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   Chapter 185 No.185

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Lilith ran, using the white glow from her wings to light the way.

I have to keep going…I have to keep going…

She slowed to a stop then, sensing something nearby.

Lilith glanced to the side, feeling shock at what she saw there.

She moved forwards through the tunnels, towards a section that branched out in another direction, where the ceiling had caved in.

Here she saw someone.


He raised his head, visible in the gloom by a small beam of sunlight that broke through rock in the ceiling above.

Lilith glanced behind her the way she had come, fearful she was still being pursued.

She looked back through the gaps in the fallen rubble, stepping forward and pressing a hand gently to the stone before her.

'….Lilith?' came Gael's weak voice. 'Is that really you?'

'It's me Gael…' Lilith sobbed. 'Are you alright?'

He didn't answer, but Lilith could hear his breath in wheezes.

'Stay where you are' she told him quietly, hissing in an urgent voice through the gap in the rocks. 'Stay hidden…stay quiet. I will find a way around to you.'

Lilith heard only a moan in reply, as if he was trying to speak, but it pained him too much to do so.

She felt a tug at her heart, turning swiftly from him and running up the passage. She began to search for a way to reach him, in the labyrinth she had found herself in. The web of tunnels within this massive cavern she had been thrown into.

'Oh god….' She whimpered, feeling blood within her throat as she jogged forwards, out of breath and trembling. 'Please hold on Gael……please hold on…'

She didn't know how much time had passed, but it felt like a long while later, until at last she found a passage that led to him.

Lilith rounded a bend in the path, seeing Gael before her.

She skipped slightly in her footsteps as she ran forwards, falling to her knees before him.

She maintained only the smallest distance between them, as she reached tentatively to touch him.


He felt her fingertips brush his cheek, and raised his head, smiling weakly at her.

'Lilith….' he sighed, '….…thank god yours still alive……I thought that madman would have killed you.'

'Mad man?'

His expression turned serious, and he bowed his head.

'There was a man I saw' he uttered, 'speaking to me through the rocks as you had done. He told me horrible things……he wants to torment us…'

'Do not listen to him' Lilith told him hastily. 'He wants to hurt us, we have to g

et away.'

Gael paused, breathing slowly. 'I'm so glad you found me.'

'Come on' Lilith said to him, rising and grasping him by the arm, pulling him up. 'We have to go.'

Gael found his feet, pulling back from Lilith; he lifted himself to a wobbly stand.

'Are you alright?' Lilith asked, her voice wavering as she fought back tears. '…You look awful…'

'Let's just keep going' Gael said. 'There is an underground temple near here…I passed it earlier.'

He blinked slowly, staring into the darkness the way Lilith had come.

'We have to head the other way…' he mumbled, 'that stranger is hunting us.'

Lilith slung his arm around the back of her neck, holding him around the waist, helping to support him as they went.

'Where are Jaspin and Ena?' Gael asked.

'I don't know' Lilith replied trembling, 'but I hope they are far away. Far away and safe.'

Lilith and Gael moved at a steady pace through this dark world, following Gael's instructions, and going back the way he had come, Lilith all the while glancing fearfully behind her for that man.

But he was nowhere to be seen.

Lilith looked ahead again, concentrating on helping to carry Gael as they moved together onwards. Lilith was frightened to realise how light he felt in her grasp, how thin his frame was, and how cold he felt.

Don't think about it…just concentrate on getting to safety…

Their progress seemed agonizingly slow, but what felt like long last, they finally reached the place Gael had spoke about.

'There…' he breathed, lifting his sunken eyes to the strange building before him, 'the temple…'

It was a strange place, small in size with what looked like stone tombs surrounding it from the outside. There was no roof, only remnants of one that had once been. Between the large stone arches that would have held up the roof, were smaller wooden beams, rotten and crumbling away. Lilith knew instinctively that it was the damp that had caused this; she could feel the cold dew in the air around her.

This place is lonely she thought.

'What makes you think we are safer here?' Lilith asked him, trying to make herself sound strong.

Gael bowed his head, taking a deep breath.

'It's as good a place to hide as any' he replied.

Lilith ignored the sinking feeling in her heart, and made her way forwards, carrying Gael with her.

'We are nearly there' she whispered encouragingly to him as they trudged forwards. 'Come on…just a little bit further…'

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