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   Chapter 183 No.183

The Black and White Angel By Chang Du Characters: 5385

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'Assassin?' the holy man uttered, staring into the man's scarred face, his eyelids burned away, the man stared back unblinking.

He impaled the holy man with a knife concealed in his baggy robes, striking upwards through his jaw and right into his brain.

The holy man was dead before the assassin jerked the knife sharply out of his head, in one swift move wiping the blade clean before concealing it again.

He marched through the small door, as the man lay on the floor bleeding, heading to the dark rooms below the temple with the intent of finding the angels and killing them.

In the dark rooms Gael heard the noise, dragging himself out of the bed with a groan he made his way gingerly through the dark and towards a great crevasse in the ground within his room, a thing that had been here since the structure was built so very long ago.

Gael heard the men's running footsteps coming closer. He took one breath, and then another, then tilted forwards, falling head first into the crevasse and into the dark, to accept whatever was below him.

Perhaps the fall would kill him, perhaps not. But if he stayed here in this room, his death within the next few seconds was guaranteed.

And it was only a few seconds later, when the men arrived.

The entire complex beneath the temple was searched, and many crevasses were found penetrating many of the rooms.

The scarred man approached one of them slowly.

'I've heard stories of the dark rooms below the temple' one of the men beside him spoke quietly, staring into the crevasse at the darkness beneath his feet. 'They say it's like a maze down there.'

The scarred assassin narrowed his eyes, but nothing of the darkness could be seen.

He went over to the wall where there was a burning torch. He took it, letting it fall into the crevasse. By these means he was able to see briefly before the torch became concealed by foliage, the great wide-headed mushrooms that grew in the dark. There were many of them, they would break his fall.

'Hey wait!' one of the surrounded men said as the assassin without a word or pause stepped forwards, plummeting through the dark and out of sight.

He was gone, and he wasn't coming back by this way.

The others stayed behind, staring hopelessly into the abyss.

'Is he going to try to kill the angels himself?' one of them wondered in awe.

Lilith lay there in the dark for only a short time before her body woke and she opened her eyes.

The first thing she noticed, was the darkness. The second thing, was the pain in her head where she had suffered as she fell, and other aches all over her body.

Lilith groaned, sitting up and pushing herself up gingerly.

The pain in her head at first was excruciating, but it slowly ebbed away.

She looked about her as her eye adjusted to what little light there was down here. She was in a large cavern, or so it appeared, but she was not completely alone. There were strange creatures in the dark nearby, at first Lilith thought they might be trolls, but in truth she didn't know what they were.

They were talking amongst themselves in broken dialect. Lilith only understood a small portion of it.

'Strangers down here, foreigners. Find them and eat them.'

She drew a steady breath, remaining utterly still, hidden here where she had fallen as she sat amongst the strange giant mushrooms that had caught her as she fell.

She leant forwards ever so slightly, daring to catch a glimpse of whatever was out there.

One of them came threateningly close, passing across the space near her. Lilith was able to catch a glimpse of it.

It was hunched over, walking on all fours with bizarre-looking deformed feet, mighty claws at the front at the ends of fingers bent and twisted in all different directions, and at the back, misshapen hooves, almost like that of a horse's. It has a small head, massive round eyes to see in the dark, and oversized tusks that grew from its lower jaw, curving right the way over its back.

Lilith's eyes widened in fear as she saw this, remaining utterly silent.

They weren't trolls. Lilith didn't know what they were.

There were three of them she counted, though she feared there may be more.

They shuffled about, groaning at each other in a mostly foreign language. They moved off.

It was several minutes later that Lilith dared to emerge from her hiding place, doing so tentatively.

It was frightening in this dark world she had found herself in, and she didn't know which way to go, and she feared the strange creatures finding her. She was terrified of them; she didn't know what they were, or what they would do to her if she was caught.

Lilith made to go the other way to where the creatures had gone, intending to wander these dark and foreboding passages alone.

But then a voice cried out, a low and moaning voice, though the word was indistinguishable. 'Guuuuuuuurrrrll!'

Lilith broke into a run, stumbling through the darkness she fell, cutting her knees and elbows; she scrambled desperately forwards without pause, thinking only of escape.

But then one of the creature appeared before her, having moved at impossible speed, it had somehow found another path to circle around her, cutting her off and trapping her, its huge lumbering frame bearing down on her.

The other two massive creatures caught her up from behind.

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