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   Chapter 190 No.190

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 4912

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'Mystery come on!' Jerry called, pulling her back.

Mystery turned and ran with Jerry, heading in the other direction from where the fighting was happening.

They were unable to escape however; as they found that the entire area was surrounded.

'What is going on here?' Jerry demanded.

'Keep back' the soldier said to him, as Mystery glanced behind them, back the way they had come.

'I demand an explanation for this' Jerry told the man bravely.

'Don't make me kill you.'

Mystery turned back to the man, still clinging to Jerry.

She released him.

'You're a foreign soldier' Mystery said to him calmly.

The soldier began to grow angry, he moved forward to strike her, but Mystery was ready, catching his wrist in the air to stop him.

'You're one of the men that came here from the other kingdom' she said to him, 'the one in which the king has died…the one in which his queen in now in charge…'

The soldier jerked his hand back from Mystery's grasp, his fist shooting out again and punching her hard in the gut.

Mystery doubled over.

There was a struggle. Something happened, and the last that Mystery knew, was that she was lying on the floor.

She woke up some unknown time later, her body stiff from lying in the hard street.

Mystery pushed herself up groaning, finding Jerry beside her.

'Mystery, thank god you're alright!'

'What happened?' she grumbled, hand going to her head.

'You just collapsed' Jerry replied, taking her by the hand and pulling her to her feet.

'Who were those people that ran from the building?' Mystery asked him, body hunched over.

'I saw no one.'

Mystery tensed slightly, grasping her head.

Her hand relaxed then, and she raised her chin, looking up at him. She straightened.

'Where is Marin?' she mumbled. 'He was in the streets when…..' she struggled to remember. 'He went to meet his friend…oh god…no…' she said realised. 'Please tell me he is alright….'

'I don't know' Jerry shook his head.

'And Earnest?' she asked. 'Reynolds and Demetrius?'

'I don't know' Jerry said again, placing his arm around her. 'Come on.'

'Where are we going?'

'We're going home.'

'But the others….?'

'Home is where they will meet us' Jerry spoke encouragingly to her. 'It would be difficult to find them in the town…and home is where it is safest.'

Mystery nodded unhappily at this, allowing herself to be led back through the town, walking slowly as th

ey headed to its edge.

She glanced around her. The streets were far quieter than they were before, but although there were still a few people still outside, there were no foreign soldiers in sight. Instead, every corner was guarded by an imposing figure armed and armoured, and wearing the crest of the king in this kingdom, their king.

'What happened?' Mystery grumbled. 'Where are the men….?'

'The foreign queen's army has attacked this town' Jerry answered quietly. 'Our king has protected us. They had been chased off…they were only few in number.'

'What were they doing here?' Mystery whispered.

'I don't know.'

'There were two figures in the rubble' she whimpered. 'I saw them…did you see them?'

He dipped his head slightly as he turned to face her, holding her firmly as they walked.

'No' he said to her. 'You've already asked me that.'

'I'm sorry…' she said to him. 'I've forgotten.'

'It's ok' he said. 'We're going home now. The others will be there waiting for us.'

One of the soldiers bearing the crest of their king stepped forward, ordering them to stop. He spoke harshly, though was not intimidating, not like the other soldier they had faced before.

He searched both of them, allowing them to go on their way once he was satisfied. The pair was searched numerous times as they headed to the edge of the town. But before they got there, a figure called out to them.

'Mystery! Jerry!'

They both looked around. Mystery's expression broke into a smile at the sight of Marin jogging towards her. Behind him were Earnest, Reynolds and Demetrius.

'Thank heavens your both alright' Marin said, sweeping Mystery up in his arms and beaming at Jerry over her shoulder, 'for a moment I feared the worst.'

The six of them were united again, and they stood in a circle facing inwards.

Mystery was the first to speak.

'Did any of you see the two figures run through the streets?' she asked them. 'A man and a very tall, skinny woman.'

'No' Demetrius spoke to her. 'We saw nothing of the sort; we were a long way away from what happened. We only heard about it after it was over.'

'And you?' Mystery said to Marin.

He frowned at her.

'I saw simply lucky' he said to her. 'Incredibly lucky, for I was close to the event…but…' he sighed, 'I saw nothing but the soldiers and the panic.'

'Why do you keep asking about them?' Jerry wondered aloud. 'What is so important about them to you?'

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