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The other soldiers around him all froze in terror, as Gerald had done.

Jaspin tensed his body, forcing himself to straighten, he stood tall, confronting the others around him.

'Now…' he rasped, 'die…'

Blood splattered the walls and floor and ceilings, covering every inch of every surface until nothing but red could be seen. Jaspin was covered in fresh blood, still warm. He wiped it from his eyes, they were glowing pale green now with the magic he had absorbed.

He grimaced, marching down the corridor away from the smell of death.

Everything was liquefied, nothing human could be recognised in the gore. Everything within the human body was all mixed together. Jaspin's footfalls were heavy as he moved away from it all, his boots splashing in the deep puddles of blood and everything else that collected on the floor.

He moved away and through the manor, heading to the place he had heard Lilith's screams, a small room on one of the lower levels. He dealt with the soldier in the room with barely any effort.

Lilith did not flinch as their blood was splashed on her, and Jaspin for a moment feared that she was already dead.

But as he touched her at the neck, he felt a pulse there. It was faint, but she was still alive.

Jaspin unwound the screw that had crushed the bones in her hand, carefully untying her from the chair and lifting her in his arms.

She was unresponsive as he turned and carried her from the room.

'There he is!' called a voice. 'Kill him! Destroy the hybrid!'

A gale erupted around Jaspin as he summoned his wings to him, unfurling from his back, one black, one white. He was a terrifying sight to below, wind whipping violently all around him, his silver hair black back from his face, his eyes glowing a pale green.

He carried Lilith with him as he went, slaughtering everyone in his path with ease.

He reached a balcony, tilting his head back to the sky, feeling the cool wind upon him, the blood that covered his entire body beginning to dry.

'Archers fire!' a soldier called out.

Jaspin curled his wings around his body, using the magic he summoned to form a barrier, protecting himself and Lilith in a small world, just the two of them alone together here.

The arrows all fell from the air before they even drew close. And then the soldiers themselves began to fall, though Jaspin did not touch them.

Blood spilled like rain from the rooftops where they had stood, as Jaspin breathed a heavy sigh.

'Nowhere to go but up…'

He held Lilith tightly to her, stepping off the balcony, he took flight.

They were free.

Chapter Fifty


A Dying World

The world began to darken. At first everything had grown brighter, even the sky and the mountains and the buildings. But now, the thick grey clouds formed quickly above them, blotting out the sun so that it appeared only as a hazy in the sky. The world below them turned grey, the grass turning black and dying, the leaves fell from the trees, the bark of the forests turning dark and charred, like they had been ravaged in a fire. And as Lilith opened her eyes, carried by Jaspin who flew ever higher in the sky, she felt something touch her skin. At first she thought it was snow, but as she blinked, her sight focussing, she saw that it was in fact ash.

Lilith tensed her body, pushing away from Jaspin in horror as she saw the blood.

She fell through the air, plummeting down to earth. Blood spurted from the wounds in her back as she tried to summon her wings, opening the wounds again, as fresh as flowers.

Above her, Jaspin folded his wings closer to his body, diving downwards towards her and grabbing her again.

'Lilith its me!' he called over the wind, arms wrapping around her body.

He cast his wings out wide, slowing in the air as they descended, drawing closer to the ground.

Lilith stared up in horror at Jaspin's blood covered face, his pale green glowing eyes.

She collapsed as they touched down to earth. She was bleeding out again, having reopened the wounds in her back after trying to summon her wings, which she had lost.

Jaspin turned her over onto her front, summoning a great fire in his hand, holding her with his other hand, he pressed the fire into Lilith's back, using all of his weight to hold her down as she screamed in agony.

He drew his hand back as Lilith beneath him, slumped, her body limp.

She began to cry.

Jaspin rose to his feet, glancing to the lake beside them.

The depths of the lake was dark, even from where he stood, Jaspin could see this.

He grabbed Lilith by the wrist, ignoring her cries of pain as he dragged her closer to the water.

He paused at the edge, looking into the shadows beneath the surface, before stepping forward, still holding onto Lilith.

The blood from his body washed away, and Jaspin let go of Lilith, reaching into the water and cupping his hands, lifting the water to spill it over his face, washing away his sins, the murder he had committed.

Behind him Lilith stood waist-high in the water, shivering violently and hugging herself.

She watched Jaspin fearfully; unable to move from that spot she stood.

'What happens now?' she uttered. 'What do we do….Ena is gone…?'

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