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   Chapter 198 No.198

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Lilith turned away then to hide her tears, holding back the wave of emotions inside her.

She didn't want to show her weakness in front of the others.

As darkness descended upon them, Lilith and Marin sat alone, apart from the others.

'She has been cursed' Lilith was saying to Marin, talking about Ena. 'We angels are no longer able to touch our beloved earth maiden.'

Marin turned to her as she spoke.

'There were others of you?' he asked her, 'besides from you and Jaspin?'

'Once there were many' Lilith told him sadly, sitting a short distance away from him, hugging her knees to her chest, her wings she was still unable to recede into her, hung behind her like great banners, or the sails of a ship, though in tatters. 'When I first found the others, there were five of us including myself.'

Lilith went silent for a moment, as she remembered the angels she had once known, now lost to her.

'Aski was the first to fall. He suffered horribly before his death. His eyes and tongue were cut out, and he suffered from the sickness………I was forced to end his life myself to ease his suffering.'

Lilith's face screwed up then, and she held her hands tightly before her, trying to stop them from shaking.

She composed herself.

'And then there was Reuben, who was killed by an arrow. And then…Gael…was stabbed…and killed….by the same man that inflicted those injuries onto me when you first found me. I was lucky to escape him, it was Jaspin who saved me, and Ena who placed the spell upon to that forced me to forget my memory of all of the pain. She did it to protect me, and she placed and illusion on me, so that my hair appeared black, and my scars were gone.'

As she said this, she touched briefly her long white hair, and the scars on her face.

She had received these scars when living as a vagrant on the streets, one night when she was attacked.

It all felt like so long ago now.

'They were all beautiful' Lilith lamented, remembering her fallen brethren. 'I loved all of them.'

She bit her tongue then, doing so hard enough to taste blood.

She fell silent.

Marin who had been listening mutely raised his head then, tilting his chin back as he gazed upon her wings.

'I'm sorry' he whispered. 'I'm sorry all of this has happened to you…I'm sorry you can no longer fly. I would love to have seen you fly.'

Lilith smiled at him, but there was no happiness there.

'I wish you could have seen them' she lament

ed. 'I wish you could have seen them in their glory…they were….beautiful.'

She tensed then, turning her head to her side, hand going to her head as she frowned hard.

'I can hear prayer.'

A figure came running to them through the trees.

It was Ena.

She was smiling and giggling.

'Lilith' she gasped, out of breath. Everything she did now, they way she moved, the way she spoke, seemed to be a great effort for her. 'They are coming' Ena moaned, as if in pain. 'Our….army….I can feel…'

And then she collapsed.

'Ena!' Lilith screeched, reaching out for her instinctively.

But as soon as Lilith made contact with her skin, she felt a sudden pain coursing through her body.

Lilith screamed in agony, stumbling back.

The other brothers came running from the other side of the woods upon hearing the commotion, Marin ran to Lilith, grasping her hand in his and looking at the injury as the other brothers surrounded the fallen Ena.

It was as if Lilith had pressed her hand hard against a hot stove.

The flesh she had touched Ena with, was raw and red and blistered.

Lilith began to cry openly, unable to hold it all back.

'Jaspin!' she sobbed. 'Where is he????'

The group moved away shortly after that, lights were seen in the distance near the town, men on horseback.

They were searching for them.

'We have to get out of here' Lilith hissed glaring back at them. 'Please, take Ena and go.'

'I'm not leaving you' Marin said to her as Demetrius knelt down to pick up Ena, gathering her long hair together carefully and lifting her slender frame in his arms.

She still had not yet woken, she was completely unresponsive, but alive.

'I cannot let them have her' Lilith snarled, becoming angry now. 'I they will not have her.'

'Why is she so important?' Marin asked sadly.

'We are all going to die' Lilith said to him, 'all of us. There is a sickness coming, the one that has infected me now.' She bowed her head suddenly, fighting back tears, only looking up again when she had gathered herself.

She spoke again.

'We have no idea where it comes from or how it works. It could come from the air, the food, the water….the very earth itself.' She drew a sharp intake of breath then. 'I can feel its poison…coursing through my body. It could have been that I've harboured it for a long time, and that its only showed symptoms now. It affects people different ways, there seems to be different strains of it.'

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