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   Chapter 200 No.200

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 4897

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Demetrius lifted Ena again in his arms, moving with his brothers into the heart of the cave itself.

Only one lingered at the entrance.

Reynolds turned, calling out to him.


The rain began to fall heavily by the time Lilith found her pursuers.

The soldiers pulled the reins back sharply, and the horses skidded to a halt, their hooves slipping on the muddy earth.

'So she comes to us' one of the men sneered, as Lilith before them summoned her magic to her.

'You will not succeed' the man continued, as others began to surround her.

Now there was no way out.

'Nina will be pleased that we found you, but we won't stop there. We want the false maiden too. She too must die.'

Lilith's eyes burned, as did every inch of her body.

'You will join your black and white friend very soon.'

Lilith attacked, casting her magic out, summoning to her every last ounce of strength she still possessed.

She fought.

'Where is she? Is she in here? Is she waiting for me?'

The mother chuckled happily at this, amused by the young man's excitement.

'Calm down Dean' she laughed. 'My daughter is just coming down now, she's be here in a minute or so.'

She turned then, calling up the stairs.

'Ethel!' she called. 'Dean is here to see you!'

There was an exited squeal and immediately the sound of feet thundering down the stairs.

The mother had to dart out of the way as her daughter Ethel ran past her, barrelling into Dean's arms and laughing happily.

He laughed too, lifting her up in his arms and turning on the spot with her, before putting her back down again and hugging her tightly.

'I'm so glad to see you!' she giggled.

'Me too' he beamed.


'Yes Ethel?'

'…I can't breathe…'

He let go of her then, and she drew a deep gasp of breath.

'Sorry' he said, grasping her lightly by the hands and nuzzling into her, kissing her neck, his tongue flicking out playfully.

'Stop!' she squeaked, flinching away from him. 'That tickles!'

'Alright you two' the mother said sternly. 'Off with you.'

'Yes before you make the rest of us sick' Ethel's little sister grumbled not too quietly from the kitchen table where she sat.

'Now none of your cheek' the mother said as Ethel stuck her tongue out at her sister. 'Just you wait until you find a man of your own.'

'I'm not going crawl all over him like she does' the sister said glaring at Ethel.

The mother

turned back to the couple, 'off with you' she said shooing them both outside, 'I'm sure you have places to be.'

The father entered the kitchen just as the couple; Ethel and Dean were leaving the house, arm in arm with one another, gazing into each other's eyes.

'Do you remember when we were young' the father said to the mother, snaking his hand around her waist and pulling him sharply to her.

'Yes' the mother smiled slyly, 'you were such a gentleman back then.'

'Oh please?!' the young daughter called out as her parents began to kiss. 'Do you have to do that in front of me?!'

Outside, Dean and Ethel wandered deep into the woods, alone together.

They reached a river that was too deep to cross without getting wet. Unprompted Dean turned to Ethel, lifting her in his arms.

She chuckled happily, hanging off him with her arms wrapped around his neck.

He carried her to the other side, placing her back onto the soft earth.

She leant back, pulling her to him and embracing him in a warm embrace.

'I love you Ethel' Dean whispered, speaking between kisses. 'I love you more than life itself. I would do anything for you….anything….I would rather die than be without you.'

'Oh Ethel…' she breathed.

He reached towards her, placing his lips over hers, kissing her tenderly.

He pushed her back gently onto the forest floor, hand running up her thigh beneath her dress.

Ethel tensed then, before her body relaxed, accepting his touch.

Lilith was shoved forwards, falling on her front, the men in the courtyard around her laughed cruelly, amused by her pain and fear.

After she had fought and killed several of the men, she had been subdued, and brought to another place, further away from the mountain to which she headed.

Though when she raised her head to the walls around her, she could still see it, off in the distance, it was not too far away.

'Why are you heading to that place?' one of the soldiers asked her as she crawled forwards on her hands and knees, struggling to get back to her feet.

Her body was weak, and she trembled violently now. Her magic was all but spent, there was nothing left now. It was a tremendous effort just to stand. But she was forced to the ground again, letting out a deep breath as a foot was placed on her back.

She turned her head around to look at the man, her great wings she could no longer control, folded above her.

The man surveyed them.

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