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   Chapter 189 No.189

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'Well in that case why don't we split up to do what we need, then we can get home faster' Mystery suggested happily.

'Excellent idea' Marin said, 'Mystery, Jerry and I will get the medicine' he said as beside him Mystery rolled her eyes in amusement. Of course he wanted to stay by her side.

'Fine' Demetrius sighed, 'I will go with Reynolds and Earnest to get the food. Then do we meet back here?'

'Yes, let's do that' Marin smiled.

'Good' Demetrius grumbled, 'the sooner we do this the sooner we get back.'

The group split in two and each side walked their separate ways, to meet back about half an hour or so later.

'So did you see anything interesting in the paper on the way here?' Marin asked Mystery politely as she held onto his arm.

Before them Jerry walked a little ahead.

'Yes' Mystery said. The paused, gazing about her briefly before continuing. 'The news sources say there is strife in this area, and that the foreign queen who arrived out of thin air with her army is targeting this town. Our king is fighting to stop her.'

They slowed to a stop at the edge of the road as they waited for a carriage to go by. Around them the streets were busy, and the town never fully rested, being busy even at night. Now, families walked about, couples, individuals, groups of friends, all happy and talking or rushing to be somewhere. In a small patch of green separated by iron fencing was a small park with benches and trees were people played games and ate their picnics.

'Fighting?' Marin questioned her. 'It seems pretty calm to me.'

'Don't be fooled' Mystery told him quickly. 'Appearances can be deceiving, and things are not always as they seem.'

Marin tilted his head at her, giving her a strange look.

'Do you know something I don't? I feel as if there is something hidden in you somewhere.'

'You've been saying that since you first found me' Mystery answered without pause.

'Yes' Marin replied, 'and it is now more truer than ever.'

Ahead of them Jerry stepped forwards onto the road, leading the way as he crossed onto the next street. Marin and Mystery followed them.

'Here we are' Jerry said as they reached the pharmacy. 'Are you coming in?' he asked Marin who was waving to someone down the street.

'It's my old friend' Marin said.

'Well go and say hello then.'

Marin turned to Mystery.

'I'll get the medicine with Jerry' Mystery prompted. 'You see your friend quickly, then we can meet with the others and go home. Go on' she hastened again as Marin hesitated, 'I'll be alright without you for a few minutes' she said turning away and following Jerry into the store. 'I promise you, now go.'

He nodded to her quick

ly, before turning away and pacing towards his friend.

Mystery's attention lingered on him for a moment, smiling as she stood in the doorway of the shop holding the door open.

She turned and walked into the shop. The bell signalling the entrance of customers rang above them, and Mystery raised her head, seeing the pharmacist coming from the room around back.

'Hello' he smiled welcomingly. 'How can I help?'

Mystery waited quietly by the door as Jerry stepped forwards to talk to the man who stood behind the counter. Behind the pharmacist were shelves and shelves filled with medicines in bottles of various colours with labels of various colours.

As Jerry spoke to the man, Mystery's attention drifted back to the window beside her, and she stared out into the peaceful streets.

It was pleasant outside, a tranquil scene as people went about their business.

Mystery eyes slipped out of focus as she watched. The day was bright, and the sky a periwinkle blue.

Everything was beautiful.

But Mystery suddenly noticed something then. A small group of figures were moving quickly in the street, moving spread wide apart and all heading towards the same location, one of the buildings that appeared to be a home, where the front door opened out right onto the street.

Mystery focused on this spot, narrowing her eyes. She was only vaguely aware of Jerry speaking to her, but he sounded far away, almost as if he were underwater.

'Mystery? Mystery. Are you alright? What's wrong?'

Mystery caught the briefest glimpse of Marin on the other side of the street, before the explosion went off.

There was a deafening bang as Mystery stumbled; the ground shaking like an earthquake had just struck as the entire shop trembled. And then instantly after this there came the sound of falling rubble from the explosion as rocks flew in all directions, followed by an eerie silence that lasted only seconds.

And then the panic struck.

People screamed, running from the area.

Mystery was pulled to side. She was only aware that it was Jerry who was dragging her when they were out on the streets. Mystery stared in shock as she saw soldiers swarm the area, all heading to the building that was now utterly destroyed. There were only a few walls standing now, and a hollow in the centre where the ground floor had collapsed into a large cellar that had been beneath.

There were gunshots and hollering. Mystery caught the glimpse of two figures fleeing the scene through the rubble, she saw their silhouettes. A male figure, and a female figure, one unnaturally tall and skinny, with very long hair that trailed after her like a banner.

'What…?' she breathed.

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