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   Chapter 195 No.195

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Lilith raised her head slightly, eyes wide.

'She is dying' Jaspin said. 'Her mind is falling apart.'

'I know a way' Marin spoke up, as the brothers around him approached slowly. 'There is still a way to reach the heart of the volcano of which you speak, a passage underground.'

Lilith regarded him.

'Why would you want to help us?'

'I don't care what you say' Marin replied with determination, 'you are still the woman I love…but now I understand you a lot better.'

There was a call in the distance, and a horn sounded then.

'They are closing in on our location' Jaspin said. 'Lilith, we have to get out of here.'

'Follow me' Marin spoke hastily, 'I know a place where they will not find you.'

'You could die if you try to help us' Lilith hissed angrily, spurred by a sudden wave of emotions within her she did not expect.

'I don't care' Marin answered, speaking quietly. 'Mystery….Lilith…I still love you, and I will do whatever I can to help you.'

She gritted her teeth, balling her fists.

Lilith turned back to Jaspin then, speaking.

'Jaspin I….I cannot withdraw my wings.'

Ena jogged up to the pair, giving them both a calm expression, she even smiled.

'Come on' she said to the both of them, her long pale green hair dragging on the floor. 'We don't want to be caught by the hunters now do we?' she giggled.

The brothers stared at her, slightly fazed by her unusual appearance, the unnaturally skinny body and height, despite the fact that she was clearly much younger than any of them, she was the tallest by far.

'It'll be like a game' Ena persisted. 'You love games don't you?' she asked Lilith.

'Yes Ena' Lilith answered. 'I love games.'

Marin hesitated, dipping his head slightly and stepping back.

'It's this way' he said, as another horn sounded, this one much closer. 'Follow me.'

Ena ran after Marin as he made his way quickly in the opposite direction, Jaspin paused as he reached Lilith, embracing her tightly as the other brothers lingered in confusion and uncertainty, before they made their way after Marin and the slender green-haired girl.

'Lilith' Jaspin breathed into her ear as she held him back. 'I'm so glad we are together again.'


He grasped her harder, holding her tightly as if afraid to let go, as if fearing that if he did, he would lose her again.

'I'm sorry…' was all that Jaspin was able to say. '…I'm sorry.'

She pushed him firmly back so that she could look into his face.

'Thank you for finding me' she said to him.

His expression turned serious then,

and he turned sharply away from her, marching in the direction the others had gone.

'Come on' he barked sharply, driven suddenly by a will to succeed in their goal, and a determination to survive. 'Let's not waste time.'

Lilith ran to catch up with him, and the trail of people that made up the unusual band, the five brothers, and earth maiden and two angels, headed onwards.

Marin led the way, moving hastily. They came to a narrow street that turned this way and that.

'This is dangerous' Lilith called after him as she followed at the back of the line. 'We are heading right to them, they will find me! I cannot hide my wings.'

'It's alright' Marin spoke quickly back at her without pause. 'We are nearly there.'

They came to the end of the alleyway where Marin froze suddenly, hiding back around the corner he had just stepped out of and waiting for a group of enemy soldiers to pass them by.

They were so close.

Behind him, the others waited nervously; the brothers were utterly silent, casting strange glances towards the peculiar figures that accompanied them.

'Alright' Marin said when the soldiers were out of sight. 'It's just in here.'

He stepped quickly forward, opening a door for the others. They all slipped in without hesitation or question, Marin glancing behind him towards the open street beyond the narrow alley as he held the door open, before moving in after them, closing the door with a snap, and locking it from the inside.

The room inside was dark and empty. The brothers hung back around the door, while and angels and Ena moved forwards and began to explore.

'A toy room' Jaspin mumbled, reaching out and picking up a wooden figure of a toy soldier and glancing up towards Marin. 'This is a toymakers shop?'

'My friend used to own it' Marin answered quietly. 'He died recently due to complications, it's my shop now.'

'How does this help us?' Jaspin asked him, putting the toy back down. 'If we are trapped here, it's only a matter of time before they find us.'

'Don't worry' Marin said. 'My friend had his own water supply.'

'A water supply?' Jaspin echoed glancing back towards the man as Ena beside him began to play with a few of the toys.

'Oh no' Lilith groaned before Marin had the chance to speak. 'You mean a well?'

Just like the one I was thrown down before in the temple. She bowed her head. I remember…

'You can escape the town through there' Marin indicated the well in the corner of the room. 'They will still mostly likely find you, but at least this way you get a head start.'

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