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'No' Nina shook her head. 'This is something else…something…different.'

Gerald waited for her to speak.

'I feel the consciousness of many' Nina continued, 'a great mass of thoughts…of anger. I feel them coming this way. I believe it is her army, coming to save her.'

'You have not found her yet?'

'Not yet' Nina replied, 'but soon. She cannot hide for long.'

Gerald looked away.

'I have ordered the white angel to be taken from the room and to the cellars to join the other one' Nina continued.

Gerald looked back at her at this.

'You have a tender spot for her?' Nina asked him.

'No' Gerald answered quietly, 'it's not like that.'

'Then what?'

'I just feel…' Gerald hesitated. 'How do we know we are doing the right thing?'

'You doubt me?'

Gerald drew back sharply, backing away from her.

'There is something wrong' Nina spoke seriously as he continued to back away. 'That angel has filled you with her lies.' She became angry then. 'Ena's word has seeped into you through her…she has infected you…why did you speak to her?'

'I had to see for myself' Gerald told her as she began to circle him.

He never took his eyes from her.

'You should never have done what you have done' Gerald said to her. 'You should never have done it.'

Nina opened her mouth slightly, watching him closely. But she did not speak.

'You have taken so many lives yourself' Gerald whispered to her, 'but no more…'

He reached for her, hand out-stretched, but she lunged for him before he could touch her, grabbing a heavy lamp from the table and swinging it in the air, hitting him hard across the forehead.

Gerald stumbled to the side, the gash in the side of his temple was deep, but he seemed to feel no pain.

He started for her.

Nina dropped the lamp as Gerald grabbed her by the throat pushing her back against the dresser behind her. Nina leant away from him as far as she could go, gasping weakly as his hands wrapped around her throat. She held onto him, trying to pry his fingers from her neck. But his grip was strong, unnaturally so.

After a few seconds she let her hands relax, arms falling weakly by her side as she stared back at him, tears brimming in her eyes. She opened her mouth one last time to try to speak, but no sound came out.

Gerald held her there, until her whole body slumped, her brain starved from oxygen, died, and the magic she held in her body at that point left her.

She was now only a


Gerald slowly eased his grip, drawing his hand back and catching her as she fell. He lifted her, carrying her slender frame in his arms and laying her on the bed, folding her hands together over her heart as he did.

He leant back regarding her. The marks he had left on her neck were clearly visible. Gerald narrowed his eyes as he saw this, before he stepped away from her, turning and heading towards the door.

He lingered there for a moment on the threshold; hand on the handle, staring inwards at her dead body, before closing the door and locking it, leaving her there in solitude.

Lilith raised her head. The place she was in now was cold and dark. There was almost no light in the cellars, and there was a constant howl that ran through the corridors, a draft from one of the small barred windows close to the ceiling.

Lilith had been brought to this place shortly after Gerald had left her. Soldiers had come for her. She had been given a baggy white shirt to wear to cover her body, and escorted through the manor to the lower levels, and finally here to the cellar.

Lilith sat now, thinking that she was alone. She sat upon a wooden crate quietly, with her hands folded in her lap and her head bowed.

A few moments later, there came movement to her side.

Lilith tensed slightly, turning towards the sound of movement.

A figure approached her, looming through the darkness closer.

Lilith's eyes grew wide, and she saw the figure there.


He took a step closer to her.

His injuries a glance were clear, prevalent. But unlike her, Jaspin had not received treatment for his wounds.


He reached out for her in the dark, hand brushing and caressing her cheek.

'I'm so glad you're alright.'

Lilith looked at him closely. Dried blood crusted his skin beneath his right eye, and he has gashes and old blood all over his body.

Jaspin smiled weakly at her, drawing a shuddering breath between his clenched teeth.

'Where is Ena?' he asked her. 'Is she safe?'

'I don't know' Lilith replied in a whisper.

Jaspin's smile faltered then, and he drew his hand back from her.

Lilith's face contorted in misery, and she looked away from him, tears spilling from her eyes.

Jaspin glanced to Lilith's back, reaching out to her again. He lifted her shirt, seeing where her wings had been cut, the wound cauterized.

'Oh no…' he let the material fall. 'What have they done to you…?'

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