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   Chapter 196 No.196

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'Why are you doing this?' Jaspin asked suspiciously, narrowing his eyes and stepping close to the man. Behind him Ena turned towards them. 'Why would you want to help us?' Jaspin asked.

'I've said already' Marin answered, turning his gaze towards Lilith. 'I will do anything for the one I love, even if it means that will take her away from me.'

'Marin' Lilith spoke evenly, her voice level and patient. 'I am not the person you thought me to be, just look at what I am.'

Marin tilted his head back to look upon her colossal wings, now a sorry state to the glory they had once been.

'I see only the woman I knew before' he answered, as men began to call in the streets outside. 'Mystery….Lilith…I will never stop loving you.'

Jaspin watched the pair as they stared at one another, grimacing as he heard the voices.

'Hurry' he snapped. 'We cannot waste time. We must escape.'

Lilith turned quickly away from Marin, heading over to the well.

'I thank you for everything you have done' Lilith mumbled. 'But I cannot see you again after this.'

'I am coming with you.'


'Hurry, we don't have time to waste' Jaspin hissed, as Ena beside him grabbed a nearby rope hanging from the wall, tied it to one of the metal pipes nearby and threw the other end down the well.

She went in first.

Jaspin grasped the cold stone wall of the well as he watched her sail down, seeing her descend into the darkness, heard her draw a sharp intake of breath as her body sunk into the icy water below.

'Are you alright?' he called down to her.

'Yes' she quickly replied, 'but please hurry!'

'Lilith' Jaspin said extending a hand out to her.

She took it, and climbed over the wall and tucking to her body the broken wings she wore.

'You'll be alright' Jaspin told her quietly, as she held onto the rope, their eyes locking for the briefest moment. 'I will follow last' Jaspin said, 'now go.'

Lilith gave a quick nod, before lowering herself into the well, climbing down the rope carefully.

She joined Ena in the water, who giggled at her, but said nothing.

'And you' Jaspin said, turning to Marin then with a glare. 'You want to follow after her?'

'Y-yes' he said, hesitating for only a split second.

Jaspin kept his distance as he approached, climbing over the wall and grasping tightly the rope as he lowered himself down.

'Your name' Jaspin spoke suddenly, 'what is it?'

'Marin' he said, before Jaspin quickly turned away, falling


He climbed down the rope, and was out of sight.

'And you?' Jaspin said to the four remaining brothers now. 'What will you do?'

There was a sudden bang on the door from which they had entered, and the muffled voice of a man calling out to them.

'Open up! We know you're in there!'

'Oh heck' Jerry panicked, taking a step back.

'It's alright' Reynolds voiced hastily as they all stared at the door. 'It's locked. They can't get in.'

There was suddenly a much louder bang from the door, like the sound a battering ram hitting the wood.

'It won't hold for long' Jaspin hissed, 'I don't know what they will do to you if they find you here' he spoke to the brothers.

'Let's go!' Demetrius said moving over to the well.

'You want to get us caught up in this?!' Earnest objected, as Jaspin moved to stand before the door, his black and white wings unfurling from his back, as he summoned his magic to him, releasing it to its full extent.

'We don't have a choice' Demetrius answered flatly, 'now hurry.'

Jaspin tensed as there came another bang from the door, the hinges shook, as he listened to the sounds of movement behind him, as the remaining brothers one by one climbed down into the well.

Go! He thought desperately in his mind. Get as far away from here as you can!

The battering ram hit one last time, and the door crashed open as wood splinters rained into the room.

Jaspin attacked the moment he saw an opening, killing the first man before the splintered wood had even fallen to the floor.

He fought alone.

The water in the river that ran beneath the building was icy cold. The current was gentle, but the others swam quickly downstream to escape their pursuers.

'Where is Jaspin?' Lilith gasped, struggling to keep her head above water, as the feathers of her wings soaking up the water, threatened to drag her down.

'He's fighting the others' Ernest replied hastily. 'They have broken through the door.'

'We haven't the time to stop' Marin said to them, 'we have to keep going.'

Lilith hesitated only briefly, tilting her head back to the light that shone through the top of the well, before turning in the water and swimming ahead.

A short while later the seven of them reached a rocky shore. The five brothers climbed out of the water, Demetrius turned to help Ena clamber to her feet, and Marin moved towards Lilith who was last to follow, grasping her firmly by the arm and helping her to her feet.

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