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Gerald bowed his head silently.

'Come' Nina said to him. 'I want to speak to the queen.'

Grace was inside the manor, sitting in one of the larger rooms near its heart.

There were no windows here, and the room was cold. The queen sat before a vanity dresser, brushing slowly her hair.

She paused when she saw the door behind her open, and the figures of Nina and Gerald enter. Grace turned in her chair as they approached.

'Is everything alright?' the queen asked.

A short time later, they left the queen, moving through the manor now, and to the cellar where the children were kept.

'Do you have the do this?' Gerald asked Nina in a pained voice as she approached the three small children huddled together in the corner of the cellar.

'It's the only way' Nina breathed, reaching out to the terrified huddle. 'I have no magic left in me, I have been driven to use it all…but now I need more.' She paused then, her tall shadow falling over the children. 'This is a necessity' she uttered. 'The the only way…the only way I can call more magic to me…. is to harvest their souls….'

Gerald sat alone in one of the rooms after that, leaving forwards against the table with his head in his hands. He heard a faint noise then, and raised his head to the window before him, seeing in the courtyard beyond, the bodies of the three young children being taken away.

Their souls would never find peace.

It was many days after that, that the angels were found.

The black and white one was captured first, and then shortly after, the white one, the one that was sick.

She was brought to one of the courtyards, her wings cut from her and burned.

Gerald had saved her life, cauterizing the wounds before she bled out.

She was taken to one of the higher rooms in the manor then, and laid on a bed to rest, lying on her front.

Gerald went to visit her shortly after.

It was night time, and the world was still.

Gerald entered the room. It was a large room, lit by many candles. Upon the bed at the back of the room, lay Lilith.

The door swung shut behind Gerald, and he moved towards her, his heavy footsteps loud upon the wooden floor.

He stood over Lilith, observing her now. After several seconds, she turned her head towards him, meeting him in her gaze.

Then at last she spoke.


Her vo

ice was weak, barely even a whisper.

'I'm sorry' Gerald said to her. 'I didn't mean for this to happen.'

He drew a chair up to sit beside her bed, looking over her body as he did so.

She was naked from the waist up. The blood from her back had been cleaned, and the wound had been left uncovered, allowed to heal naturally.

'It must be a terrible thing' Gerald said to her, 'for a creature like you…to lose something so dear.' He paused then, bowing his head, before continuing. 'Even a caged bird needs wings.'

Lilith blinked slowly as she listened.

'Is that what troubles you?' she mumbled. 'The fact that this has happened to me? I understood that we were on opposite sides.'

Gerald pursed his lips, holding back his tongue.

'You hold doubt' Lilith voiced. 'I can see it in your eyes.'

'I don't know what is right anymore.'

Lilith did not answer, but watched him closely.

The firelight around them burned quietly, a drip of liquid-wax ran down the side of one of the candles and to the gold tray below.

'Has Ena been found?' Lilith asked. 'Our earth maiden…she is the only reason I still live and breathe…the only reason I have to still exist in this world.'

'Is she truly as good as you believe she is?'

'She is our saviour' Lilith whispered, 'she is the beginning of all things……and the end………'

'What will happen to us?' Gerald asked her. 'What will happen to all of us?'

Lilith blinked slowly, letting out a heavy breath.

'In the end…' she sighed, 'we will all return to the dust from whence we came…'

Gerald left her then, instead going to his own room, the room that he shared now with Nina, the master bedroom.

Here is where Nina found him.

'You went to see the angel' she said in a short voice. 'Didn't you.'

It wasn't phrased like a question.

'Yes' he answered quietly back, 'I did.'


'I was curious.'

She glided up to him, standing close to him with her arms folded.

'You know she will try to deceive you.'

'I spoke to her only briefly.'

Nina paused, regarding him closely.

'My powers have come back to me' she told him, 'and my army, they are nearby.'

Gerald did not answer, but continued to watch her back.

'I sense a great presence' she spoke at last.

'A presence?' Gerald thought. 'Could it be the one the angels call Ena?'

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