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   Chapter 209 No.209

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She bolted towards him quicker than he could react, grabbing the pommel of his sword and twisting it out of his grasp. She stabbed him in the throat with the shard of vase before he knew what was happening.

The man collapsed, dead, blood seeping across the floor from both bodies and staining her clothes.

Lilith glanced back, seeing Ena peering at her from around the corner. Lilith beaconed her over, lifting the key she had swiped from the guard before he fell.

Ena ran over to her as Lilith turned and strode away, heading for the cellar.

Inside Jaspin raised his head as he heard the door open, saw the shadows of two figures descend the stairs.

He gasped, drawing closer to the bars.


'We have to escape' Lilith told him hastily, shoving the key in the lock and turning.

Jaspin could not hold the brief sneer from his lips as he glanced at Lilith, slipping through the door the moment it was open. He went for Ena.

'Ena, are you alright?'

'I don't know…' Ena uttered, staring up at Jaspin with large eyes, 'I don't know who you are…'

Jaspin gritted his teeth, turning back to Lilith.

'I cannot carry both of you' Jaspin said to her.

'You can touch Ena' Lilith said to him, 'at least…for the meantime…' she clenched her teeth, tears brimming in her eyes. 'Leave me here' Lilith said to Jaspin. 'Leave me…and take Ena with you. Escape… and never look back.'

Jaspin narrowed his eyes.

'Let's go' he said, striding up the stairs.

Ena and Lilith made after him, tearing up the stairs, Ena's long hair lifting as she went.

The moment Jaspin appeared at the top of the stairs, soldiers began to appear. Lilith and Ena stood either side of him one step behind, as Jaspin cast his magic out, wings splayed and casting great shadows upon the floor and walls around him as light flashed brightly from the spells he cast.

Several of the men fell, Jaspin charged forwards, ripping into the first man he grabbed, and tearing into him with his bare hands. The man's screams only alerted the other soldiers, and more were coming.

'Jaspin!' Lilith cried.

He turned to her, before moving away again, heading towards the nearest exit.

'I am free' he breathed, energy coursing through his body, 'and I shall wreak havoc.'

Ena and Lilith followed in Jaspin's trail of destruction, heading higher, ever higher, towards the first balcony.

But when Jaspin broke through the door, he saw that every rooftop was occupied by a crossbowman.

Jaspin withdrew his wings before they could fire.

By the

time the bolts struck him, his wings were gone.

Jaspin moaned in agony, falling on all fours, his body riddled with crossbow bolts.

Behind him Lilith screamed, pushing Ena back behind her. She wanted to go to him, but dared not step out onto the balcony. Her attention drifted to the men outside, they had already reloaded their crossbows, and were aiming at the balcony once again.

And then a voice called out.

'You truly thought you could escape this place?!

Lilith glanced to the figure, seeing Gerald there.

'And I thought I could trust you' Gerald called down to them, addressing Lilith. 'I should have known better.' He paused, regarding them. 'You have the earth maiden with you' he spoke quieter now. 'I see she is awake again.'

As if on command, as Lilith held Ena, she collapsed suddenly, falling in her arms.

'Ena! No.'

'She is not herself anymore' Gerald informed her. 'Not since my man gave her that poison. She will die here. You cannot save her. You will not reach this place, and you will not reach the mountain. Here is where your story ends.'

In the corridor several soldiers charged towards them. One of them grabbed Lilith by the throat, shoving her against the wall and sending a fist to her gut. Lilith doubled over in agony, screaming out as one of them grabbed Ena, lifting her in his arms.

'Don't touch her!'

The man hit her again in the stomach, slamming her head back against the wall.

'You keep silent witch.'

Lilith stared back at the man in fear, eyes wide as he grasped her by the hair.

On the balcony through the door, Jaspin glanced back at them, gritting his teeth in determination. He grasped tightly one of the bolts that stuck from his chest, jerking it out of his flesh.

He rose to his feet again, wobbling on the spot. He turned to face the men in the doorway behind him, standing tall, his wings hidden.

Lilith screamed as the soldier tightened the screw, doubling the pressure on her hand and breaking the bones.

She slumped forwards in her chair when the man stopped, letting go of the device that was fixed to the chair she was tied to, and taking a step back.

'Had enough yet?' the soldier said callously.

'Please' Lilith uttered, her whole body trembling. 'Please stop…'

'We're not done yet' the soldier replied.

Around him there were several other soldiers, lingering at the edges of the room, simply watching.

Lilith gritted her teeth, lifting her head, tears streaked her cheeks.

'Please just kill me' she begged, 'do not toy with me.'

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