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He smiled warmly at her, taking a step closer. Mystery raised her head as he did so.

He kissed her, pressing his lips tenderly against hers as he pushed her gently back against the bookshelf behind her. She smiled as she kissed him back, before pushing him away gently and beaming up at him, eyes shining.

'Come on' she whispered playfully into his ear. 'We don't want to keep the others waiting.'

He frowned at her, stepping back.

She offered her hand to him and he took it, together they walked across the room and into the next, letting go of each other when they reached the entrance hall.

The others were already waiting outside. Marin put his waistcoat on, and Mystery did the same with her own velvet coat, reaching for her shoes and putting them on, smart and dark in colour like the rest of what she wore, they had a little heel and a buckle at the side.

'Ready?' Marin asked her happily.

She straightened, looking him in the eye.

'Ready' she said.

He opened the front door for her and she stepped outside, dipping her head to him as she went. Outside the others were waiting for them.

'I see Mystery didn't allow you to be distracted for too long' Earnest commented with a sly grin.

'Hurry up' Demetrius called to all them, holding open the door of the carriage that waited for them and ushering them all inside. 'We haven't got all day. The driver charges by the minute you know.'

The others quickly obliged, Mystery was the last to get into the carriage, pausing only to allow the little dog that lived outside their property to jump into the carriage after them before closing the door. No one really owned this dog, it had simply decided one day that it lived on their front step, and followed them around from time to time. It was a little Yorkshire Terrier; it had no name, though Mystery was quite fond of it.

'All of use ready?' Reynolds asked with amusement as the little dog curled up on the floor beneath Mystery's skirt.

She grinned back at him, curling a strand of her loose black hair around her finger.

'Ready when you are' she said teasingly back at him.

Reynolds leant back frowning at her as beside him Earnest banged on the roof of the carriage, calling out to the driver to get going.

They heard the snap of the reins, then the carriage jolted into motion.

Their journey was mostly silent as they went; it was only a short trip along the road to the large town where they headed. Their home was on the outskirts of the town, but all that they needed was in the centre. It was fairly quiet around the neighbourhood in which they lived, but it never slept.


y loved it here, and as she glanced out of the window to a group of young children playing in the grey streets outside the carriage, she felt Marin touch her hand.

She smiled, clasping his hand tightly in hers. She did not look at him, but she heard him sigh contently; felt him lean slightly closer to her.

She was happy here.

They reached the town centre a few minutes later. Mystery heard the calling of a young boy on a street corner selling papers. She opened the window of the carriage, leaning out and calling back to him.

He saw her, jogging alongside the carriage to keep up with her as she reached for her pocket, pulling out a single coin and tossing it to him. The boy caught it happily, throwing back to her one of the rolled up papers.

Mystery caught the paper in the air, stepping back and closing the carriage window. She sat in her seat, leaning back comfortably as she untied the string that held the paper together.

'I wish you would stop doing that' Marin said to her disapprovingly.


'Reaching out the window like that' he frowned, crossing his arms. 'It's very unlady-like.'

Mystery gave him an amused look, tilting her head sceptically at him, a strand of her black hair fell over her shoulder.

'I need to do this' Mystery spoke calmly in her defence. 'I need to read about what's happening in our world.'

Marin leant forwards silently, resting his elbows on his knees and weaving his fingers together.

'Is there something that is troubling you?' Reynolds spoke up.

'Of course there is' Mystery replied, scanning the pages before her. 'How could I not be afraid?'

'Nothing is going to happen' Demetrius said gazing out of the window.

'That is where you are wrong' Mystery replied.

He glanced at her curiously, though kept silent.

'Do you know something we don't know?' Reynolds asked her.

'Not specifically' Mystery replied. 'I am just afraid.'

The carriage stopped shortly after. Mystery folded up the newspaper, leaving it behind on the seat within the carriage while the five brothers exited before her.

Marin turned, offering his arm out for her to take.

She beamed back at him as she took it, accepting his help as he led her from the carriage. She stepped out onto the cold hard street, the little terrier leaping out after her.

Jerry closed the door of the carriage behind her as Earnest paid the driver who went along his way.

'So, where do we go first?' Mystery asked as the six of them gathered together in the street.

'This town is far too busy for my liking' Earnest complained, glancing off to the side at the people around them.

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