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'I have noticed the same thing recently' Jerry said. 'So you think she has gone to the town?'

'I believe she might have' Marin nodded. 'I would like to go there' he said, 'now…to look for her. I want to make sure she is safe.'

'I think we would all want the same' Reynolds agreed. 'We'll all go out to look for her. Do you have any idea specifically where she might have gone?' he asked Marin.

'No' he shook his head. 'But I'm sure she has gone to the town somewhere.'

'It'll be ok' Earnest told him. 'We will find her.'

Marin stepped back, bowing his head and staring at the floor suddenly, gritting his teeth.

'Let's go then' he said. 'I want to leave as soon as possible.'

Chapter Fifty Two

Dying Flower

The town was far to go on foot, and by the time Mystery reached it, sunlight was touching the horizon.

Her feet and legs were icy cold from running through the damp tall grasses of the plains, but at long last, out of breath and shaking from exhaustion, she touched the cobbled stone streets of the town.

The few people that were up and about this early in the morning gave her a few peculiar looks, being dressed and in the state of exhaustion that she was, with her black hair unkempt. But she did not notice these stares. Now it was like she had tunnel-vision, and all she could see, was the beacon.

Mystery padded forwards, her nightdress damp with sweat, she headed towards the centre of the town, from which the signal was calling to her.

What is it? She asked herself over and over again, repeating this mantra in her head. What is it?

When she reached the centre of the town, she found what she was looking for; she found the beacon that had been burning, a signal that had been calling out to her and her alone.

It was a girl.

The most distinct thing about her, was her height and her slender build. Even sitting down, it was clear that she was abnormally tall, despite having such a young face.

She was in fact just fifteen years old.

Her skin was pale and her eyes sunken. She had hair that was pale green and was incredibly long, growing past her ankles; it was pooled on the pavement at her feet.

She turned to face Mystery as she stood there, transfixed.

The strange girl smiled.

And then she spoke.

'Lilith' she said. 'It's good to see you.'

'Lilith? Is that my name?'

'It is' Ena replied, 'and you are not the person you believe you are.'


ehind Ena, another figure appeared then, stepping forwards into view.

His hair was like pure silver, and with eyes to match. He had a wise expression about him, and stood tall when he walked. He was an incredibly handsome man in the prime of his life.

'Do you know us?' Ena spoke aloud, at the man stopped beside her, facing ahead. 'Do you know who we are?'

'Jaspin? And Ena!' she gasped. '…I do know you.'

Her hands clapped to her mouth then, and her body hunched over.

Ena rose, towering over Jaspin beside her.

'I did this to you' Ena began, 'to protect you.'

A memory flashed in her mind then, a painful one.

He kicked her and beat her, cracking her head against the rock and stamping on her leg, breaking her bones.

Lilith cried out in agony, begging him to stop. But he did not listen.

She crawled on her belly towards the light at the end of the tunnel, fingernails scratching at the rock as she dragged herself forwards, the blood on her face mixed with tears as she cried.

Lilith stopped moving, resting on the edge of the cliff with an arm dangling over the drop.

'Are you just going to give up?' the assassin asked her. 'Is there no fight left in you?'

'Kill me….' she wheezed through broken teeth. 'Do not toy with me….just…kill me if you must…I am ready to accept my end…'

She heard the sound of the assassin drawing his sword from his sheath, the ring of the metal a final note that hung in the air.

She closed her eyes tight shut, waiting for the long thin blade to pierce her body. The suspense was unbearable. But even after many seconds, nothing happened.

'What are you waiting for?!' Lilith pleaded. 'Just do it….please!'

It was unclear exactly what had happened after that, whether or not she had deliberately stepped off the cliff, or had fallen by accident. But when Jaspin glanced to where she had been after he had overpowered and killed the assassin, he found that she was not there.

The illusion suddenly melted away, the old scars returned to her face, her black hair turned back to white, as all her memories came flooding back to her. It was as if masses of water held back by a dam had suddenly broken free, and she felt all the pain and fear and sorrow she had felt in the past, magnified tenfold, as she remembering everything that had happened, as she remembered….

She screamed then, clutching at her head as she felt a physical pain within her.

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