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   Chapter 199 No.199

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'And Ena?'

'She is our salvation. She will see us live again, all of us…in another world…in another time…'

Lilith turned to face Marin now.

'That is why you have to get her away. She must not be captured by the enemy. It cannot happen. This world will come to an end. Only by her means will she be able to save us.'

'But look at her…' Marin mumbled, glancing back at Demetrius who held her in his arms, waiting for what was to happen. 'You said it yourself…she is dying.'

'We have to get to the heart of the volcano before that happens' Lilith breathed, 'or else all will be lost.'

'You're coming with us?'

Lilith pursed her lips, looking away again towards the lights in the distance, the searing men.

The queen's army. No doubt Nina was there too, and Gerald.

'If they come too close' Lilith whispered, 'I will have to part from you.' She paused. 'I am dying' she spoke forlorn. 'I don't have long left. I would die to save Ena, she must survive long enough to reach the mountain, nothing else matters…'


'Come' Lilith spoke harshly, controlling her fears and trying her hardest to push them down. 'We must move fast' Lilith said striding past him.

'What will you do if they reach us?' Marin spoke out to her.

Lilith paused then, lifting her hands before her.

She remained a moment where she was, wondering.

And then she ran her hands through the air, moving outwards. A great arch of light appeared in the air before her, she whipped her hand quickly to the side, flicking her white hair back.

The magic shot towards the nearest tree, cutting deep into the solid wood.

Lilith stumbled then, holding herself. Marin started forward to catch her.

'Don't touch me!' she spoke harshly to him. 'Not now…not now that I am infected.'

Marin backed away, and Lilith forced herself to straighten, a painful smile etched into her face.

'So' she grimaced, 'I can still use magic…but at a cost.'

My body is weak…I must be careful.

'Come' she said marching forwards away from the town, heading in a direct path towards the dead volcano before them. 'There must be a way to get into the mountain besides from the air.'

'There are tunnels' Reynolds told her, 'all around the mountain that lead into its heart.'

'Then we will find them' Lilith spoke loudly back without a pause in her step.

Jaspin she though

t miserably as she went, the others following quickly after her. What's happened to you? Please…please be alive…

They reached the base of the volcano hours later, cold and tired and hungry. Earnest had taken his coat off and placed it over Ena's body as Demetrius carried her. Now, they placed her on the soft earth, just outside one of the caves they found. Inside the cave the ground was hard, formed of solid rock. Even standing outside the cave, the strong wind that blew through the tunnels could be felt.

Lilith who still wore her nightdress from the night before, shivered violently as the chill bit her flesh.

She lingered outside the cave, a few feet from the others, staring out into the horizon.

The lights were drawing closer.

'I fear they will find us.'

She bowed her head, turning and approaching Ena who lay utterly still.

She was deathly pale, more so than she usually was, her veins were clearly visible in her neck, reaching towards her cheeks like dark cracks in her skin. And as Lilith leant closer, she saw that her breath was shallow.

'I'm sorry…' Lilith whispered, not trusting her voice to speak. 'I failed to save you…'

Ena, hearing her voice, opened her eyes a crack, doing so slowly. Her eyes widened, so that she could see Lilith better.

Ena smiled.

'Our people are coming to us' Ena spoke, in a voice so quiet, that Lilith barely heard it. 'The final battle will be in the heart of the volcano. That is where we will all die…that is where…it will be decided….who will be saved.'

Those would be the last words she would speak.

Ena became silent again, closing her eyes and falling still.

Lilith straightened up.

'You have to keep going' Lilith said. 'You must reach the heart of the mountain.'

'And then what?' Jerry asked.

Lilith stared wide-eyed towards the open lands beyond the cave, where the men that hunted them drew ever closer.

'Wait and see.'

A sudden darkness fell over them.

A few of the brothers cried in panic, and Demetrius leant over Ena protectively.

But it had only been Lilith's magic, and when their eyes cleared again, she was nowhere to be seen.

'She's gone to face them' Earnest said.

'We have to keep going' Jerry hastened, speaking in a raised tone. 'We cannot ignore her word. I have no idea what is happening, but I trust Lilith, I trust in her word…'

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