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Lilith stared at the drop below her, her vision unclear as tears fell from her eyes.

She heard the sound of the assassin drawing his sword from his sheath, the ring of the metal a final note that hung in the air.

She closed her eyes tight shut, waiting for the long thin blade to pierce her body. The suspense was unbearable. But even after many seconds, nothing happened.

'What are you waiting for?!' Lilith pleaded. 'Just do it….please!'

But the assassin sheathed his sword suddenly. Lilith still staring at the drop below her, didn't understand the sound, didn't understand what was going on.

Until she heard another sound.

She did not recognise it, and so she looked around, daring to see the assassin again.

He was taking the bow he carried on his back and nocking an arrow in place.

Lilith glanced around, her sights turning to the sky above.

She was in so much pain and confusion, that her brain did not process what she was seeing.

Jaspin was tearing through the air, heading towards them, but Lilith didn't even recognise him.

The assassin drew back the bowstring, standing with perfect posture as he aimed for Jaspin, waiting until he was close enough to hit his wing, aiming for the vein.

He fired, but missed.

Jaspin crashed into him, the two fighting viciously in a tangle of limbs.

Lilith however did not see any of this in her desperation to get away. She began to rise gingerly to her feet.

It was unclear exactly what had happened after that, whether or not she had deliberately stepped off the cliff, or had fallen by accident. But when Jaspin glanced to where she had been after he had overpowered and killed the assassin, he found that she was not there.

Six months later

"The butterfly girl smiled, 'each night I patrol the borders of my lands to keep out the evil beasts. Now that our kingdoms are at peace, perhaps you can join me?'

Cain looked at the girl, 'I would like that very much.'

'Then let's go.'

The girl transformed into the butterfly, and the boy transformed into the wolf.

Each night they ran side by side, working together to protect the lands at peace. They became very good friends, almost like brother and sister. Cain's reputation as a fearsome creature of war had diminished. He was now considered a protector of all and he fought alongside the butterfly for many years. Together the two protected the two kingdoms for generations.

Cain's story had finally ended."

'That is a wonderful story' Marin sighed, as his brother closed the book.

'I thought you heard it before' Ernest said, rising and placing the book carefu

lly back on the shelf.

'I have' Marin beamed, 'but I never get bored of it.'

Beside them on the sofas, sat Jerry, Reynolds and Demetrius, they had been silent the entire time, listening to the story being told.

Marin turned to the only female in the room, speaking her name.


She smiled, sliding one of the books back on the shelf before her, before turning around to face them.

She was in her late thirties, though still looked young and beautiful, with smooth skin and black hair loose around her shoulders.

She dressed finely, in dark clothes with buckle shoes bearing short heels.

'Yes Marin?' the woman named Mystery grinned playfully back at him.

All the men within the room were brothers, and they were similar ages with only a few years different between them.

'What are you doing over there?' Marin grinned at her. 'Weren't you listening to the story?'

Mystery smiled, turning away again to gaze at the books beside her.

'I was listening' she told him. 'I was hanging onto every single word.'

Marin frowned at her in amusement. She was a playful character, though it wasn't always obvious when she was making fun of you.

'In any case' Mystery said turning to face the brothers again, 'the sun is rising. The shops will be opening soon. Shouldn't we be going out soon?'

Mystery and the five brothers slept at strange hours, and some nights didn't even sleep at all. This night just passed had been one of those nights. None of the six had slept a wink, instead staying up to play board games and reach one another stories, but none of them were tired.

'You're right' Earnest said running his hands down his face and stretching. 'We should go now if we want to avoid the crowds.'

'Come on then' Reynolds sighed rising to his feet and clapping loudly, speaking mostly to Jerry and Demetrius still sitting. 'Get a move on. We have things to do today.'

Jerry and Demetrius got gingerly to their feet, having sat in the same seat for a long while, their muscles were stiff.

'Why don't you hurry up and put your coats on?' Marin suggested none too casually.

The other brothers in the room paused only to give him level glances, before quietly obeying. Filing out the room and closing the door behind them, the other brothers left Marin and Mystery alone together.

Marin let out a steady sigh, shoulders slumped, before turning back to face Mystery.

'It gets difficult having so many brothers sometimes' he told her. 'I wonder some days how I cope.'

'It must be hard for you' Mystery replied dryly. 'I would not know. I have never had any siblings.'

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