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   Chapter 191 No.191

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'I don't know…' Mystery spoke meekly, bowing her head, her black hair falling around her face. 'I just feel…I feel….'

The others waited on her word, wondering what she would say.

'I feel….' Mystery said, 'something…she finished.'

That night, Mystery lay in bed, unable to sleep. She lay on her back, staring at the dark night's sky through the window.

The stars shone brightly in the murky cosmos above, so far away from everything she knew, a different place, so peaceful and quiet.

Beside her in the bed, Marin began to shift. He turned to her, sighing heavily.

'You're still awake.'

'Yes' she answered meekly.

He sat rose, propped up on his pillow, he lay on his side watching her.

'You're thinking about those figures again aren't you?'

'Is it so obvious?' she asked him.

'I'm afraid it is.'

She turned to face him, head resting back on the pillow, her black hair splayed about her.

'I fear' she told him. 'I fear for the future. I sense a dark presence approaching.'

'What are you talking about?'

She turned away again, looking back towards the window.

'I cannot explain. I feel something in my heart.'

Marin watched her uncertainly, gazing down at her slender profile as she lay upon the bed, naked beneath the thin white sheet.

It was a warm night tonight.

He reached out to her, touching her chin lightly and turning her head to face his. She blinked at him, staring up with dark eyes.

'You're so beautiful' he said to her.

Mystery smiled.

He leant down to kiss her; his touch was soft and tender.

Mystery turned her head to the side, looking back towards the window as he trailed kissed down her neck and shoulders.

She drew a slow and deep breath as he leant fully over her, moving his leg over so that she was fully beneath him.

Marin stayed there on all fours for a moment, simply looking down at her.

Mystery turned away from the window again, staring into his face.

She smiled, and he smiled in return.

She reached up to him, hugging him around the neck, as he pulled the sheet from between them, exposing her naked body fully under his.

He bore down on her, their bare flesh touching as they began to kiss again.

She tilted her head, running her fingers through his hair as he reached for her, parting her legs gently.

He was always so careful with her, his touch so tender, for he truly loved her with all his heart.

The groaned as he reached for her, pushing forwards.

He pulled the cover back over

them, hand winding around her thigh.

He kissed her again, as Mystery held him tighter to her.

Afterwards they lay still on the bed. Mystery lay on her back, staring at the window, through which the nights sky shone brightly with stars.

Beside her Marin was resting, she thought that he was most likely asleep.

What is this I feel in my heart? Mystery stared transfixed towards the window, and the world beyond. It's like a feel something out there…calling to me…

She glanced towards Marin briefly, before looking back at the window.

She rose from the bed, taking her nightgown that hung from the hook on the wall. Dressing quickly, she stepped lightly across the wooden floor, opening the window fully and allowing the chill to sweep into the room.

It was a cold night, but Mystery felt none of the icy touch.

She climbed carefully forwards onto the window sill, grasping the edges firmly and looking down at the soft grass in the garden at her feet.

Mystery spared one last glanced back towards Marin, before leaping out of the window, and landing heavily on the ground.

Mystery rose gingerly, the bones in her legs aching from the fall. She forced herself to straighten up, standing tall as she stared across the open plains, and towards the town near the home in which she lived.

She ran, barefoot across the grass, heading in a straight line, heading straight for the town, where the beacon that only she could feel, shone brightly, calling out to her.

It was a few hours later, when Marin woke.

He wasn't sure what had caused him to stir, perhaps it was his subconscious telling him there was something wrong, for when he turned over in the bed, he found that Mystery was not there beside him.

Feeling a little worried, he got out of bed, searching the house to try to look for her. When he could not find her, he woke his brothers. Earnest, Jerry, Reynolds and Demetrius.

Shortly after, they all gathered in the kitchen.

'Do we have cause to be worried?' Demetrius asked.

'I don't think so' Marin replied, 'but I feel concerned all the same.'

'Of course you do' Demetrius nodded.

'I would like to go look for her.'

'But where has she gone?' Jerry asked. 'It's the middle of the night?'

'I think I might know' Marin answered sombrely, 'though I do not know why?'

'Then tell us.'

'Since the other day, she has been acting rather peculiarly' Marin told the others. 'She seemed to be transfixed on the town, unable to take her mind off it.'

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