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'You have no place' the man spoke menacingly to her, 'in heaven….or on earth…'

He drew his sword then. Lilith's heart stopped in her chest as she heard the sing of the blade being drawn from the sheath.

He grabbed both her wings in one hand, swinging back his sword.

He cut Lilith's wings clean off in one swipe, Lilith screaming in agony as both the vital veins were cut in her wings.

She began to bleed out, both veins cut, she began to seep blood at an alarming rate.

'What is going on here?!'

Another figure appeared on the balcony running around the courtyard.

He ran down the steps towards them, grabbing a burning torch from the wall and shoving the soldier that stood over Lilith out the way.

Lilith screamed again as he pressed the burning torch to her flesh, cauterizing the wound, and instantly stopping the bleeding.

Lilith slumped forward, her body resting against the cold hard stone beneath her.

She let out a sigh, utterly exhausted, she closed her eyes.

She had been saved.

The man that had saved her turned to the one that had nearly killed her, glaring at him angrily.

'You were not given permission to kill these creatures' he snarled. 'You were acting without command.'

'But sir' the soldier answered cautiously. 'They are monsters.'

The man that had saved Lilith grimaced, the edges of his eyes twitching.

He threw the torch to the wings that lay on the ground, setting them alight.

They burned quickly, the dying feathers quickly catching light along with the flesh and bone, leaving behind nothing but ash.

Chapter Fifty Four

City of Flowers

Many days ago

The manor was a large building, constructed more like a fortress than a home. Its occupants were forced from their home, an old war veteran and his family.

'You can't do this!' the gruff man exclaimed, gritting his teeth in anger at Nina who stood before him. Her men were already swarming the manor. 'This is our home' he cried. 'You don't belong here.'

'I'm sorry' Nina spoke to her in a level tone. 'You have no idea what is coming.'


She threw a bag of coins at his feet.

'That should be enough to see you through to the end.'

The old man glanced down at the large bag, before his attention flickered back up at Nina.

He reached down to pick it up.

'What do you mean?' the woman before Nina asked, the wife of the veteran who stood behind him, hugging her daughter to her. 'What end?'

'Everything will come to an end' Nina told h

er. 'Very soon, nothing else will matter.'

'You won't get away with this' the veteran growled angrily. 'Our king knows you're here, he will kill you.'

'Yes' Nina answered, 'he knows we are here, and as for killing us….?' she paused then. 'He is welcome to try.'

The veteran grimaced at her.

'Why did you even come here' he snarled. 'What do you want? Why are you doing this?'

Nina tilted her head back towards the clouds. Sitting upon the horizon was the mountain, the dead volcano. The place where Ena had claimed it would all come to an end.

'You should go' Nina said to them.

'Not without my children.'

Nina's eyes flashed at him.

'They are staying with me'

'I won't leave without them' the veteran replied.

Nina sighed heavily, bowing her head. She lifted her chin again, facing the man, summoning to her the last of the magic she possessed, using her powers to lace her voice as she spoke.

'Your children will stay' she said. 'You will go.'

The veteran stared at her.

'Very well' he said, as his wife nodded behind him.

The child she held looked alarmed, glancing to each of her parents. 'What are you saying?!'

The veteran turned and walked away, his wife walked with him, pulling their daughter with her, and ignoring her protests.

'This doesn't feel right' Gerald spoke out.

He had been standing behind Nina as the scene unfolded, watching the family walk away. 'We should leave the children out of this.'

Nina took a step back, turning to face him.

'We will hold this place' she said to him. 'From here we will send scouts out to search for the angels…they are hiding in these lands somewhere.'

'Do you plan to kill the remaining angels as well as the girl?' Gerald asked.

'Yes' Nina replied meekly. 'They will not be able to travel far now' she said. 'The false maiden has been poisoned, and the angels will not leave her side.'

'They are hiding from us now' Gerald said.

'It's alright' Nina said, 'we will find them. There is no rush.'

'The king of these lands will find us' Gerald said. 'He will send men to try to kill us. We are a threat to him; look at what we've done.'

'It's alright' Nina said again, speaking with surety. 'We have a good stronghold here.'

Gerald looked about them at the manor and the grounds held within its high walls.

'We could be trapped here'

'They won't find us' Nina said. 'We will hide. I placed a spell upon the veteran and his wife. They have already forgotten all about us.'

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