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'So what do we do? Do we try to save him, or just kill him right here?'

The second man breathed a heavy sigh. 'Well…' he said at last. 'I think we should let god decide.'

'What?' the first said uncertainly.

'We do nothing' the second man said straightening up. 'If he lives, it is by god's will, if he dies…it is by god's will.'

He turned and left the dark room, the first man hesitated, glancing back at Gael. He took a blanket from the shelf, placing it carefully over his body, before leaving him to his fate.

'I hope you are in gods favour' the holy man said, before leaving Gael alone.

Lilith and Jaspin stayed inside the temple, while Ena went outside to wander the small garden around the temple.

Lilith rested on the sill before one of the large widows, gazing sadly out to the world beyond these stone walls, she watched the people in the streets.

She saw the gentlemen in the streets with their top hats and canes, the ladies hanging off their arm as they were guided forwards, many wearing corsets with feathers of exotic birds in their hats, some of the ladies carried small parasol's to protect themselves from the sun. That young couple there that Lilith saw, they looked to be newlyweds, sticking close together and constantly smiling at one another in doey-eyed admiration. And that other couple passing swiftly by in the opposite direction, a gentleman and his lady both a little older, they looked to be on their way to the theatre.

Lilith's eyes grew dull as she suddenly noticed a shabby-looking child hanging on a street corner, eyeing up the pockets of every noble passing by.

'It was so long ago' Lilith mumbled as Jaspin came up behind her, 'but I still remember when I lived out in the cold, stealing and sleeping on rooftops to survive. I remember sharing this life with a young girl…but I've forgotten her name.' Lilith's attention moved from the figures bustling in the street beyond the temple and back to her own reflection. She lifted a hand to her own face, touching the scars that were etched into her skin. 'I look hideous.'

'No' Jaspin spoke softly, taking her hand and holding it in both of her own, 'you are beautiful.'

She blinked in surprise at this, before smiling gently up at him. They turned then, looking back through the glass and to the streets once more.

Horses and carriages moved slowly alone the cobbled roads carrying their passengers, alongside men on bicycles riding carefully on the edge of the pavement. And in the distance, further out from the centre of the town, could be see the smoke from a train passing through, the best mode of transport

these days for people travelling great distances. It was available to both the rich and the poor. Lilith remembered vaguely when she rode once on a train, to see a house she intended to buy, with a man she intended to marry, a man whose name she had long since forgotten. A man who had disowned her when he found out what she really was…like so many others had in her past.

'They all look so peaceful' Lilith said watching the people in the streets, '…don't they?'

'Yes' Jaspin replied sombrely, 'they do.'

Lilith glanced up at him with large eyes. She thought to herself as she gazed at him, I have never known a love like this in all my life.

'Do you think things will ever be as they were?' Lilith asked Jaspin. 'Before all of these bad things happened?'

Jaspin bowed his head, letting go of her hand and letting it fall slowly back onto her lap.

'No' he said at last, 'I don't.'

Neither of them moved, as they watched the outside world from their little shelter.

'I hope Gael will be alright' Lilith said mournfully.

'I hope so too' Jaspin mumbled. '…We can only pray…'

Outside, Ena weaved between the many pools that surrounded the small temple, trailing her long slender fingers along the low walls, feeling the cool touch of the water that splashed her pale skin lightly.

She raised her head then, seeing one of the holy figures, recognising him instantly by his loosely fitting purple robes. The man smiled kindly at her.

'Hello traveller' he said to her. 'You must have travelled a long way to get here.'

'Yes' Ena spoke quietly, 'I have.'

The holy figure bowed his head, sweeping his hand over the water of the pool between them. Unbeknown to Ena however, as he did this, the tiny vial he concealed beneath his sleeve tipped its clear contents into the water, polluting it.

The holy figure smiled to Ena again.

'Drink' he said. 'The water here is blessed. It will make you strong again.'

Ena bowed her head to the clear water, rippling before her as the fountain nearby rained constantly into the pool.

Ena reached into the pool, her fingers touching the water that instantly soothed her skin.

She cupped her hands before her, collecting the water between her palms. The holy figure opposite her, kneeling on the other side of the pool watched quietly as Ena lifted her hands to her lips, drinking deeply the water that trickled down her neck and arms.

'It's refreshing' she breathed, lowering her hands.

She tensed then, body hunched over, hands pressed to her heart.

'What have you done to me?' she shuddered.

The holy figure before her tilted his head.

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