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   Chapter 208 No.208

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An owl hooted in the night, and Lilith lifted her chin up, gazing across the property before her through the window. Around the courtyard was a very high wall, the only gate made of heavy metal and held up by large weights that rested on the ground. Lilith could see the great bars of the gate designed in a grid shape, the spikes at the bottom would fit perfectly in the ground beneath it. Beyond this wall were more buildings, and another high wall. In fact there were several walls here, a mote, a drawbridge. This place truly was a fortress. There was no way anyone would be able to enter or leave this place unless they were known of and given permission to do so.

There was only one way out that Lilith could see, and she saw it clearly before her, welcoming her, calling out to her.

'…the sky…' Lilith uttered.

Her eyes began to sting, and a single tear trickled down her cheek.

'I will never be able to fly freely again…'

She tensed suddenly, feeling something within her mind.

There was a great presence, a mass of though suddenly known to her conscious. She touched a finger to her forehead.

'What is this?'

The sensation remained there for many minutes, never going away, but after a time was replaced with something else, something far stronger.


She could feel the earth maiden's consciousness in her own mind. She was herself again, and she was waking.

Lilith turn tailed and ran, darting out of the room and down the corridor. She stopped abruptly when she heard sound coming from around a corner, changing her pace to an amble, the two soldiers rounded the corner, giving her suspicious looks as they went by. Lilith kept her head down as she slowly passed them, eyes fixed to the floor. She ignored the two men completely, she knew they hated her, knew they wanted to hurt her, like so many in her past had wanted, because of what she was.

Many believe that fallen angels are usurpers and betrayers of god, who have no place in heaven or on earth.

The soldiers walked around the corner behind her and out of sight. Lilith glanced behind her to make sure they were gone, before picking up her pace to a jog again.

The manor was mostly deserted. The majority of the soldiers were positioned someone outside, near the gates and upon the walls and watch towers.

Lilith reached the room and opened the door without pause, seeing Ena sitting up with her legs over the edge of the bed, there was fear in her eyes.

'Where am I?' she pleaded.

Lilith ran to her, grabbing her by the wrist.

'We have to get out of here' she hissed to Ena. 'This place is not safe, they want to hurt you.'

It was

clear by her demeanour and expression that Ena did not recognise Lilith, did not know who she was. But Ena did not try to resist her. She was terrified, as was Lilith, as now, she was able to touch her.

She is not herself Lilith thought with dismay.

'Come on' Lilith said pulling Ena to her feet.

The instant her weight had shifted from the bed, the spear which hung from the ceiling with the tip pointed down was released. Shooting downwards it stabbed the bed, going right the way through. Had anyone been lying upon the bed, it would have killed them for sure.

Upon seeing this, Ena began to sob.

'Where is my family?' she whispered through her tears.

Lilith didn't answer, her resolve clear.

We have to escape, we have to…somehow…

'Jaspin will know what to do' Lilith breathed. 'This place is a fortress; the only way to escape is by air.'

Lilith pulled Ena with her out of the room, coming to a stop beyond the door and glancing first one day down the corridor then the other.

She chose a direction, and ran, pulling Ena with her.

Their footsteps were light upon the carpeted floor, Lilith's heart was heavy in her chest.

They ran through the manor together, heading to the lower floors, all the while, Lilith never let go of Ena.

Lilith stopped then, leaning back against the wall as she glanced around the corner to the entrance of the cellar, where stood two soldiers.

'Dam' she hissed.

Lilith straightened up again, pressing herself against the wall.

'You have to stay here' she whispered to Ena. 'Stay here and stay out of sight.'

Ena nodded, shrinking back.

Lilith looked away again, stepping out from behind the corner. She sauntered across the open hallway, clearly in view of the two men who regarded her with distrust and distain.

Lilith glanced their way, before tripping and falling into a plinth, atop of which sat a decorative vase which crashed to the floor, the pieces scattered everywhere.

She moaned, holding herself and shuddering.

The guards exchanged a glance, before one of them approached her.

'Hey what are you doing?' he demanded. 'You shouldn't be here.'

'I'm sorry' Lilith uttered, rising to her feet gingerly. She cut his throat, using a shard of the broken vase.

The man clawed at his throat hopelessly, spluttering and gurgling, eyes wide in horror.

He fell to his knees; Lilith glanced up at the second man as he stared in shock for just a brief moment, before drawing his sword and striding towards her.

Lilith braced herself, drawing a deep breath.

'We should have killed you the instant was captured you' he snarled, drawing his sword back.

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