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The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 4812

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There was nowhere to go.

'Whatsssssssis?' one of the creatures leered over her, as Lilith began to tremble, frozen to the spot.

'Plaey……plaey… it plaey….?'

One of them reached out, swatting at her with his mighty claw.

Lilith cried out in pain as the monster slashed her waist deeply, she fell to the side as she felt warm blood seeping down her body and down her leg, clutching at the wound desperately in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Her wings released themselves suddenly, an automatic reaction to the pain. She was unable to control it.

'Bright bright!' one of the creatures hissed, shielding its eyes and backing sharply away.

Lilith's pure white wings glowed beautifully in the dark.

'Rip off…tear them to shredssssss…..' another hissed angrily, its eyes beginning to water with agony of the light.

Lilith gave a low moan, sobbing in fear.

Oh god someone help me!

She did not think her rescuer, would be the man who was trying to kill her.

'Step away from the mutant!'

Lilith glanced up wide-eyed. From the fierce light of her wings, she was able to see a figure standing behind one of the creatures. Her heart in her chest constricted in horror at the sight of him, his face scarred, his eyelids burned away. He looked to be exactly the thing he accused Lilith to be.

'Whatssssisss?' one of the leering monsters turned to him. 'Fun? Moar fun?'

Without pause the stranger slashed at the monster before him, his demeanour utterly calm and controlled. The great beast fell in a single sweep of his sword, dead before it hit the ground.

What had he done?

The other creatures turned slowly towards him, growling deeply as they advanced cautiously, turning their backs on Lilith. The assassin took a step away.

Lilith stole this opportunity to flee, rising swiftly and running away, using her great wings which she curled forwards to light her way.

I have to run! I have to get out of here….I have to find the others…

She ignored to horrid noises coming from behind her, rounding a corner and becoming hidden from view from the man that sought her. Even her glow became invisible to him.

It wasn't long before he began calling for her.

'Where are you?! I'm going to find you! You hear me?! You cannot escape!'

Lilith ran until her legs burned, her breath came in wheezes.

She ran, and did not look back.

Chapter Fifty


roken Glass

Jaspin flew, landing as close as he dared, and as far as he dared. He wished not to be caught by the enemy that pursued them, but he also wished not to leave Lilith behind.

He scanned the skies above the town, desperately searching for her. But she was not to be found.

'Oh god, please don't make it so…' Jaspin uttered.

Ena he had been carrying in his arms shifted then, uncomfortable in his grasp.

He put her down.

'What is going on?' She demanded. 'Who are you people?'

Why? Jaspin thought miserably. Why is this happening?

He turned away from her, looking towards the sky again.

'Why have you abducted me?'

Jaspin turned back to Ena.

'What has happened to you?' he asked her mournfully.

She simply stared at him, blinking slowly. She did not understand.

'I have to find her….' Jaspin said distractedly. 'I have to find Lilith.'

'Why?' Ena asked. 'Why do you care so much for her?'

'Because….' Jaspin said, '…I love her….'

Ena stared at him.

'Where is my family?' she asked.

'They are dead.'

Ena drew a sudden gasp then, hand going to her mouth as her lip began to tremble.

She fell to her knees then, sobbing into her hands.

'They've been dead for a while' Jaspin told her, turning to face her and feeling a little uncomfortable now.'

'No…' Ena mumbled unhappily through her tears. 'No it isn't true…I just saw them yesterday…we were eating together….and playing in the garden…and tending to the animals….'

She fell silent as she began to cry quietly. Jaspin watched her uncertainly, feeling a little guilty now.

He went over to her, touching her shoulder gently.

Ena raised her head suddenly, staring at her palms.

'…why am I crying…?'

Jaspin drew back sharply then as what felt like an electric current shot through his body from the point of contact with Ena.

He moaned in agony, holding himself, body hunched over.

'What happened….?' He gasped.

Ena straightened up, rising to her feet and standing tall.

'The angels will never be able to touch you again.'

'It seems I have been cursed' Ena spoke casually. 'The holy figure you killed…the one who encouraged me to drink from the pool…that is the one who has done this to me.'

Jaspin straightened now, facing Ena.

'It seems you cannot touch me. You cannot fly me to safety.' She paused. 'I am easier prey for my hunters to find me.'

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