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   Chapter 205 No.205

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He stepped forwards cautiously, Lilith followed in his footsteps slowly, moving behind him.

They ascended the stone steps that led out of the cellar, walking after Gerald. The guards followed behind them, all with their weapons at the ready. Jaspin noticed this. But there was little he could do, trapped in small quarters like this, it wouldn't be hard for them to kill him now, he was weak, exhausted, and yet still ready to fight if driven to do so. But he wouldn't, not now, not yet.

'Its going to be alright' he heard Lilith speak beside him.

He shot a glance back at her, before facing forwards again. He clenched his teeth.

Gerald led them through the manor, and to one of the higher rooms. He ordered the soldiers that followed them to remain outside as he opened the door, allowing the angels to walk in before him as he held the door open for them.

They entered the room, one after the other, turning to glance out as Gerald entered after them.

They both saw the soldiers linger there. They would stay outside, in case anything happened. Jaspin saw this, and he also saw as he took in the room around them, that there were no windows.

He grimaced then, facing now the four-poster bed in the centre of the room. Around the bed were thin white sheets, hiding from view whoever lay there.

Jaspin felt a twinge of nervousness at this sight. He remained a distance away from the bed, standing close to Lilith, as Gerald approached.

'I did not expect her to give herself up like she did' Gerald was saying as he stopped beside the bed. 'I do not know…what she thought she would achieve by this.'

He paused then, glancing back at the angels.

'I want you to know that if you try anything dangerous or try to hurt me that I will kill you. This entire room is rigged with traps….it would be only too easy.'

Jaspin narrowed his eyes, his attention flickering to the side. He noticed then a suit of armour holding a crossbow that was pointed towards the centre of the room, towards the bed. He looked up then, noticing also that a spear hung from the ceiling itself, its sharpened point facing downwards, right above the bed itself, right in the centre.

Jaspin looked back at Gerald, expression level, holding back his emotions.

'I am going to show her to you now, like I said I would.'

Gerald pulled the white sheet back, revealing a figure lying on the bed.

Jaspin and Lilith both gasped simultaneously, eyes wide in shock.

Upon the

white sheets, lay Ena; her profile abnormally tall and skinny, wearing the same laced dress as before. Her pale green hair having grown longer than it had ever been, ran along her body down the bed, past her feet and over the edge of the bed. Her skin was pale and her eyes sunken as they had been before. But this time something was different about her. Great cracks in her skin had appeared, black veins creeping up her neck and to her cheeks here clearly visible beneath the flesh.

'I understand she is just fifteen years old' Gerald spoke quietly as he let go of the white sheet that he had pulled back. 'It's just too young' he mumbled, '…too young to die…'

Gerald reached for her, stroking her hair.

'Don't touch her' Jaspin hissed angrily.

'Who is she exactly?' Gerald answered back, seeming not to have heard Jaspin. 'What makes her so special, why is she so important to you?'

He drew his hand back.

'If she will see the end of the world come about…' Gerald answered. 'Why would you want that?'

'Where is your mistress?' Jaspin asked suddenly. 'I refuse to believe she would allow us to be free.'

Gerald was silent, staring down at Ena's still profile.

'She doesn't know does she' Jaspin stated. 'Where is she?'

'I do not have to answer to you' Gerald said facing Jaspin.

'So what are you going to do to her?' Jaspin asked, fearing to hear the answer. 'What are you going to do to Ena now that you have her, are you planning to kill her?'

'I don't know' Gerald said, casting his gaze over her again. 'I don't know what I should do. I don't know if killing her will cause more damage.'

'Let me touch her' Jaspin whispered. 'Let me feel her skin.'

'You cannot' Gerald answered. 'She has been cursed…no angel can touch her now.'

'I will make you suffer for what you have done' Jaspin threatened. 'I promise you this…I promise you…that you will die at my hands.'

'There is no need for such anger' Gerald replied.

'We have to get to the mountain' Jaspin said to him, 'all of us' he glanced from Ena to Lilith as he said this.

'I'm afraid' Gerald said speaking slowly, 'that Ena will not be able to leave this place.'

'You are going to imprison her here as you are imprisoning us?'

'Why do you want to get to the mountain so badly' Gerald asked Jaspin.

'Because' Jaspin answered, 'this is where all this will end.'

'Is that what Ena has told you?' Gerald asked. 'And how will that happen with her in this state?'

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