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   Chapter 210 No.210

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'You don't deserve our mercy' the soldier hissed. 'You are a monster.'

He stepped towards her again, tightening the screw.

Lilith threw her head back, screaming at the top of her lungs.

'Do you hear that?' Gerald said speaking to Jaspin. 'That's Lilith. She's calling out for you.'

Jaspin raised his head, grimacing in pain. They had not taken him away as they had done the others, but dragged him back from the balcony and into the corridor. Here they toyed with him.

'You will…' Jaspin rasped, 'suffer…as you have made me suffer.'

'Even when you are broken and defeated' Gerald said to him, 'you still cast out threats.'

'I am an angel' Jaspin breathed, listening to Lilith's continued screaming. 'I will never be broken.'

'I beg to differ' Gerald mumbled.

He indicated to one of the many guards that surrounded, and the man stepped forwards, punching Jaspin hard in the gut and pushing him back, his heel behind Jaspin's he knocked him over onto his back.

Jaspin snarled in fury, eyes bloodshot red with pure rage as the soldier grabbed him by the chin, holding hard and lifting the knife up. On either side a soldier moved to stand on Jaspin's arm, so that he could not move to protect himself. Then, the soldier bearing over him, began to carve deep gashed into his shoulder.

Jaspin moaned, squeezing his eyes tight shut and gritting his teeth. But he did not cry out, he did not scream.

'I am going to paint the walls with your blood' Jaspin hissed, eyes wide and crazed as the soldier drew the knife back.

'Fascinating' Gerald breathed calmly, moving to stand over him. 'Such fascinating creatures you are.'

He looked to the soldier.

'Alright that's enough. Let's end it.'

The soldier glanced back at Jaspin beneath him, lifting the knife again.

He ran the sharp edge across the angel's throat.

The soldiers either side of him released his arms, stepping back. The soldier that had cut him moved away, as Jaspin turned over to his front, crawling on all fours and fighting to bring himself to a stand.

He just about managed it, taking a step towards the door that led onto the balcony, and the open world beyond, the beautiful sky, a vast world above this one.

He tried to reach out for it, all the while blood seeping from the gash in his throat, running down the front of his clothes.

His face contorted with grief as he took another step.

He tried to speak, but the sound came out only as a gurgle.

He stumbled, falling to his knees then all fours.

Jaspin glanced up one last time to the world he could not reach, the beautiful blue sky through the door. He saw this one last time, before his body slumped forward.

The black and white angel was dead.


rald frowned down at the body, blood everywhere.

'Finish the others' he ordered.

Downstairs Lilith had fallen silent now, slumped forwards in her chair. The soldiers around them were quiet.

Upstairs, one of the soldiers approached Ena's still figure. She had been returned to the bed, and now lay there, completely unresponsive.

'I'm sorry' the man uttered, drawing his blade which sang as it was pulled from its sheath. 'It has to be this way.'

He stood beside the bed, lifting the blade high, the sharp tip pointed downwards.

He hesitated for a moment, staring into the face of the girl, still so young.

Gritting his teeth, he plunged the sword downwards, impaling the earth maiden right the way through her body, piercing her heart.

Ena let out a scream, waking abruptly.

Her last cry echoed in the heads of every man, within their very minds, inside their skulls.

Gerald clapped his hands over his ears, groaning in agony as the noise pained him.

In Ena's bedroom the man that had killed her was dead, Ena's body transcended into pure glowing light, running like water across the floor, down the stairs and corridors and into every room. All the magic that was contained in her body was now released, now finally free.

It streamed down through the building, growing, every growing in mass, moving through the stone building with the force of a floor.

The light ran through the doors, climbing up the walls and breaking open every window to the outside where it ran into the earth, to the trees to the river, lifting in the very air itself in great green streams, twisting and turning as it headed towards the mountain, towards the volcano.

Everything the light touched suddenly grew bright, the trees grew larger, their foliage thicker and greener, in just a few seconds, flowers sprouted all over the earth in every space, growing tall and many fabulous colours, before quickly wilting and dying, turning black and shrivelling up.

Inside the manor, Gerald stared through the window to the outside world in shock.

'….what is happening?'

He flinched then, seeing the green light that seeped through the corridor, suddenly being absorbed into Jaspin's body.

He blinked.

The angel Jaspin twitched, the blood that surrounded him, had spilled from his neck, suddenly drew back to him, pulled by an unseen force.

The blood withdrew back into his body through the slit in his throat, and Jaspin's eye returned to focus.

He blinked, balling his fists and pushing himself up with great effort.

Gerald took a step back in terror. Jaspin was truly a horrifying sight, still adsorbing the magic around him, still riddled with crossbow bolts, still injured, but now he was strong.

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