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'They are coming' Ena breathed, tilting her head to the side ever so slightly as she glanced one way. 'They will kill you if they find you.'

Ena looked back to Lilith, who was barely able to listen to her words, every ounce of her will and concentration was placed now into trying to stand.

'They will know you by your white hair' Ena went on, raising an arm and summoning her magic to her. 'You will forget about me…until we meet again.'

Ena threw her arm forwards, sending the spell shooting towards Lilith.

Lilith screamed in pain as the spell hit her with the force of a solid rock falling through the air.

She fell back and hit her head again, the white instantly seeping from her scalp, to be replaced with black.

She lost consciousness, laying on the floor utterly exposed.

By the time the soldiers arrived, they completely dismissed her, paying her no attention.

'She's not the one we're looking for' one of them said. 'The angel we seek has white hair and a scar on her face.'

The illusion Ena had placed on Lilith held well, and shortly after, she was picked up by five brothers who came across her by chance and brought her home to care for her.

The one named Marin spent the longest with her, sitting by her bed and brushing her black hair out of her face.

'What happened to you?' he asked her sleeping figure.

The next morning she woke, with no memory of who she was, or how she had received her injuries.

She had forgotten everything in her past, including her own name.

Marin had smiled upon her as she thanked him for their kindness in taking her in.

'What a mystery you are' he had said to her.

Chapter Fifty Three

Ashes in the Courtyard

Lilith regained herself. She suddenly stopped crying, and straightened up slowly, holding her hands together before her.

Everything she had thought she had, the life she had thought she remembered, it has all been false. It had all been a lie, deliberately planted in her by magic, by Ena. To save her.

'I know who I am' she spoke calmly. 'My name is Lilith, and I have been rejected all my life by so many people, because of what I am.'

Jaspin bowed his head slightly, his attention fixed on Lilith, as she closed her eyes.

From her back her wings grew, unfurling.

But they were not as she had known them.

Jaspin could not maintain a calm demeanour, he could not keep the fear and horror from his face, however Ena beside him remained impassive.

Lilith felt her own fear at Jaspin'

s reaction, and she looked at her own wings.

She had lost half of her feathers, which were no longer the pure white they had once been, but now a filthy grey, and the feathers that had remained were broken, torn and falling apart. Some were so badly damaged, that they would simply disintegrate if touched, like the dried petals of a dead flower.

Lilith was dying.

The sickness had reached her at last.

Lilith felt a sudden lump in her throat, her heart skiped a beat, as she stared up at herself, her wings, which were now so foreign to her.

She turned slowly away from them, facing ahead again, and forcing herself to be controlled.

Lilith bowed her head, closing her eyes and letting out a slow sigh, before opening them and facing Jaspin and Ena again.

And then a voice called out to her.


She glanced to the side, only expressing mild surprise, at seeing Marin standing there at the edge of the street, surrounded by his four brothers.

They all looked shocked at what they saw, learning at last what this person really was.

'Marin' Lilith spoke sadly, turning towards him as he jogged up to her.

He slowed to a stop, pausing to glance up at her wings, before meeting her eye again.

'Your hair…' he breathed, 'its black…and….how did you get that scar on your face?' His eyes softened then, and there was sadness there. 'Mystery…'

'No' she answered shortly. 'The person you thought you knew does not exist. My name is Lilith, and this is what I am, a usurper, a betrayer of god…who has no place in heaven or on earth.'

'You are still the woman I love.'

'No' Lilith said again. 'That life was a lie, and I do not love you.'

He looked as if she had suddenly slapped him.

'How….' He stammered, blinking back tears in his eyes, 'how could you say that?'

'I thank you for everything you have done for me' Lilith told him evenly, speaking completely without emotion. 'But I am not who you thought I was.'


She turned to face Jaspin now.

'They will find us soon' Jaspin prompted. 'They are already closing in on our location.'

Lilith heard his words, and thought very carfully before she spoke.

'The mountain' she breathed. 'We have to reach that paradise…where all this will end.'

Jaspin shook his head.

'I cannot touch Ena' he told her, voice breaking. 'That holy man has put a curse on her, and we angels can no longer touch her. We are going to fail, if we don't reach that mountain…but the only way is by sky.'

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