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   Chapter 207 No.207

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Lilith stared at him. She didn't answer.

Gerald approached, moving to stand beside her; he gazed out over the balcony.

'Look at this place' Gerald said to her. 'Look at this world. Is this the destruction that you claim to be, the sickness that has spread?' He paused. 'Everything is as it should be.'

Lilith took in the scenery around her. It was peaceful, tranquil.

'Wait and see' Lilith said. 'It will reach us. Remember this picture' she told him, 'because things will never be the same again.'

'Andrew' the soldier hissed, lingering in the doorway. 'What are you doing? Come away from there.'

'I have to see' Andrew replied, approaching the four poster bed and pulling back the white sheet that surrounded it.

Michael did not move from the doorway, he glanced up and down the corridor before looking back into the room again.


'She's just a child' Andrew said back to Michael, speaking quietly. 'She's so young…and frail.'

'Do you really think she is what they say she is?' Michael asked hurriedly.

'Who could say?'

Andrew stared down at Ena, who lay there on the bed, utterly still.

'I wonder why she will not wake' he mumbled, reaching out to touch her.

'Someone is coming' Michael hissed, glancing down the corridor one way.

Andrew glanced feverishly at him, drawing his hand back without having touched Ena.

He swiftly exited the room.

By the time the figure appeared, Andrew and Michael were out of sight, hiding around the corner.

The new figure, one of the other soldiers, strode down the corridor briskly and away.

'What are you going to do?' Michael asked Andrew as they peered around the corner at the figure walking away.

'I don't know' Andrew whispered, 'but I know that it's not good.'

'What do you mean?'

'Nina is missing' Andrew replied. 'I cannot find her, not since the arrival of the white haired one…I should have killed her…he should not have stopped me.' He narrowed his eyes. 'And Grace, the queen…she is…she is….' He gritted his teeth. 'I don't know what's causing this, it may be that strange girl with green hair, the one they call the earth maiden. It may be she who is behind it all.'

'In the condition she's in?' Michael asked.

'Who knows' Andrew replied flatly, facing him at last. 'Who knows what that witch it capable of?'

'How could you degrade yourself like that?' Jaspin snarled at her, his body t

rembling, barely containing his anger.

Lilith bowed her head, folding her arms calmly. She thought before she answered.

'I did what I had to' she answered, 'to survive….it's what I've always done.'

'I'm disgusted with you.'

Lilith raised her head.

'I can smell him' Jaspin said, wrinkling his nose at her. 'I can smell his touch on you…his….his….' he gritted his teeth, glaring at her. 'How could you do this to yourself?'

'I did what I had to' Lilith answered, speaking quietly now. 'I am sorry…'

'So why did you come here?' Jaspin asked, his tone harsh.

Lilith looked to the ground again. 'I've been given free rein of this place, and I've looked everywhere. This place is a fortress' she spoke meekly. 'I don't know how to get out…I fear…' she trailed off then, before speaking again a few moments later. 'I fear we will all die at this place.'

Jaspin turned away from her, beginning to pace behind the bars like a caged animal.

'Ena must be freed, we must reach the mountain' he said.

'How?' Lilith pleaded.

Jaspin stopped his pacing suddenly, turning to face her.

'Leave me' he whispered.

Lilith unfolded her arms.

She turned and walked away, heading back up the stairs and out of the cellar. The door was locked behind her.

A day passed, and Jaspin remained in the cell. He was growing weak, having had nothing to eat, his injuries slowly healing on their own, he was tired.

Jaspin moved closer to the barred window, reaching out to touch the rusty bars lightly, staring out through the narrow gap at the world beyond, the moon hanging in the dark sky above them. He felt so lost, so frightened, trapped here in this prison underground.

He waited. It was all that he could do. He waited, and he prayed.

It was then he felt a presence in his mind, a great mass of thought drawing closer.

He placed his hands either side of his temple, bowing his head and grimacing.

'What is this I feel…?' he uttered.

Upstairs, in one of the other rooms within the manor and standing alone, was Lilith.

She stood before the window on the higher level, looking out of the glass at the world beyond.

It was cold, beautiful, yet it felt empty.

In the courtyard below, a few men on guard stood here and there beside burning torches held in brackets. They walked quietly among themselves in mumbled voices, their shadows flickering on the ground around them.

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