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   Chapter 182 No.182

The Black and White Angel By Lady Lilium Characters: 5590

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'The angels will never be able to touch you again.'

A shadow fell over him then, and the holy figure still kneeling before the pool, turned calmly to the figure that stood behind him.

It was Jaspin, behind him a step back was Lilith.

Jaspin's expression was furious; his chest rose and fell sharply as he breathed deeply. But the man before him stared back with a calm expression.

Jaspin cast his hand out in one sweep, using his magic to slit the man's throat. The holy man fell to the side; body slumped as he bled profusely into the pool, quickly staining the water red.

Jaspin quickly circled the pool, grasping Ena by her shoulders and hauling her to her feet.

'What has he done to you?' he snapped.

But something in Ena's expression suddenly changed.

'Get off me! Don't touch me!'


'I don't know who you are!' she screamed.

'Oh not this again…'

'Jaspin!' Lilith called to him and he turned, his heart freezing in his chest at the sight of archers on the rooftops all around them. 'They've found us!' Lilith cried.

Jaspin grasped Ena roughly then, lifting her in his arms without hesitation, ignoring her protests.

'Cover me!' he hollered to Lilith, unfurling his black and white wings as she summoned her magic beside him in compliance.

Jaspin quickly took off with all haste, Lilith taking flight with him.

She defended him as Jaspin tore through the sky, escaping while he could, before the archers could fully surround the temple, before there was truly no way out. Jaspin bolted away as fast as his wings would allow, Ena's slim frame not slowing him down in the slightest.

Lilith flew directly behind him, her snow-white wings leaving a glowing trail of white light after her as she went, a part of the magic emanating from her. She cast her magic out far, as far as she could reach, attacking the archers with her spells, her mind focused on only one thing.

She killed them, and eliminated the thing that threatened them now, threatened the earth maiden.

She descended swiftly, landing hard upon one of the stone pillars that flanked the gates at the back of the temple, turning, her great wings flailing in the air above her, and standing tall she cast more spells at the men still standing, as Jaspin behind her holding Ena, fled.

Lilith thought she had stopped them all, but there was one left that still had her in his sights.

He pulled the string of his bow back, and fired.

Lilith drew a sharp intake of breath as the arrow struck her in the wing, gripped by a sudden panic as she feared it had hit her vital vein. For an instant she feared sharing the same death as Reuben, but instead saw with great relief, that it was not so. Her wing was whole, the vein had been missed. Without giving the archer ano

ther opportunity to fire, and withdrew her wings sharply into her back again. Glancing down to the street behind her, she saw more men on the ground approaching with weapons raised. It seemed that the healer Nina, and the queen known as Grace, had sent a group of men ahead to hunt them. She could see in their eyes that they intended to kill her. But she would do everything in her power to resist them, just to see Ena again, and Jaspin…

The arrow that stuck from her wing fell to the stone floor below with a clatter.

Lilith leapt off the column, running back to the temple as several more archers on the ground behind her opened fire. But she was too far away, and the tall fence between them separating the temple grounds from the rest of the town, stopped many of their arrows.

'I have to live' Lilith muttered under her breath. 'I have to see them again…'

She entered the temple again through a tall door, slamming it shut behind her.

She had only gotten a few steps ahead however, when she was grabbed from behind by a figure.

'I don't wish to hurt you' the male holy figure hissed sharply. 'Please do not struggle.'

But Lilith did not hear these words; caught in a blind panic she fought him.

The holy figure dragged her backwards, and to a small well in the corner of the temple. He hit her in the side, striking a pressure point and causing her to fall limp. Lilith collapsed in his arms. The holy figure lifted her, moving her over the well and dropped her.

Unable to move her body, Lilith fell like a stone, her wings utterly out of her control she could not summon them. She fell into the darkness and into a great cavern. There was no water here, just an empty cave within which grew strange mushrooms unnaturally large in size. One of these caught her as she fell, and Lilith rolled, her descent slowed, she landed on solid ground hitting her head. She was knocked unconscious.

Back inside the temple, the holy figure that had thrown her called out to the men that stormed through the door, weapons raised.

'She went that way' the figure called, pointing to a small door that led to the lower ground hidden beneath the temple. 'Quickly before she escapes!'

The soldiers did not pause but made their way immediately towards the door, the first men charging down the narrow stairs, the following trailing slowly after.

'Run' the holy man whispered when the soldiers had gone. 'Do not come back.'

He turned on the spot, gasping in horror to see another man standing directly behind him.

This man looked different from the others that had passed not moments ago, he was not heavily armoured like they were, but wore no armour at all. His clothes were loosely fitting and dark mottled in colour, perfect for breaking up his silhouette.

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