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   Chapter 193 No.193

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She began to sob hysterically.

'Aski…..!' she howled. 'Reuben ….and Gael! They are all dead….all gone!'

Her head shot up suddenly, as she stared fixated at Ena.

'You feel different' she sobbed, unable to see her clearly through her teary eyes, blinking rapidly the tears rolled down her cheek. 'I know who you are' Lilith continued to cry, 'you are the same person as before….the earth maiden….but something is different about you….something wrong.'

'We angels are unable to touch Ena' Jaspin began sombrely. 'She has been cursed.'

'It's more than that' Lilith balled her fists, her bottom lip trembling. 'I can feel it….' she cried openly now. 'Ena is………..dying………'


Outside, Ena weaved between the many pools that surrounded the small temple, trailing her long slender fingers along the low walls, feeling the cool touch of the water that splashed her pale skin lightly.

She raised her head then, seeing one of the holy figures, recognising him instantly by his loosely fitting purple robes. The man smiled kindly at her.

'Hello traveller' he said to her. 'You must have travelled a long way to get here.'

'Yes' Ena spoke quietly, 'I have.'

The holy figure bowed his head, sweeping his hand over the water of the pool between them. Unbeknown to Ena however, as he did this, the tiny vial he concealed beneath his sleeve tipped its clear contents into the water, polluting it.

The holy figure smiled to Ena again.

'Drink' he said. 'The water here is blessed. It will make you strong again.'

Ena bowed her head to the clear water, rippling before her as the fountain nearby rained constantly into the pool.

Ena reached into the pool, her fingers touching the water that instantly soothed her skin.

She cupped her hands before her, collecting the water between her palms. The holy figure opposite her, kneeling on the other side of the pool watched quietly as Ena lifted her hands to her lips, drinking deeply the water that trickled down her neck and arms.

'It's refreshing' she breathed, lowering her hands.

She tensed then, body hunched over, hands pressed to her heart.

'What have you done to me?' she shuddered.

The holy figure before her tilted his head.

'The angels will never be able to touch you again.'

A shadow fell over him then, and the holy figure still kneeling before the pool, turned calmly to the figure that stood behind him.

It was Jaspin, behind him a step back was Lilith.

Jaspin's expression was furious; his chest rose and fell sharply as he breathed

deeply. But the man before him stared back with a calm expression.

Jaspin cast his hand out in one sweep, using his magic to slit the man's throat. The holy man fell to the side; body slumped as he bled profusely into the pool, quickly staining the water red.

Jaspin quickly circled the pool, grasping Ena by her shoulders and hauling her to her feet.

'What has he done to you?' he snapped.

But something in Ena's expression suddenly changed.

'Get off me! Don't touch me!'


'I don't know who you are!' she screamed.

'Oh not this again…'

'Jaspin!' Lilith called to him and he turned, his heart freezing in his chest at the sight of archers on the rooftops all around them. 'They've found us!' Lilith cried.

It was shortly after that, that Lilith was separated from Jaspin and Ena, she fled with Gael through the passages underground, Gael was killed by the assassin that hunted them down, and Lilith was forced to flee, followed closely by the madman who began to toy with her.

Jaspin had come to the rescue, but it was already too late. Lilith had fallen from the cliff. It was only against staggering odds, that the fall did not kill her.

Lilith lay on her side in agony.

The bones in her body where broken, and she knew instinctively by the way her chest pained her with each breath, that her ribs were broken too.

She shifted just the tiniest fraction, experiencing the most horrific pain she had ever endured.

Even this tiny movement was enough to cause her deep discomfort, and as she wretched, she saw blood had come from her mouth.

I have to get up Lilith thought furiously to herself, crying out in torment as she forced herself to stand, feeling sick and dizzy at the pain. I have to be strong…

Her body trembled violently, but hunched over, she managed to bring herself to her feet, her arms numb and feeling as heavy as lead hung limply at her sides as she trembled on the spot, in danger of falling over again.

She grimaced, gritting her teeth and squeezing her eyes tight shut, willing the pain to go away.

Its only in the mind…its only in the mind…its only in the mind…

She opened her eyes suddenly, raising her head slowly she saw a figure before her.

'Ena!' she gasped.

Ena had come out from her hiding place where Jaspin had left her, and come here now to find Lilith in this state.

'I am myself again' Ena spoke. 'That holy man has killed me, but I am myself again for a short time.'

Lilith blinked slowly at her, the earth maiden's words not sinking in.

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