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   Chapter 206 No.206

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An expression of pain flickered across Jaspin's face, for the briefest moment showing through the cracks in his shield. He quickly regained himself.

'So what are you going to do with us now?'

Gerald regarded him.

'I don't know what will happen if I kill you' Gerald said to them both, 'and so I will keep you both here.'

'To rot in chains forever?' Jaspin asked. 'I would rather die.'

He made a move towards Gerald, but Lilith stopped him suddenly, grasping onto his arm firmly.

The two angels exchanged a glance, before looking back at Gerald.

'I want no violence here. Gerald' she said, moving closer to him, 'I…want only peace.'

Gerald flinched as Lilith reached out to touch him, leaning back away from her in surprise as she raised her head to his, kissing him softly.

Behind her, Jaspin grimaced, his shied breaking apart as he watched. He was livid, but didn't say anything, instead keeping his anger to himself.

'I want us to be together' Lilith said to Gerald. 'I know what you did to Nina. I know that she is dead.'

Jaspin tensed slightly, blinking and tilting his head back.

'Nina is dead?' he asked.

'Yes' Lilith said back to him. 'I can sense it.'

'Why would you do that?' Jaspin hissed.

'It does not matter' Lilith answered quickly before Gerald could speak, 'please' Lilith said to Gerald. 'I want us to be alone again.'

'Lilith what are you saying?' Jaspin whispered to her.

'I don't want you' Lilith said. 'Please, go back to your cell.'

Jaspin left the room, returning to the cellar, escorted by the mass of soldiers, half of which walked ahead of them, the other half behind him.

Jaspin returned to the silent darkness, withdrawing into the corner and huddling up, waiting, simply waiting, for whatever was to happen.

Elsewhere in the manor, Gerald and Lilith went away to another room together, where it was quiet.

Gerald held the door open for Lilith, closing the door after her as she entered the room and locking it.

He turned towards Lilith, who waited for him on the other side of the room expectantly, standing beside the four poster bed at the back of the room.

Lilith sighed, turning her head to the side, and sat down on the bed, leaning back against it.

Gerald approached.

He reached out for her, caressing her face tenderly as he leant down to kiss her, Lilith feeling her tongue inside her mouth.

She fall back against the bed as Gerald descended over her, kneeling on the bed on top of her, his hand running down her body, feeling her chest, running down to her navel and bet

ween her legs.

Lilith drew a deep gasp and Gerald moved off her, kneeling beside the bed before her. He grasped her leg, pushing her dress up and running his tongue up her thigh. Lilith tensed then, balling the sheets up in her hands as she gritted her teeth, closing her eyes, before opening them again slowly, as Gerald drew back.

Gerald pushed Lilith further up the bed, leaning over her. Lilith pulled him close to her, clinging onto him as he thrust into her, feeling him deep inside. She let him to do her what he wanted, lying on her side when he had finished.

She was silent, feeling him trail his finger over her naked him.

'You are beautiful' he said to her.

Lilith glanced back at him, her eyes large.

'You think I am beautiful?' she said to him. 'With these horrid scars I have on my face?'

'I do not see the scars' Gerald told her. 'I only see your heart.'

She watched him silently, before looking away again.

'Why did you kill your mistress?' Lilith asked.

Gerald did not answer; Lilith looked back at him again.

'I cannot resist' Gerald breathed, pulling her over onto her back, 'I have to have you again.'

Lilith moaned as he bit into her neck painfully, pushing his fingers between her legs. He held her wrist with his other hand, moving forcefully inside her. He was aggressive, violent in his actions. Lilith lay there submissively as he sated his lust. She did not resist him, but gave herself to him. She did not resist.

The next morning, Lilith was allowed to wander the manor alone, coming to a balcony at one of the higher levels. Here she stood in the fresh air, breathing the scent of freshly cut grass, seeing several men tending to the garden below them, making themselves at home here at this place. Others were baking bread, the sweet smell of the fresh loaves reaching her. Men were calling out to one another in casual chat, and birds were flitting through the air, little sparrows perched on the edges of the rooftops and on the branches, eating seeds left out for them on the bird table.

It was so bizarre, Lilith found herself thinking, how normal everything seemed.

'It is the calm before the storm' Lilith mumbled to herself.

She bowed her head, turning as she sensed someone standing behind her.

There stood Gerald, maintaining a distance of several feet between them.

'You like it here?' he asked her.

'I don't know if I would say that?' she spoke to the ground.

'I wonder' Gerald said to her calmly, 'would you escape this place if you could. If you could fly away, would you do so?'

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