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   Chapter 204 No.204

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'I don't know where Ena is' Lilith whispered, facing away from him. 'I left her…with the others….with Marin…and his brothers.'

'Where did you leave them?' Jaspin asked her.

'We reached the foot of the mountain' Lilith went on. 'I parted from them…near the tunnel entrance……that is all I know…'

Jaspin bowed his head, looking to the floor with sorrow.

'I cannot fly anymore…' Lilith mumbled. 'I am dying…the sickness has claimed me at last.'

Jaspin turned away. 'We have to get out of here' he said. 'We have to find a way to escape.'

'There is no way out of here' Lilith said to him. 'This place is built like a fortress.'

Jaspin looked back at her.

'I was blindfolded when I was brought here…' he raised his wrists before him then, revealing heavy bruises that wound around his wrists. 'They were…not kind to me…not gentle….'

'You can still fly?' Lilith asked him.

'Yes' he murmured. 'I still have my wings.'

Lilith smiled to him sadly.

'Well…' she uttered, '….that's something…' she paused. 'I hope the others make it' she said. 'I hope…they get away…'

'Oh…' Jaspin said, his voice alarmed.

'What is it?'

Jaspin gritted his teeth then, brow furrowed.

'We are the only two angels left now in this world…which means we have become more valuable to Ena…she still needs us….'

Lilith stared at him, her eyes widened then.

'If we are killed then we lose our value' she realised. 'You think they are keeping us to lure Ena here?'

'I hope it doesn't work' Jaspin rasped.

'You really think she might come?' Lilith said with worry.

'She needs us' Jaspin said. 'Who knows what she will do?'

Away from this place, at the roots of the volcano, the five brothers travelled with Ena through the tunnels. As they had delved deeper into the dark, and as they had, her body had begun to glow, lighting the way. She was emitting from her heart and chest a vibrant green glow. It never faded, but only grew brighter.

After a while the brothers sat down to rest on the cold hard rock. The tunnels were windy, and they huddled together to keep warm. They rested Ena down upon the rock, covering her body with a coat.

Ena opened her eyes after a time, rising to her feet. A small piece of her old self still remained, and she wobbled as she made her way tentatively forwards, moving away from the brothers. She stumbled, nearly falling over. Behind her, the brothers did not move. She reached her magic out to them, keeping them still.

She ma

de her way through the tunnel alone, heading back the way they had come, towards the men that pursued her.

Hours passed, before Gerald went down into the cellar to see the angels.

Jaspin moved to stand close to Lilith, facing Gerald who stood on the other side of the bars.

Gerald regarded them.

For a long time he didn't say anything, but simply watched them closely, as if assessing the situation. And then he spoke.

'You are both very important to the earth maiden.'

'What makes you say that?' Lilith asked him, 'Ena has been found' Gerald told him shortly. 'If I didn't know better, I would say that she gave herself up…for you perhaps' he raised his head.

'You lie' Jaspin whispered to him, rage rising deep within him. He narrowed his eyes with distrust at Gerald. 'She would never do that for us.'

'Well maybe she is not in her normal state of mind' Gerald said turning to Jaspin. 'It is true…' he went on casually, 'that she appears unwell.'

Jaspin stated at him.

'We I get out of here' he spoke dangerously to Gerald, 'I will kill you.'

Gerald stated levelly back. 'I'm sure you could' he said. 'I'm sure you would.'

Lilith's expression was pained, and she looked from Jaspin to Gerald.

'He needs to have his wounds seen to' Lilith said, 'at least bring some water and cloths so that I may clean him myself.'

'No' Jaspin snapped angrily. 'I would rather suffer than accept anything from them.'

'Your friend is stubborn' Gerald said to Lilith.

'You should not have let them touch you' Jaspin spoke to Lilith, ignoring Gerald.

Lilith did not answer. She only bowed her head, hands placed over her heart.

'Ena is here' Gerald told them again. 'Would you like to see her?'

Jaspin tensed slightly, eyes widening.

Lilith hesitated, glancing silently to Jaspin, then back at Gerald again.

Gerald took a step back then, allowing the soldier, one of many that stood around him, to step forwards and open the barred door in the cellar.

'Is this is trick?' Jaspin called out to him suspiciously as Gerald turned and walked away, making his way back up and stairs and out of the cellar.

'It is no trick' Gerald answered back, turning back to face him. 'Come with me and you shall see.'

Jaspin glanced suspiciously at the armoured soldiers around them, seeing the mistrust in their eyes, hate, anger, and even a little fear. Despite being so broken, Jaspin looked imposing, still standing strong, and still covered in blood.

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