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   Chapter 212 No.212

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'No' Jaspin breathed, placing a hand upon his heart. 'She is not gone; I can still feel her presence…her consciousness……inside of me…'

'She is still alive?' Lilith breathed.

'Of a sorts…'

Jaspin lowered his hand, bowing his head.

'I feel…' he hissed, 'I feel…' he raised his head again, opening his eyes wide, which still glowed pale green. 'I feel her anger inside of me…it….' he tensed then, body beginning to tremble, 'it hurts' he whispered, 'it hurts inside…its…agonizing….I can…oh gods….' He hugged himself then. 'It hurts everywhere…my minds…this terrible pain…'

As Lilith thought back, she would come to realise that this was the last time she ever spoke to the Jaspin she had known. From this moment on, he was different.

Lilith reached out for him, trying to comfort him.

Instead he lashed out at her, suddenly angry and confused.

'Don't touch me!'

As he faced her then, Lilith suddenly saw that there were great veins visible just beneath his skin, growing up either side of his throat and to his cheeks, just as Ena had had. He had inherited her sickness, whatever was wrong with her.

His skin was incredibly pale, and he looked bizarre, with the dark veins pulsing painfully beneath his flesh, and his eyes glowing pale green.

Jaspin stumbled forwards, crying out in pain and hugging himself, lashing out again at Lilith who moved as quickly back as she could through the water.

Jaspin stood before her, body hunched over, wings curled around his body, gasping and panting.

He tensed, gritting his teeth as the muscles around his eyes twitched.

'I beg of you….' He hissed to Lilith between his teeth. 'Make it stop…s-stop the pain….'

He wretched then, throwing up into the lake.

Lilith gasped in horror as she saw that he threw up what looked like black sludge, despair descending over her, as she realised, that he was now dying.

Jaspin had the sickness.

'How…' Lilith sobbed, staring at him in disbelief, 'how can this happen?'

Lilith tilted her head back, staring back up at the sky which was thick with dark clouds, blotting out the sun.

It still rained ash which had begun to gather all around them on the ground, on the branches of the trees whose leaves had fallen from them, on the surface of the lake, floating on the top and forming a dark blanket on the waters.

'This world' Lilith uttered, '…is dying, and we've not got long left…'

Lilith hid from Jaspin after that, trying to save herself.

He had lost his mind, and threatened to hurt her,

to kill her, and so she ran.

She hid amongst the trees, watching him from a distance as he screamed and howled, calling out her name. But she did not reveal herself.

Only when she saw the approaching army, did she step out from her hiding place.

Jaspin was still calling for her, when the men greeted her, beginning to surround her.

Many of them recognised her.

'Lilith' one of them uttered. 'Is it really you?'

'I do not recognise you' Lilith responded, looking down at the man. She looked past the men before her, and saw huddled behind them, protected by the soldiers around, large grounds of women and children, staring back at her in curiosity.

Several of the figures before her, looked towards Jaspin, who had fallen silent, spotting them.

'Is that Jaspin?' one of the men asked tentatively.

'It is' Lilith lamented. 'He is not himself, and Ena has been murdered by our enemy.' She paused then, gazing at Jaspin. 'He claims her spirit now possesses him' she informed the others. 'A piece of her is still alive.'

The soldiers surrounded Jaspin then, keeping him separate from the others as they confronted him. Confused and in pain, he snarled at them, lashing out like a cornered animal.

They tried to heal him as best they could, holding him down, and pulling from him the crossbow bolts that still protruded from his body. As this happened, Jaspin fought with himself, trying to suppress the anger in his mind. He sobbed and cried, as several of the man held him down, tending to wounds, but doing so forcefully, as Jaspin's eyes glowed with magic, burning him.

Some hours later, Jaspin had calmed.

He lay on his side inside one of the small tents that had been erected by the men that formed the army, Ena's army, that had travelled this entire way, claiming to be led by a strong force that had led them to this place, to the volcano, where Ena had claimed the story would end.

Lilith visited him afterwards, weaving around the many small tents, heading to the one Jaspin resided in.

She stood at the entrance, watching over him uncertainly, wondering whether or not she should disturb him.

She watched as he lay there, gasping deeply, eyes still glowing brightly.

He glanced at her then, seeing her standing there. He continued to gasp.

'It hurts…' he moaned, hand going to cover his eyes, before moving to his head. 'Agony…' he shuddered, tears running down his face, '…never goes away.'

Lilith watched him sadly, before bowed her head, turning and walking away.

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