold began to set in.

Extreme conditions that no one had ever experienced before, the sudden storm that was brought down on them was unnatural and fierce.

Dean carried Ethel in his arms, her body utterly still and limp as he held her close to him.

Dean was alone now, carrying the woman he loved, the woman he thought he would spend the rest of his life with.

It was utterly silent on the bridge, and the ash still gently rained upon them.

He clenched his teeth, swallowing the lump in his throat, as he placed Ethel upon the wall of the bridge.

He looked down upon her face, brushing her hair back tenderly.

Below them, the ground was far beneath them, the drop considerable, the lake was deep.

Dean stared down at Ethel, her face so beautiful, so peaceful, as she lay there upon the wall, flecks of ash beginning to cover her body.

Dean took a deep breath, then another, before pushing Ethel from the wall, watching her plummet down towards the lake and sinking into its dark waters.

Dean watched as the surface of the lake became still again, then he climbed onto the wall, standing tall, before jumping off the edge after her.

Night came, and it was the most dreadful and terrifying experience most had ever been forced to endure.

The world was pitch black, and nothing but darkness could be seen around them.

People within the army began to panic, screaming in terror as strange sounds were heard all around them. Terrible howls and ghostly wails could be heard in the storm, and many people cowered in fear, hugging each other. The soldiers tried to remain strong, calling out to the women and children in an attempt to try to comfort them. But the people were inconsolable, until Jaspin emerged from his tent.

A fabulous bright light began to emanate from his body, lighting up the entire area, as great streams of green light grew outwards from his body.

Everything seemed to fall silent, as Jaspin took a step forwards with his arms held out, and eyes glowing green.

Everyone, the hundreds of people that made up the army, the soldiers, the women and children, all turned to face him, their fear ebbing away.

For a moment the storm seemed to s

till, giving them some reprieve.

The people nearest him approached as he walked forwards, reaching out to touch his body.

Lilith watched the spectacle from a distance, sitting atop a large rock behind him, out of his line of sight, she watched as Jaspin calmed the people, using the magic within him to do so.

With each footstep, flowers grew at his feet, blooming beautiful colours amongst the ash, before wilting and dying.

And then he raised his head, pointing to the great wall of rock several miles before them, the outside of the volcano, which it was claimed was so large it generated its own weather.

A light grew from his index finger, directed straight for the mountain and crashing into the rock.

With an almighty crash, the rock erupted, sending boulders in all directions. But the mountain was so far away, that it caused no harm to the people around them.

'A path…' Jaspin breathed before collapsing, 'to the heart of the mountain….'

They could not wake him after that as he lay on the ground on his front, instead they took him back to his tent, and lay him down, the mysterious pale green light still emanating from his body, which faded only as the world began to lighten.

'Daytime…' one man said as the light from Jaspin's body faded away, 'but still dark…'

Later that day, the army began to march, heading towards the mountain.

Jaspin was roused, and he walked with the army after that, surrounded by the soldiers who kept a close watch over him. Lilith was kept away from him, walking some distance away with the women and children.

'It's so dark' one of the women beside her said as they walked. 'This is horrible….I don't understand what it happening.'

Lilith turned to face her, hearing the fear in her voice.

'Its going to be alright' Liltih comforted her, 'in the end…'

The timid woman turned to look at her.

'How could you be so sure?'

Lilith swallowed, facing ahead again.

'Ena…' she breathed, 'she promised everything would be alright in the end.'

'I was told that she…that she…'

'Yes' Lilith smiled sadly. 'She has since passed.'

'Is it true' the woman asked Lilith, 'that her spirit possesses the black and white angel?'

'Yes' Lilith answered quietly, 'this is true.'

The nameless woman looked away then, and to the world around them.

'What is happening?' she whispered. 'Why is everything dying around us?'

'Its the sickness' Lilith told her. 'Ena has fore told…before she died…that in the end…it would kill us all…'

'How can we save ourselves?' the woman asked fearfully.

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