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They entered the modest doors which were left open a crack, slipping through quietly and stepping into the body of the temple. The temple inside was as unusual and eerie as it was on the outside. There was a small alter at the head, and either side, sheets and sheets of stained blue glass positioned at an angle. As Gael and Lilith stepped forward and glanced towards these windows, as they gazed between them, they saw little cushions resting upon the floor.

'This where people prayed' Lilith murmured, staring down at the cushions, now mouldy and damp. 'I wonder what happened here. I wonder why this temple was abandoned.'

'Many temples in our own kingdom were abandoned because of the sickness which claimed the lives of all the holy figures that lived there' Gael droned, turning away. 'Perhaps the same has happened here too…and the place fell into neglect.'

'But the sickness has not reached here yet.'

Gael bowed his head, but said nothing.

He was tense, his breath short and sharp. He grimaced, clutching at his navel.

'It hurts….' He whispered pathetically. 'It hurts so much…'

'Please hold on' Lilith begged him. 'We will get out of here….together. We will find Jaspin again, find Ena and be reunited.' She gazed at him sadly, feeling tears pricking in her eyes. 'I wish there was something I could do.'

Gael moved away from her and Lilith let go. He leant back against one of the glass sheets, holding himself. He grimaced as he tried to straighten up.

'Water…' he gasped.

His eyes had paled to almost pure white then.

'Alright' Lilith mumbled. 'There are rivers down here' she said glancing back. 'I can hear them…'

A shadow moved behind Gael, on the other side of the glass.

Gael drew a sharp intake of breath as the blade pierced the glass, protruding right the way through his body.

Lilith stared.

The assassin jerked the sword sharply back from the glass, and the light from Gael's eye faded.

He slid to the floor, and died.

Lilith could not tear her eyes away. Her brain was sluggish. Everything felt like a dream, like none of it was really happening.

The assassin walked around the glass, wiping his sword clean.

'Found you…'

Horror slowly descended over her, and for the first time, she was able to see clearly the man that hunted them, if he could be called a man at all. He was a nightmare, with a scarred face, and eyelids that had burned away. He fixed her with his gaze, ever unbroken.

Lilith took a step back.

'You say you want to protect people' the stranger said to her in a deadly voice, 'yet you kill those you c

laim to protect.'

'No…' Lilith shook her head. 'No it isn't like that…you don't understand…'

The assassin sheathed his sword, very slowly, advancing on Lilith menacingly.

'Stay away from me…' Lilith trembled, taking a step back.

The assassin smiled then, with cruelty.

'I will give you twenty seconds.'



Lilith turn-tailed and ran as fast as she could, terror and panic clawing at her heart.

She ran.

Her breath came in wheezes, she tasted blood in her mouth, and her body ached all over.

She was terrified, terrified that this was the end.

No, please don't let me die here!

It wasn't long before she heard a voice calling for her.

'I'm coming for you!' he screamed. 'I'm going to find you!'

Lilith sobbed desperately, tears streaming down her face, sweat beaded her brow.

She sprinted through the dark, trying to find a way out of the tunnels, all the while; the voice that followed her was growing closer.

Chapter Fifty One


He found her shortly after, cornering her, trapping her.

Lilith was sure that this was the end, was sure that he would draw his sword and plunge it straight into her heart.

But he didn't. Instead he kept his sword sheathed, but he still hurt her.

He kicked her and beat her, cracking her head against the rock and stamping on her leg, breaking her bones.

Lilith cried out in agony, begging him to stop. But he did not listen.

She crawled on her belly towards the light at the end of the tunnel, fingernails scratching at the rock as she dragged herself forwards, the blood on her face mixed with tears as she cried.

She raised her head then, sobbing as she reached forward again, pulling herself across the cold rocky floor.

The footsteps that echoed in the tunnel were right behind her.

The assassin followed her as she made her way forwards, finally exiting the tunnel and moving into the open. The sunlight so beautiful and warm poured over her body, and sky above so clear and bright.

Lilith stopped moving, resting on the edge of the cliff with an arm dangling over the drop.

'Are you just going to give up?' the assassin asked her. 'Is there no fight left in you?'

'Kill me….' she wheezed through broken teeth. 'Do not toy with me….just…kill me if you must…I am ready to accept my end…'

The assassin hesitated for a moment. Lilith began to cry openly now, filled now with the primal fear any animal would feel when they knew their end was coming. It was an emotion too strong to describe, too strong to understand…unless you felt it for yourself.

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