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She nodded graciously to him, letting go of him quickly and straightening up.

'Thank you' she said to him, 'but I can manage on my own.'

'Does anyone see a path?' Jerry asked, squinting in the dark.

'There is one there' Demetrius pointed out. 'Come, we must hurry in case they follow us down here.'

Again Lilith was the last to follow, lingering on the rocky shore, the nightdress she still wore from the night before clung to her skin, though despite the cold, she did not shiver. She spared only last glance behind them, up the river from where they had come in case Jaspin was to appear.

She waited for as long as she dared, before turning and running away, making after the others who had gone on ahead. Only Marin had waited for her, jogging beside her as she made her way onwards. He watched her closely as they ran, so many questions on his mind. But he kept his mouth sealed, instead looking ahead again. The time for talk was not now.

They ran for a short time, before rounding a corner, where the light from the outside world suddenly hit them.

Lilith slowed to a stop, shielding her eyes from the bright light as the others ran on ahead. Marin who had been running with her stopped, panting slightly.

'It's alright' he spoke reassuringly reaching out to take her hand. 'Come on.'

She took his hand, taking a step forward; together they headed towards the light.

They stepped out into the open, joining Ena and the other four brothers.

'We are just outside the town' Reynolds was saying, staring up at the buildings that towered above them.

They were on a grassy verge, on lower ground to the town right beside them, and on their other side, was open land.

'We're never going to make it' Lilith lamented, still unable to conceal her wings as she stared at the wilderness before her. 'They will surely see us.'

'No' Jerry said, pointing to a small section of woodland a distance away. 'If we can make it to those trees, that should give enough cover until we decide where to go from there.'

'Are you still sure you want to involve yourselves?' Lilith asked them.

The brothers looked confused, Earnest shrugged.

'We are already involved now' he said, 'may as well see where this is going.'

'But it's dangerous' Lilith persisted. 'I don't know what the soldiers would do if they found out you were involved with my kind.'

'It doesn't matter' Marin spoke stubbornly. 'It's too late now.'

'…Marin' Lilith mumbled sadly, turning to him.

'They are coming' Ena spoke up then, 'I can feel their presence…'

Lilith's expression hardened then,

and she turned away from Marin and towards the collection of trees. 'Let's go' she spoke firmly, 'we cannot let them see my wings.'

She forgot Jaspin then, leading the way as she ran, wings beating hopelessly with every step, but as she drew closer to the shelter of the trees, she moved further out into the open.

She only prayed that she remained unnoticed at least for now. If they were caught, she doubted that there was much she could do to protect herself now.

Can I still use my magic? She wondered to herself. Do I dare even try?

She bowed her head as she ran, listening to the blood pumping in her ears, trying to focus on her goal, and ignoring all else.

Evening came, and the strange band remained hidden within the network of trees, afraid to leave this place, afraid to stay.

Lilith lingered at the edge of the patch of woods, careful to stay hidden; she stared longingly towards the town they had come from, watching the skies for signs of Jaspin.

But there had been nothing.

Hours had passed, and it was beginning to get dark.

'Lilith' spoke a voice.

She stepped back away from the tree she had been clinging to, receding back into the shadows, and turned to face Marin.

'That is your true name now isn't it?' he asked her.

'Yes' she spoke meekly, bowing her head. 'That is my true name, the name I have known all my life.'

Marin watched her sadly, dipping his head slightly.

'How is Ena?'

Marin raised his head again.

'She is still very confused.'

Lilith and Marin returned to the denser part of the woods where the others waited, cold and hungry.

Ena sat upon the earth, leaning back against a tree, her long pale hair in great pools around her.

Lilith approached.

'Ena?' she spoke tentatively.

Ena raised her head, gazing up at Lilith.

'What are we doing here again?' she asked her. 'Where is Jaspin?'

Lilith regarded her sadly, feeling her heart dampen.

'He is far away from us now.'

'And who are you?' Ena asked Lilith. 'Why are we here?'

'She's been this way for a while' Jerry told her sadly. 'There's something wrong with her, its like her mind is broken.'

'Do you think its the sickness?' Marin asked her. 'This disease you've been telling me about?'

'No' Lilith answered. 'The earth maiden cannot subtract such an illness, it is literally impossible.' She paused then, considering Ena before her as she gazed wide-eyed at the forest around him, so distracted all the time. 'It was the holy man that did this to her' Lilith said. 'His touch has broken her, warping her mind…slowly…destroying her…'

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